On the subject of Islam, former UKIP council candidate Andre Lampitt is only saying what many Britons are also thinking and saying.

A selection of Andre Lampitt's tweets (image courtesy of Guido Fawkes)
A selection of Andre Lampitt's tweets (image courtesy of Guido Fawkes)

A selection of Andre Lampitt’s tweets (image courtesy of Guido Fawkes)

Andre Lampitt was, up until yesterday, a prospective council candidate for UKIP in Merton, South London. That was until tweets were revealed in the mainstream media showing his antipathy to amongst other things,  Islam,also distrust of Nigerians and of Ed Miliband’s loyalty and efficacy as a potential national leader.

I’ll come to the issue of his comments on Nigerians and Weird Ed later but what he said about Islam is not much different from what many other Britons say about the ideology of Islam. He was shown as saying in these tweets that Islam isn’t compatible with western civilised societies and that Muslims should either give up their satanic religion or leave Europe.

How can these comments about Islam really be regarded as extreme? They cannot because there are so many examples of how Islam causes problems in free societies, from big ones such as grooming gangs, terror and school takeovers, to the more mundane everyday annoyances such as building thefts, public resource draining and calling for sedition. Although I don’t personally believe in the existence of a definable ‘satan’ figure, I do beleive in such a thing as evil, whether you call it lack of empathy, or Yetza ha ra, ‘Left Hand Path’ or selfishness or whatever, evil, the inclinatinon to do wrong and to wrong others, does, in my opinion, exist. The ability to do evil is something that can crop up in any person or in any culture but in the present time the current type of ‘mass evil’ definitely has an Islamic face. Where ever Islam the ideology goes it causes evil. First it oppresses and imprisons the Muslims themselves and then it has cowed its own members, it then goes on to oppress and destroy the host or invaded culture.

When you look at the bloodstained history of Islam you can see the societies and cultures that it destroyed and the nations it turned into deserts. From the destruction of the Christian and Jewish tribes of ancient Arabia through the conquest of Coptic Egypt and Zoroastrian Persia, we can see how the evidence shows that Islam has never been a religion of peace. Unlike other beliefs Islam has never been a faith where violence has been an abberation or a side issue, in Islam violence has always been as central to it as the Shema is to Judaism and the Communion is to Christianity.

It is quite evidentially justified to refer to Islam as a satanic religion, and if it were possible to speak to the lost souls of those untold millions of victims of Islam they would probably say the same.

What Mr Lampitt said regarding Islam is what millions of people up and down Britain who have had contact with the Religion of rape and murder say almost everyday, to their friends, family and acquaintances when, of course, they are sure that there is nobody around who is likely to grass them up to the authorities for their opinion. It is not extreme to oppose Islam, it is the height of common sense.

Where I part company with the views of Mr Lampitt is on the subject of Ed Miliband and the Nigerians. I’ve met loads of reasonable and non-criminal Nigerians but it cannot be denied that their nation and culture does have a bad reputation for fraud,crime and corruption. On Weird Ed he is way off the mark with his Polish remark. In the UK we owe a lot to the Poles,especially as they helped to save our arses during the Battle of Britain and in general have been a friendly nation. It is not Ed Miliband’s background or religious heritage or where his family came from that makes him unfit to lead this country, it is the fact that he is a socialist who came from a family that instilled socialism in him and where the monstrous apologist for Stalin, Eric Hobsbawm sat around their dinner table.

However much you may or may not agree or disagree with Mr Lampitt’s views he should have the right to say them even if it does offend. It is an indication just how much the Left has been successful in silencing opposing views by screaming ‘racism’ at every contrary opinion that his story is a a story at all.

The metropolitan political Left who infest and control both the race industry and the BBC would have used this candidates views as a stick to beat UKIP with and in order to ‘tip the hat to Mrs Grundy’ had to be seen to be acting decisively and suspend Mr Lampitt from UKIP. If the party management had not done so, then the mainstream parties who are more or less indistinguishable from each other, would have had a field day. I don’t think that UKIP management had any alternative in the current ‘no free speech’ climate but to suspend Mr Lampitt to avoid damage.

