UKIP scare stories, sometimes catching out the unwary and the uninformed.


The mainstream and Leftist biased British media is currently engaged in a proxy war against UKIP, and the war is getting dirtier and dirtier.

The latest one I’ve come across is a good friend of mine, who is normally astute about politics, who said she will not vote UKIP because ‘they want to forcibly abort all Down Syndrome babies’. I later looked into the story and found it more or less bogus as regards being about UKIP the party. Not only was it merely one ex UKIP candidates personal opinion on his own blog from two years ago and nothing to do with UKIP, itself, but also that UKIP had expelled the member who had expressed the opinion that Down Syndrome children were a burden on society.

This is a non-story cynically dragged up from the archives purely to try to discredit UKIP and we will see a lot more of the same over the next few weeks leading up to the Euro and local elections on May 22nd. It doesn’t take much digging to find much worse behaviour than expressing a contentious view taking place in all of the mainstream parties. The Lib Dem sex scandals are just one which come to mind here.

I looked back at the original story from the BBC website of 12 December 2012 and all I saw was someone expressing a point of view that a reader may or may not agree with. Expressing a view, and debating that view with others is a vital part of a free society. UKIP was quite within their rights to suspend someone who by their actions brings the party into disrepute or speaks against agreed policy and this they have done. The Left are desperately trying to associate UKIP with ‘fascism’, ‘racism’ and now ‘able-ism’ but it doesn’t seem to be working apart from with those who don’t check their data and among those who want to cling tighter to the Nanny State Nurse, for fear of finding something worse*. The Left are engaging in a witch-hunt against those in minor parties who express views that they disagree with or which challenge their narrative.

For too long this country has allowed the Left to set the agenda for debates, it is time that we stopped doing this and allowed people to express personal views on issues of contention. It is only by engaging in free debate unencumbered by concerns about ‘racism’, ‘xenophobia’, ‘sexism’, ‘homophobia’, ‘able-ism’ or other types of ‘offence’ that a culture and a nation can grow. If we narrow the terms of reference in a discussion too much, we also narrow the choices and options that come out of that discussion.

There is a message in this story and the message is that just because some newsreader or pressure group tells you something about UKIP, that doesn’t mean that it is either true or current. When someone tells you something bad about UKIP, go and check the data for yourself. The mainstream parties think that they can beat UKIP by mobilising their army of unthinking divs and those who get all their news from Leftist sources such as the BBC or the Daily Mirror and never question what they’ve been told. It is the duty of the informed citizen to firstly correct those who’ve swallowed propaganda and secondly to make sure that they get out and vote themselves in order to counteract the votes of those who have been swayed by such base and cynical propaganda.



Original story from BBC news


*Quote shamelessly borrowed from Hilaire Beloc’s ‘hold on to Nurse’ poem called ‘Jim’ and here is the full version from

There was a boy whose name was Jim 
His friends were very good to him 
They gave him tea and cakes and jam 
And slices of delicious ham
And chocolate with pink inside 
And little tricycles to ride 
They read him stories through and through 
And even took him to the zoo 
But there it was the awful fate 
Befell him, which I now relate 
You know (at least you ought to know 
For I have often told you so)
That children never are allowed 
To leave their nurses in a crowd 
Now this was Jim’s especial foible 
He ran away when he was able
And on this inauspicious day 
He slipped his hand and ran away 
He hadn’t gone a yard when BANG 
With open jaws a lion sprang
And hungrily began to eat 
The boy, beginning at his feet 
Now just imagine how it feels 
When first your toes and then your heels 
And then by varying degrees 
Your shins and ankles, calves and knees 
Are slowly eaten bit by bit 
No wonder Jim detested it 
No wonder that he shouted “Ai” 
The honest keeper heard his cry 
Though very fat, he almost ran 
To help the little gentleman 
“Ponto,” he ordered as he came 
For Ponto was the lion’s name 
“Ponto,” he said with angry frown 
“Down sir, let go, put it down!” 
The lion made a sudden stop 
He let the dainty morsel drop 
And slunk reluctant to his cage 
Snarling with disappointed rage 
But when he bent him over, Jim 
The honest keeper’s eyes grew dim 
The lion having reached his head 
The miserable boy was dead 
When nurse informed his parents they 
Were more concerned than I can say 
His mother as she dried her eyes 
Said “It gives me no surprise 
He would not do as he was told.” 
His father who was self-controlled 
Bade all the children round attend 
To James’s miserable end. 
And always keep ahold of nurse 
For fear of finding something worse.


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  1. Agree the media is incredibly biased, my Common Law text book is incredibly left wing and biased. If I wasn’t a forty something holding down a high level job I might just be taken in by the rubbish spouted in its mea culpa about the British Empire, also as I am distance learning student I can avoid having a stand up row with its author.

