Now That’s Why Pakistan is a S***hole Volume 29 – Disfigured for refusing to marry edition.

The ‘Religion of Peace’ has a lot of hate figures, which its followers have often oppressed or would like to oppress such as Jews, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Atheists, unorthodox Muslims and women. Most of all it seems it is women who bear the brunt of Islamic oppression.

They are treated not with respect, as apologists for Islam would like us to think, but as property in Islamic culture. How women are misused in the Islamic world is a moral scandal and I’ve said before that is as great a moral scandal as the Transatlantic Slave Trade, and needs to be tackled in a similar way, because it is an intrinsic wrong, to treat women as property.

This latest example of Islamic misogyny from Pakistan shows just that proprietorial attitude that men have towards women, it also shows where it leads.

In a village near Lahore in Pakistani Punjab, an Islamic savage, poured acid over his sleeping step-daughters because they refused to marry a man of the step-fathers choice. He could not contemplate his young step-daughters having a say in who they were married to.

Zee News India said:

“A man in Pakistan’s Punjab province attacked his two young step-daughters with acid for refusing to marry men chosen by him, police said today.

Muhammad Aslam, a mason from Pattoki village, located 70 km from provincial capital Lahore, threw acid on his step-daughters Malaika, 19, and Javeria, 23, while they were asleep last night.

Both victims were brought to Jinnah Hospital in Lahore, where doctors described their condition as critical.

Police said Aslam often quarrelled with his step-daughters on the issue of their marriage. “He wanted to marry them with men of his choice,” police official Bashir Ahmed said.

Aslam had allegedly accepted money from a man in his neighbourhood after promising to marry one of the step-daughters to him.

“When both girls refused the proposal, Aslam threw acid on them to teach them a lesson,” Ahmed said “

This is yet more evidence to support the idea that Pakistan is a shithole because Islam has over centuries made it so. Unfortunately for women like Malaika and Javeria, it is still making Pakistan into a shithole.