Another word for Taqqiya is Bull***t

The Waltham Oak pub on the Lea Bridge Road in North East London, which an Islamic group wishes to turn into yet another mosque.

Following the refusal by the London Borough of Waltham Forest of plans to turn the historic Waltham Oak pub in Lea Bridge Road into a mosque, the Islamic whiners have been out in force. One of the whiners in particular caught my eye, because of the patently untrue statements that he made.

Now where have we heard phrases like this before?

 Tariq Mahmood, 56, a committee member at the Lea Bridge Road mosque, said the planned mosque would be inclusive and serve the whole community.

He said: “The planning committee made out like mosques are just for one kind of people but its more like a community centre.  It’s biased against Muslims opening up things.”

We hear such excuses  every time a mosque is planned. We always hear bullshit like:

‘It will be an inclusive place for the whole community’.

That is so obviously a lie, because it will not be for the ‘whole community’, it will only be for Muslims. Would you be able to hold a Christian wedding reception with alcohol there, probably not?

We also hear the buzz word ‘inclusive‘. No, it will not be inclusive, it will be a mosque, a place only for Muslims, the complete opposite of an inclusive community resource.

Also present is the whines of ‘discrimination‘ from Mr Mahmood when he said that the council were ‘biased against Muslims opening things’. The blatant lie of this statement is shown by how nobody would be prejudiced against a Muslim or anybody else setting up a business. However this is not a business, it is yet another mosque, to continue the Islamification of the London Borough of Waltham Forest.

Turning the Waltham Oak pub into a mosque would indeed devastate the night time economy of that part of the Lea Bridge Road and it would also cause immense traffic problems as well as being yet another mosque in a borough that has too many of them as it is.  

If there was an award for Islamic bullshitter of the month then a worthy (or unworthy) winner of such an accolade would surely be Mr Tariq Mahmood.


Original story from the Waltham Forest Guardian

Hat Tip Mosque Block blog


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  1. English, still here... just. | December 24, 2015 at 11:39 am |

    If it sounds like taqiyya, and looks like taqiyya (know what I mean?) then yes,
    it’s BULLSHIT.

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