However Mr Lampitt’s views will probably chime with many people and although he has been suspended by UKIP his name will still be on the ballot paper because this story has emerged too late for his name or party alliegence to be changed on the polling documentation.

If I lived in Mr Lampitt’s ward I would probably vote for him, not because I agree with his views on Nigerians or Weird Ed or Poles or anything else, but purely because he is honest about Islam and the danger this ideology poses to British society. Politicians and potential politicians who are honest about Islam are as rare as hens teeth and are like a breath of fresh air when compared to the cowering spineless mainstream politicos and media who fawn over Islam and refuse to acknowledge this hate filled and fascist ideology’s true nature.

Electoral predictions have a nasty habit of turning out wrong, and although Mr Lampitt’s remarks may have cost him the votes of the naïve ones, I would not be surpised if he may have gained many more votes from those who appreciate his honesty about Islam instead of the lies about it that we are so often fed.

Mr Lampitt is not saying ‘repellent’ things about Islam, he is telling the truth about it.



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  1. Furor Teutonicus | April 25, 2014 at 10:13 am |

    XX In the UK we owe a lot to the Poles,especially as they helped to save our arses during the Battle of Britain XX

    You are comparing chalk and cheese.

    The Poles in Britain during WWII were a TOTALY different people/group, than the crocks of work shy, skiving, car stealing, dole fiddling shite that invade Western Europe today.

  2. Poles today are NOT “crocks of work shy, skiving, car stealing, dole fiddling shite”; other (largely non-European) immigrants may be. I couldn’t possibly comment.

    Btw, I wonder why more blacks and minority effnics aren’t up in arms about low-cost immigrants, as it’s the home-grown blacks that the Eastern Europeans are most likely to put out of a job.

    • Furor Teutonicus | April 25, 2014 at 1:09 pm |

      Aye. Thats why ALL German police forces along the border with Poland have had to set up dedicated stolen car squads, and burglary squads who must speak Polish, and work along side the Polish Police who have had to do the same because of the sky rocketing crime rate comitted by Poles.

      Na of COURSE! We ENJOY paying millions per year to keep these squads going, we don’t REALLY need them, do we?

      RIGHT, laddie.

    • “…I wonder why more blacks and minority effnics aren’t up in arms about low-cost immigrants, as it’s the home-grown blacks that the Eastern Europeans are most likely to put out of a job.”

      Well, that’s the tricky part of all this, isn’t it? Once the tide gets turning, how far is the clock going to get wound back? 1990? 1970? 1950? Whatever else Ukip accomplish the biggest thing to come out of this will be the lifting of censorship on the debate of these issues, and a concomitant reawakening of what used to be called the ‘political consciousness’ of the English. Once we realise that, for example, the industries that immigrants were encouraged to come and get jobs in (ie cotton mills in the North) were obviously in terminal decline by the 1950’s and that mass unemployment was permanent fixture from 1970 onwards, the whole “Hardworking immigrants doing the jobs the Brits are too lazy to do” myth is revealed as the steaming pile of bo**ocks it always was. And from there it’s not a big step to the collapse of the whole intellectual house of cards about the ‘benefits’ of mass immigration.

      Having a visible BME presence in any political group which is concerned about immigration is a rare phenomena, and if it ever does occur it is always short lived. That Caribbean lady chef, Rusty somebody, was a poster girl for the early Ukip campaign “It’s not about race, it’s about space!” which nobody seems to remember now. She’s not in any of the recent Ukip publicity shots I’ve seen. And Whatshisname Baines head of the Sikh Defence League isn’t around any more, either and neither is the SDL. A pity on both counts as if the message could spread across racial boundaries it would help steer things to a more moderate conclusion.

      I’m not suggesting that a vote for Ukip leads inevitably to a neo-Holocaust, but a monocultural political movement will be by definition oppositional in the context of multiculturalism. And as such a legitimate target for the forces arrayed against it. And a cycle of reaction builds and intensifies.

      To cut a long story short, Turkeys won’t vote for Xmas.

  3. Interesting how those that are doing their best to bring UKIP down always conveniently ignore the ‘dirt’ on Libs/Cons/Labs
    The NopeNotHope blog keeps a good record on their ‘dirt’.

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