Now That’s Why Pakistan is a S**thole Volume 27 – Burned with acid for giving birth to a daughter


Sick with violence, sick with misogyny, and mortally ill because of the sickness of Islam. There are really no other words to describe the Islamic basket-case republic of Pakistan.

The latest offering from that benighted land, created in violence and via the threat of violence is truly gobsmacking.

A healthy baby is in my view a wonderful gift and an awesome responsibility. Something to be cherished and looked after and nurtured. However in Pakistan, a baby girl is seen as a problem and often the mother of the child is blamed for giving birth to an unwanted girl.

The Pakistan Tribune tells an appalling story of how a husband took revenge on his wife for giving birth to a girl.

The Tribune said:

A woman was burned with acid allegedly by her husband apparently for giving birth to a girl, who their relatives said was thrown into a canal. The relatives told the police that the man told them that his wife had had a still birth.

The woman was taken to Nishtar Hospital in Multan where doctors said she had 60 per cent burns. They said she would likely survive.

The assailant fled and has been missing.

Police said the 22-year-old Saiqa Bibi* of Jinnah Colony in Jahanian had married Muhammad Alam, 24, a daily wager.

Saiqa Bibi told police that Alam had been quarreling with her since the day he discovered that she was pregnant with a girl. She said he often beat her publicly. She said he had wanted a son.

On Sunday, she said, shortly after she gave birth to a girl, he told the midwife to leave.

She said he took the newborn with him and returned a few hours later without it. He told them that the baby was dead and that he had thrown it in the Lower Bari Canal in Chak 10-R.

She said when she started shouting, he threw a jug full of acid at her that he had brought with him. He fled.

She said some neighbours rushed to help her and took her to the tehsil headquarters hospital, from where she was sent to Nishtar Hospital in Multan. Doctors treating her said her face was unharmed. They said her chest, abdomen and arms had been burned.

Khalida Bibi, an aunt of the woman, told police that she was at the house when Alam took the baby and attacked his wife.

She said he had taken the child as soon as it was born. She said she was not sure if the child was alive or not. “It wasn’t crying,” she said.

Jahanian SHO Asim Shaheen said the police were looking for Alam and the midwife. He said rescuers had been asked to look for the baby in the canal.

Knowing what I know about the foul ideology of Islam and the wounded and backward societies like Pakistan that it creates, I have little doubt that this baby was not still-born and it is highly likely that somebody murdered it for no other reason that the child was female. There is also a strong element of premeditation in the husband’s actions. He deliberately brought a jug of acid to the home to punish his wife for giving birth to a girl. That is not the actions of someone committing a spur of the moment act of domestic violence, this was a pre-planned act of punishment for producing a girl.

The sickness of Pakistan appears to get worse by the day and will continue to get worse until the whole country disappears up its own backside and transmogrifies itself into a simulacrum of Afghanistan, or Sudan, or Yemen, or Lebanon, or Saudi, or any one of the myriad of Islamic shitholes that disfigure the face of our world.


Main story from the Pakistan Tribune