I think you will find that the mental illness he is suffering from is called Islam.

Islam – Showing its true face again

Another example of sudden jihad syndrome has claimed the life of a 67 year old Briton in Luton, Bedfordshire. An Muslim who had written books promoting extreme Islamic views flipped and stabbed a pensioner 17 times killing him.

The psychiatrists said that Sameer Babar was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia when he callously murdered Leonard Flower a retired computer analyst while Mr Flower was doing odd jobs in his garage.

It would be plain to many people that not only was Babar suffering from paranoid schizophrenia but he was also suffering from a greater mental imbalance, one called Islam.

The delusions and the rhetoric and the violence shown by Babar have their roots in the violent nasty ideology of Islam that formed the bedrock of his madness.

The Luton on Sunday newspaper said:

A RELIGIOUS fanatic who was unknowingly suffering from paranoid schizophrenia stabbed his neighbour to death in an attack described by a judge as ‘completely out of the blue’.

Grandfather, Leonard Flower, 67, who had been married for 47 years was stabbed 17 times in a frenzied attack as he was doing odd jobs in his garage.

His wife, Linda was indoors unaware of the tragedy unfolding outside their home in Luton.

It was a couple delivering leaflets who found the retired computer analyst lying in a pool of blood last October.

Meanwhile, 35-year-old Sameer Babar had stolen the couple’s car and driven north up the M1, still caked in blood.

He was arrested in Kenilworth, and admitted stabbing a neighbour.”

There were as is to be expected, ample opportunities for the various agencies that cost us so much but deliver so little, to stop this particular Bearded Savage murder. His views were so extreme that even members of his local mosque turned him and his views away. Why didn’t they contact the authorities or his family to say that Babar was going off the rails? The police and mental health teams also did very little to prevent this murder and knowing how politically correct these agencies are, probably treated him with kid gloves because he was a Bearded Savage. If the police and social services/mental health teams did give him leeway because he was a Muslim fraggle then that is a terrible indictment on how our public services operate.

Luton on Sunday added:

Beverley Cripps, prosecuting said: “The defendant was in the grip of mental illness, which has since been diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenia. He had been treated for depression but not significant mental illness.”

She said in 2011 and 2012 he had written two books containing extreme religious rhetoric which had led to angry reactions from local mosques. He had also planned to hold a lecture at Luton library.

His behaviour had involved contact with police and referral to a crisis mental health team.

The defendant had been visited by police the day before the killing but refused to let them in and they had no power of entry.”

In my life I’ve seen a few examples of religious mania in mentally ill people which had manifested itself by people pasting bible pages on their walls or writing ‘washed in the blood of the lamb’ on their bedsit doors. Such people were not the full ticket but were really of no danger to anybody but themselves. This case is different. This is not just ordinary religious mania, this is murderous Islamic religious mania.

Sadly we have yet another British person killed at the hands of someone steeped in the violent and nasty ideology of Islam. We can add this man’s tragic and unnecessary death to the long list of Islamic crimes that have afflicted and continue to afflict these Islands. This murder can be put alongside the other murders and thousands of rape victims clocked up by Islamic criminals, who are often made criminal by aspects of the ideology of Islam itself.

This man may have lived, and a family would not have been shattered, if Islam had not been allowed to flourish in the United Kingdom the way it has been allowed to. I am convinced that it is Babar’s Islamic ideology that either in whole or in part, led him to commit murder. We must stop shying away from the fact that even if individual Muslims are good people, Islam the ideology itself is nasty, retrograde, violent and oppressive and deserves to be opposed by any peaceful means necessary.


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