From Elsewhere: Why would a Muslim politician be such a fan of a Jew hating Lib Dem f**kwit?

Baroness Tonge – Another hate filled Lib Dem fraggle and admired by Baroness Warsi.


Great story from Guido Fawkes that I cannot help but share.

The Lib Dems both their peers and their MP’s, have form for crossing the line that divides legitimate and informed criticism of the actions of the State of Israel, from anti-Semitism. Baroness Jenny Tonge is one of those who have in my view crossed that line. She misses no opportunity to heap abuse on the one free state in the whole of the Middle East and ignores completely the charnel houses that have been created by Muslims in the surrounding Islamic nations.

I can’t help but ask the question: Just what makes a Muslim politician like Baroness Warsi consider a Jew hating screaming obsessive knowledgeable and worthy of consultation on the subject of the Middle East?

Guido Fawkes said:

Readers will remember ‘Jihad’ Jenny Tonge, the loony peer who wasrecorded saying Israel will not last forever” and was sacked for saying she would consider becoming a suicide bomber if she were a Palestinian. Well yesterday in a debate in the Lords senior minister of state Baroness Warsi took it upon herself to praise Jihad Jenny’s stance on Israel-Palestine, saying: She comes to these matters with great expertise”Which is an interesting way of putting it…

Check out Guido’s links about Jihad Jenny’s previous activities. They are an eyeopener to those who have not come across this member of Cleggs Mental Home.  The Lib Dems are truly the party of the damned and the mad.