A tale of two court cases

bent scales

The first is of Mr Graham French who nailed a Koran to the shuttering of a former pub that is to be converted into a mosque, despite very strong objections from local people. He got a six month supervision order plus a tagged curfew.

The next case is that of Adil Rashid, 18 of Birmingham who was given a 9 month suspended youth custody sentence for the rape of a 13 year old girl who he groomed via social media.

The first case does beg the question: Would he have been arrested at all if he had nailed a Bible to a wall? Probably not would be my guess. At most the offence would have been criminal damage but because there are members of the religion of exploding to pieces and the taking of permanent offence involved, then fingerprint teams and all sorts become involved. I mean who ever heard of a the police pulling out the stops like that for other sorts of criminal damage cases, the average member of the public would be lucky indeed that the police even bothered to turn up for criminal damage to their property, let alone call in a fingerprint expert?

The second case begs another question: Would a non-Muslim rapist who had led a sheltered life be let out with just a 9 month suspended sentence for raping a 13 year old girl, of course they would not, they would most likely be on their way to prison or youth custody.

If you are not concerned that there is a growing double standard in policing and justice that is favouring Islam, then maybe comparing these two cases will make you concerned about it.