Introducing a new feature, the Friday night movie.

The world of Bearded Savagery is not a very nice place. It is violent, oppressive and has a very high body count. I’ve written before about how I wished I could write about kittens, instead of the deaths, rapes and mental and physical enslavement that the culture of Islam so often brings into the world.

Everybody needs time off from the examination and study of the Bearded Savage and their ways, because the Islamic world and the cultures they have produced are so vomit-inducingly revolting. A brief examination of how women are treated in Islam would give any reasonable person ample evidence that a churned stomach is probably the correct response to such a culture.

It’s time for a Friday night deviation from the world of Bearded Savagery, into something a bit different, because after all even God had to take a day off to rest.

Each Friday I’ll post up a movie that I like, it will probably be something copyright-free, probably in black and white and probably involving fighting Nazis or Arabs. This is because watching stuff like that reminds me that the fascists or oppressors can be beaten, and not only on the battlefield. and it’s the sort of stuff I watch when I’m taking a Sabbatical from the crazy world of The Crazy One and his headbanging followers.

I hope you like them.

This first film is Sink The Bismarck’ about the sinking by the Royal Navy of one of Nazi Germany’s two largest battleships.



2 Comments on "Introducing a new feature, the Friday night movie."

  1. Great film. Could I also recommend ‘In Which We Serve’? Or, if you fancy something a little less battleshippy, ‘Kind Hearts and Coronets’: a film that reminds us that an on-screen death toll in double figures doesn’t necessarily preclude it from being classified as a “gentle comedy”.

    • Fahrenheit211 | January 18, 2014 at 5:25 pm |

      IWWS is definitely on my list for future screening, Kind Hearts as well could be a good one as well.

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