Question: Are there any Jews or Christians out there who will threaten to behead me for putting up this cartoon?

Moses cartoon


I’m waiting…..still waiting…..nope, thought there wouldn’t be. I might get communication from those who disagree with it and I might get called a blasphemer or an apikorus (heretic) or get told that this joke is not funny. But, and it’s a huge ‘but’, it would be highly unlikely that because of it I’m going to find an angry posse of men, some wearing dog-collars and some with peyos, sharpening their blades outside my front door.

Contrast that with the followers of Islam who cannot ‘roll the eyes’, quietly pray for my ‘salvation’ and move on. If this was a cartoon poking fun at Islam, then it would be a completely different situation and also a different threat level.

There is a comedic and political double standard in operation, and it is a double standard that is almost entirely underpinned by the threat of Islamic violence. Just look at the furore over the famous ‘Mohammed’ cartoons, or the threats of street violence after the disputed Tower Hamlets local elections, or the ‘Innocence of Muslims’ film, or any of the other myriad examples of the followers of Islam chucking the grenade out of the pram, that you yourself will easily be able to find.

Supposedly brave outspoken comedians who think themselves cutting edge, think nothing of cracking jokes about paedophilia in the Catholic Church, the actions of the Israeli government, the functionaries of the Church of England and other safe targets. However, they don’t tackle the much darker and more relevant subjects of Islam, Islamic culture and Islamic nations, even though within these fields there may be plenty of tragi-comedic potential material to be had. Islam is not mocked, even though British law allows it to be mocked, because people are frightened. They are frightened of Islamic violence, they are frightened of having their career damaged by pro-Islam Leftists in positions of authority and they are also concerned about either being arrested for ‘racism’ or being subjected to Islamist Lawfare.

This same threat of violence and fear of vexatious arrest and legal and career harassment also prevents politicians, public servants and ordinary citizens from speaking out. The ‘feeding frenzy’ that occurred in the recent Euro and Local election saw mainstream media obsess over, and attack, candidates who spoke their minds, and often the truth, about the ideology of Islam.

It is not politeness that stops comedians cracking the same sort of jokes about Mohammed as they do about Jesus and Moses, it is a fear of harm coming to themselves, their families and those around them. This fear of violence and harm also affects those who should be acting as our political representatives and those who we pay to serve us. If you want an example of public servants acting as if they felt they always had to have one eye on potentially violent Islam, then the scandal of the Islamic Grooming Gangs is a good example. For decades, police refused to see that there was a problem with gangs of Islamic men grooming children for sex, and that these gangs took at least some of their motivation from Islamic attitudes to women and children in general, and non-Muslim women and children in particular.

It is not good for this country to be in so much fear from a violent minority and it is becoming plain to many more people that this violent minority and the ideology that it springs from needs to be dealt with. If the ‘Muslim Patrols’, no-go areas, Islam inspired rapes, political corruption and massive welfare dependency were not enough, now we have a growing number of people who fear to use a right that has been dearly bought, that is the right to take the piss.

When comedians are frightened to get a laugh by attacking or satirising Islam, should that not tell you that the influence of this ideology has gone not just far enough, but too far?

By the way, I’m still waiting……..any head-chopping Jews and Christians out there? ….again I thought not, and that is why Islam should not be treated the same as other beliefs or religious paths. It is highly unlikely that in modern day Britain my local Vicar or Rabbi is going to wish to kill me for making a joke about Moses. The extreme violence and intolerance in a contemporary religious context is what makes Islam so very different from other paths.

Islam fears being laughed at and mocked and examined. Let’s give it what it most fears, which is mocking laughter, and let’s give it to them today and everyday. If we laugh loud enough at Islam then maybe we can persuade the politicians to grow some balls and laugh with us.