British Neville Chamberlain Award for October 2013 – The Parliamentary Candidate who didn’t even read the large print, yet alone the small print.

final october Neville illustrationThere has been a short interruption to the regular flow of British Neville Awards on this site, mostly because the world of Islam recently has given me even more than usual Islamic barbarity, intolerance and oppression to write about. Sadly, I’ve been spoilt for choice on this subject.

But never mind, the British Neville Award is back and this month’s well-deserved recipient is the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Hereford, Ms Lucy Hurds.

She has ‘won’ this award because she spoke in a highly positive manner about the prospects of a Halal slaughterhouse being started up in her hoped-for constituency.

The background to the story is that a redundant slaughterhouse in Weobley, Herefordshire has been bought by an Islamic meat company that proudly announces on it’s advertising and web presence that it is a ‘gateway to the Halal no-stun market’.

It seems that despite PakMecca Meats Ltd having extensive publicity about what sort of practises it undertakes, Ms Hurds didn’t notice at all, what clearly this company’s policy was.

Ms Hurds has, to be fair, clarified her original comments as reported by the Hereford Times and has said that if there is ‘no stun’ Halal going on there, then she would not support it.

However this does beg the question, how did she not know what would be going on there? A simple google search would have sufficed, and would have spared her much embarrassment. However anybody can make an injudicious comment to a newspaper and she should not be condemned for that.

What she should be condemned for and very loudly, is being extremely naïve on the subject of Islam, although I believe her growing number of Twitter, email, and Facebook correspondents have attempted to educate her about it. If she has so little suspicions of the negative intents of the ideology of Islam, which have been widely documented, that she didn’t even bother to google about the subject she was being asked to comment on, that bodes very badly indeed.

If she is so naïve about the subject of halal and Islam, and apparently can’t even find her way round Google, that she instinctively pipes up ‘yes’, then it makes me wonder if she is a suitable person to perform the demanding role of Member of Parliament?

There was no earthly reason why Ms Hurds had to jump up and shout ‘yes’ like some kind of performing seal about this, no hang on, that’s an insult to the intelligence of performing seals. What else would she jump up and unthinkingly say yes to: A rash of mosques? Local Shariah Courts? Oppressed Muslim women having no voice? Indoctrination in the schools? Intimidatory praying in the street or in Hereford United’s Edgar Street ground? Although Ms Hurds is NOT a supporter of Shariah Law, the fact that she said ‘yes’ to this before finding out what PakMecca are up to, brings up the worry that she may unwittingly assent to something more damagingly Shariah-relatd because she is not fully informed about Islam.

Sometimes people like Ms Hurds who appear to ‘know nothing’ when it comes to Islam are as much a danger to the free society as those like George Galloway or Jeremy Corbyn who actively collude with communal Islamic causes. In fact it could be said that people who show a know nothing attitude could be more dangerous than these sort of ideologues, because the know nothings collude in the destruction of freedom without even being aware they are doing so.

So because you opened your mouth before engaging the neurons of the large grey organ between your ears, you, Ms Hurds, have been awarded this month’s British Neville Chamberlain Award.

There will be lots of people coming down the road, not I might add to disturb the peace, but to go to the polling station at the next election to reject both you and your party’s brand of ignorant and sometimes wilful appeasement of an often aggressive and supremacist Islamic ideology.

At every available opportunity, vote for almost anyone but a Lib Dem, even the Monster Raving Loony Party are more grounded in reality than them, as this case so clearly shows.

You don’t have to vote for whatever simulacrum of Neville Chamberlain the three main parties put up for election. You can choose some other party or some other candidate, who may more accurately reflect your concerns or your hopes and who may not hold views too remote from that of their electorate. Your vote is important, don’t give it to an Islam appeaser.