The root of the Islamic grooming gang problem, and could the victims of the Rotherham Islamic Grooming gangs be about to get civil justice at least?

Much has been written, by many people about the scandal of the Islamic Grooming Gangs that are active throughout the United Kingdom. Much also has been written about the town of Rotherham, a place where Islamic Grooming Gangs were allowed to prey on young girls for many years, with the connivance of police and social services.

Only belatedly, and after much pressure from victims and activists and MP’s from across the political spectrum, with the noted exception of the far-Left, have attempts been made to prosecute Islamic Grooming Gangs. It now seems that not a week goes by without news of an arrest or a conviction of an Islamic sex criminal.

However for some of the victims of the Islamic Grooming Gangs of Rotherham, whose plight was ignored by the police and social services for so long, there may be the chance of some sort of justice, even if it’s belated civil, rather than timely criminal justice.

The Rotherham Star said:

Rotherham Council is being sued over its failure to tackle child sexual exploitation.

A solicitor representing women who were allegedly groomed for sex when underage by gangs of men in Rotherham has begun serving claims on the council for failing to tackle the problem, despite knowing about it for years.

David Greenwood has started action on behalf of a handful of women, but is currently gathering evidence in a total of 11 cases, all of which are expected to result in legal action against the council.

Action is also being contemplated against South Yorkshire Police.

Mr Greenwood said: “I am helping 11 victims of child sexual exploitation to pursue claims for compensation from Rotherham Council.

I am also looking into whether South Yorkshire Police failed these girls.

From the evidence I have been gathering, it appears that the council and the police in Rotherham knew that a significant number of girls under the age of 16 were either the victims of or were at risk of child sexual exploitation.

The names of suspects were known, yet neither the council nor the police appear to have taken positive action to prevent further exploitation.

The women concerned have been exposed to abuse and sexual exploitation.

They have suffered significant psychological harm and my team of lawyers are committed to helping them.”

The council declined to comment on the legal action.

A police spokeswoman said the force had not received ‘any legal overtures by, or on behalf of, any victims in relation to historic child sexual exploitation in Rotherham’.

Leaked council and police papers revealed agencies in Rotherham had extensive knowledge of the grooming for a decade, but failed to prosecute most cases.

A number of investigations are under way.”

Although it is right and proper that these offences and offenders are now belatedly being sought and prosecuted by the authorities we must ask why Muslims are so over-represented as the perpetrators of these sort of crimes. What we have is a group of men who are plainly driven to their crimes by Islamic culture and attitudes within Islam towards non-Muslim women that can only be described as both hyper-misogynistic and outright racist. Misogynistic because Islam, despite the protestations of its apologists, does treat women like dirt, no angry denial will satisfy me on this because I’ve seen the evidence. Islam is bad for women, full stop. These attitudes are also racist because there is a highly pronounced, some may say paranoid, separation between Islam and everything and everyone else.

The split between the in and out, the Halal and the Haram, the Dar al Islam (the world of Islam) and the Dar al Harb (everyone else) is so blatantly obvious and so more extreme than any other worldview with a mass following. Even the nature of Islamic separatism is strikingly different from any other group that separates, or who are normally in a minority.  Islamic separatism is so often a separatism of hostility.

I’m at a loss to wonder at the complete system failure that has happened in Rotherham. Why nobody stood up for decent Western and British values in the face of these organised groups of Islamic sex offenders? How could ALL the agencies in Rotherham fail to see the negative side of the ideology of Islam. Fail to see its misogyny, fail to see its racism. It is not as if this information is hidden knowledge, the data that they required in order to ‘do the right thing’ and not brush Islamic Groomers under the carpet was freely available.

Whenever I look at this case I cannot fathom why nothing was done about this. Nobody but nobody in authority in Rotherham did their jobs properly. Sometimes you can come across an organisation that is ‘sick’, one that is riddled with inefficiencies, bad corporate culture, poor management or producer capture, but in Rotherham ALL the responsible agencies seem to have had that same corporate failure. That suggests that things are in general not at all honest or above board in the Rotherham and South Yorkshire area. For the police, the local social services and the relevant third sector entities to fail at the same time and in the same way smacks of an extremely corrupt local political culture. Too many of those who should both have known and done better most likely kept schtum because of career preferment, fiscal, political or ideological reasons. That this sort of behaviour was socially acceptable in Rotherham shows me that it is indeed a place with a sick political culture.

Those in positions of authority failed to learn about the ideology that these sort of abusers come from, and failed to speak against this ideology and because of that countless young women and girls both in Rotherham and elsewhere have been raped, tortured and traumatised. I would like to conclude by wishing those suing Rotherham and South Yorkshire Police all the best, gain compensation for the obvious trauma you have suffered and expose those who have kept quiet to the public gaze. Sunlight is the best disinfectant in this case. However it is not just a civil case that is required to clear out the problems in Rotherham and those other places where Islamic Grooming Gangs have been allowed to act with impunity, it is prosecution for malfeasance in public office, those who have ignored the law, should suffer under the law.