  2. tamimisledus | May 5, 2014 at 2:42 pm |

    Well of course UKIP can in no way be associated with racism. That is why UKIP allows muslims (also adherents of the racist ideology of islam) as its followers, members and councilors.
    Those are muslims who have it on absolute divine authority that all non-muslims are morally and intellectually deficient and are of absolutely no value who should be treated as non-people. Those muslims are the very same muslims who support a “witch-hunt” against non-muslims who express views that they disagree with or which challenge their narrative (and sometimes even against those who don’t). Those muslims have even invented a name for it. That name? Oh, it’s called islamophobia, although to be fair in that they did have a lot of help from the bien-pensants of the West.

    When you start the investigations that you normally carry out when you find negative comments about UKIP, you could start here –
    and here – [search for amjad]

    Perhaps while you are doing the investigations, you will also find out what stance amjad bashir, owner of restaurants which use “only the finest halal ingredients”, will adopt with respect to opening up a new halal abattoir in Yorkshire. (and, maybe, even determine how that stance compares with that of a LibDem candidate in Herefordshire)

    • Fahrenheit211 | May 5, 2014 at 3:01 pm |

      Firstly I don’t agree with your blog’s religious perspective and I have no problem with treating people equally whether they are male or female, gay or straight. Re UKIP, they may not be the total answer but they may spark the desire among Britons for more and greater freedoms over and above those that will return once Britain is free of the EU. I also have an issue with UKIP;s more ‘colourful’ and dodgy Islamic members. I certainly agree that PC has gone far far beyond basic politeness and has become an oppressive ideology.

      • tamimisledus | May 11, 2014 at 11:34 am |

        Thanks for letting my comments go forward for publication on your blog. And thanks for the constructive feedback.

        For clarification if I may ….

        One: I am not exactly clear about the reasons for your reference to equality. So, rather than going off at a tangent, I will restrict myself to observing that “equality”, together with the overarching topic of “rights” is one of the topics into which most people bring the most muddled thinking.

        I do not blog or comment from a religious perspective, although I do understand why it might appear so. I blog about islam. islam is a political system which uses religion as one of its principle tools in achieving its aims. It is a political system which, if it succeeds, will lead to the total breakdown of human civilization as we know it. As such, when I have to draw attention to its failings, this will often involve some religious aspects.
        As you have drawn this implication I now realise that I will have to pay more attention to making clear the context in which I make any comments.

        Three: [bear with me on this]
        Hitler did not come to absolute power directly. He had the support of other right wing parties who allowed him to gain a major foothold on the power structure. These other parties were of the belief that they had much in common with Hitler who would help them achieve their own objectives. So they allowed Hitler into power under the mistaken belief that they could control his power. The result of that error of judgement is now only too clear. Hitler eliminated those right wing parties and turned Germany into a tool for achieving his aims.
        In comparison to islam, Hitler was just a babe in arms. islam has had 1400+ years in which to learn and practise means of achieving its ends. There are some of us who can see the error of allowing islam to enter into Western democratic societies in the negative impact that islam has had already on our societies. If an entire country like the UK has been unable (so far, anyway) to offer meaningful resistance to islam’s objectives, then what chance do Conservative, Labour, LibDem or even UKIP have of resisting successfully similar takeover?

        As a vegetarian, I was previously able to eat in halal restaurants, without consuming halal products. That was until recently. I am no longer able to “hold my nose” regarding the islamic values, including halal slaughter, espoused by the owners of these restaurants and their staff, when entering these restaurants or eating takeaways. Having taken this moral stance (which I should have taken a long time ago) I would certainly not give my support to any organization which seems “almost intensely relaxed” about having muslim support. Any good the policies a party may have, they can never outweigh the unpleasant baggage which muslims bring.

        muslims use the same slaughter techniques when killing animals as a sacrifice to allah, an integral part of muslim faith. To my knowledge, there are no legal exceptions that would allow animal cruelty on this basis.

        In conclusion:
        Of course, these are complex topics which deserve much more detailed discussion, but even at this level, I hope that this has given you some insight as to the thinking that lay behind my previous comment.

        Thanks for reading.

        Obviously you are free to publish this comment or not, but I would appreciate it if you do, and also any further feedback you would wish to give.

    • Fahrenheit211 | May 7, 2014 at 6:09 am |

      I think this one is indeed troublesome. He’s another Islamic entryist. Islamic entryists are a problem for all parties and he’s standing for a ward seat in a borough where Islamic corruption of the politics and allegedly the planning system is I’m told a growing problem. I’m a UKIP supporter but I personally would not vote for this particular candidate if I lived in William Morris ward. We all say things that are silly or wrong when we are young or politically unaware, but there is a long history of Islamic personages saying seditious things and then backtracking when they’ve been called out on them, or even telling outright lies to cover their tracks (see the Letter from a Liberal Jew story below).

      What Farooq has said goes way beyond having a conservative religious view. It would not surprise me to see a bent Islamified borough like Waltham Forest, producing candidates like this one. There are some fabulous ethnic minority candidates in UKIP, however Farooq is not one of them.

      (Off topic but here’s a story from way back about Islamist entryism in a major Leftist community organisation )

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