Why have we made it legal for Savages to kill their unborn female children?

A foetus in utero

I’m no knee-jerk opponent of abortion. It is something that, like having a standing army, is a necessary evil. In an ideal world there would be no rape, no pregnant women abandoned by their partners, no failed foetuses needing removal, no contraceptive failures and no women making bad decisions about with whom they have unprotected sex.

However we do not live in an ideal world and because of that, the right of women to have access to safe and legal abortion is in many cases better than the alternative, an alternative of back street abortions, unloved children and ruined lives. That said, society should recognise that abortion is terminating a life, there should be severe legal restrictions surrounding abortion to prevent this procedure being used for social and cultural reasons or other reasons that are incompatible with our society.

One reason that quite plainly could be seen as ‘incompatible with our society’ is the aborting of foetuses that are female. In Britain we have had a long and difficult struggle to treat men and women as equals. Aborting female foetuses very much goes against that idea of equality.

This is why I’m incredibly angry at a recent judgement by the Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer, who has said that for some people having a female child comes under the clause in the Abortion Act of causing ‘mental distress to the mother’ if they had this child.

How have we come to this? Why are we allowing Bearded Savages (because it is mostly Muslims who wish for boy children and treat females as second class citizens) to kill their unborn female children purely because it goes against their vile culture? Are not we supposed to treat male and female alike? If we have laws that prevent a company only hiring men or only hiring women, why are we not protecting the unborn from being aborted purely on the grounds that they are female?

Keir Starmer has said that ‘there is nothing in law to prevent the abortion of female foetuses’. If there is no provision to prevent the abortion of female foetuses, the question needs to be asked ‘why not?’ If the ‘mental distress to the mother’ clause in the Abortion Act is being misused, as the ‘two doctors’ to give approval rule is being abused, then this loophole should be removed. What should not be done is what Mr Starmer has done, which is to legitimise in British law the appalling misogyny of Islam. Of course, the cultural desire for boys is not solely an Islamic one, as other cultures, such as the Chinese also have a predilection for male children, but only Islam codifies that misogyny in Shariah Law.

What we should be doing is not campaigning for the removal of the right of abortion per se, but cleaning up the law to make it fit for the modern world. Those in Parliament who drafted and passed into law the Abortion Act of 1967 could not have foreseen the arrival on British shores of the culture of Islam. We should not be pandering to those whose gyno-hatred runs deep, but instead denying them the right to practice such hatred in Britain.

This judgement by Mr Starmer is nothing more than a capitulation to Islam. The victims of this capitulation will be both the unborn female children who will be aborted, and the Muslim women who will be forced by the men who ‘own’ them, to abort foetuses who are not male. The DPP is colluding in the killing and oppression of women, and that is something of which we as a nation should be very, very ashamed.

This is a craven and cowardly decision by a man who is unfit to occupy the office of Director of Public Prosecutions. A braver person would have told the Islamic savages who want to abort girls to go away and that they must either live like us, or leave. By this decision Keir Starmer has shown that he is anything but brave.


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