Fiyaz fails in phoney libel case against Telegraph newspaper. Excellent news.

Fiyaz Mughal won’t be smiling much after today’s latest setback.

Following on from the abortive attempt by Fiyaz Mughal to prosecute Tim Burton of the Liberty GB party for a racial hatred offence, it seems Mughal has had some more bad news on the legal front.

Fiyaz Mughal, the founder of the Tell Mama organisation who are all round mendacious grievance-mongering Taqiyya merchants, has lost a libel case against Telegraph Newspapers. It seems that ‘Phoney’ Fiyaz objected to his name being put in the same paragraph, in an article by Charles Moore, former Telegraph Editor, as Islamic extremists and slippery and sometimes jihad supporting Islamic ‘charities’. Mr Justice Tugendhat said that the piece was a comment piece and tbat Mughal had not been defamed by it.

The UK Press Gazette said:

“In his judgment Mr Justice Tugendhat said that the piece does not identify Mughal as one of those Muslims who Moore claims are more extreme than the EDL. 

And he said: “The words complained of are part of a public debate clearly identified as comment, or the opinion of the author, to the effect that the views that the claimant expresses, and for which he has received public honours, are not violent views, but are views which tend nevertheless to have dangerous consequences. That is not defamatory of the claimant. The criticism is as to the effect of his views. It is not of his character.”In his judgment Mr Justice Tugendhat said that the piece does not identify Mughal as one of those Muslims who Moore claims are more extreme than the EDL.”

The UK Press Gazette stated that the passages of the article that offended Fiyaz Mughal so much, said:

“It is less than a month since Drummer Lee Rigby was murdered in Woolwich, yet already the incident feels half-forgotten…

..according to Tell Mama, an organisation paid large sums by the Government to monitor anti-Muslim acts, ‘the horrendous events in Woolwich brought it [Islamophobia] to the fore’. Tell Mama spoke of a ‘cycle of violence’ against Muslims…

Tell Mama equates ‘hate inspired by al-Qaeda’ with the ‘thuggery and hate of the EDL [the English Defence League]’.

Mughal’s claim centred on the following passage:

…you frequently find that Muslim groups like Tell Mama get taxpayers’ money (though, in its case, this is now coming to an end). You discover that leading figures of respectable officialdom share conference platforms with dubious groups. You learn that Muslim charities with blatantly political aims and Islamist links have been let off lightly by the Charity Commission. And you notice that many bigwigs in Muslim groups are decorated with public honours. Fiyaz Mughal, for example, who runs Tell Mama, has an OBE. Obviously it would be half-laughable, half-disgusting, if activists of the EDL were indulged in this way; yet they are, in fact, less extreme than some of those Muslims who are.

In his judgment Mr Justice Tugendhat said that the piece does not identify Mughal as one of those Muslims who Moore claims are more extreme than the EDL.”

Oh dear, Phoney Fiyaz and friends are really not having it too good at the moment. Fiyaz couldn’t get a conviction on Tim Burton despite possibly utilising some of Tell Mama’s questionable pro-Islam contacts within West Midlands Police and with the CPS charging Mr Burton with an offence that was easier to get a conviction under than ‘religious hatred’. Then he gets the barrage of internet criticism that doesn’t seem to have abated since his group were first exposed cooking the books on ‘hate crime’ figures. Following on from that Fiyaz tries to rehabiliate his group by getting Peter Tatchell on board, probably in order to rebuild the shattered credibility of Tell Mama, before they put in more funding applications. All this did was attract the Islamic crazies who basically said that Fiyaz and Tell Mama were not proper Muslims because they were working with a Gay man. Fiyaz also lost a recent Press Complaints Commission case against Andrew Gilligan, also of the Telegraph.

To top off all that list of woes is the growing awareness among politically engaged members of the public that it was members of the party of sleaze and sex-pests, AKA the Liberal Democrats, who initially supported Fiyaz Mughal and his Tell Mama enterprise. Fiyaz and Tell Mama are not only being attacked from all sides for data dishonesty, religious apostasy and grievance-mongering as well as being made a laughing stock in a criminal court, they are associated with the Lib Dems as well, just how bad can it get?

The answer comes in this latest set back in the form of a libel case loss. Yet again Fiyaz Mughal has tried, and failed, to use police and legal means to attempt to intimidate and shut up those who question his own personal views, ideology and motivation or which attack Fiyaz Mughal’s organisations such as Tell Mama or Faith Matters. It looks like Fiyaz may have jumped the gun regarding this article and may have been badly advised to go putting out the writs without reason. Yet again he has failed to silence a critic of Britain’s pandered to ‘shariah-ocracy’ of Islamic groups and activist individuals, and that’s a jolly good thing too.

Charles Moore was right to criticise the lawfare practised by Islamic groups and ‘offended’ individuals, he was also right to criticise the double standard where Islamic extremism is excused and talked down, whereas groups that are reacting to Islamic extremism, such as the EDL, are talked up, not excused and publicly vilified.

Today, the credibility of Fiyaz Mughal and his organisations have taken another very public hit and that is good for freedom of speech and good for opponents of the ideology of Islam and those organisations that promote that ideology.

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