From Elsewhere – Israel goes on the offensive against Hamas

In the aftermath of Jihadists kidnapping three Yeshiva students in Shomron it appears the Israeli government is not prepared to sit on their hands, appease, or appeal to the terrorists ‘better natures’.

Quite rightly in my view, the Israeli government has gone in hard against Hamas and have rounded up Hamas operatives, many of whom were originally released from prison as part of the deal to release the captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

The Breitbart site said:

“An Israel Defense Forces Spokesman said Wednesday morning that, as part of the large-scale intelligence and operational activities undertaken in order to locate three abducted teens, security forces have arrested about 65 wanted men. Of these, 51 were among those freed in 2011 in the exchange of 1,027 terror prisoners for IDF soldier Gilad Shalit, who was kidnapped and held captive by Hamas for over five years, according to Israel National News.

The Shalit prisoners had signed a document on their release vowing to live up to a set of conditions, which they have since violated, a senior security source stated.

Since the start of the operation about 240 wanted men have been arrested. Around 800 homes have been searched, and 10 actions have been taken against targets that are part of the “da’awa” – Hamas’s civilian infrastructure.

Security forces also shut down the Al-Aqsa radio station, raiding its offices in Ramallah and transmitter in Hebron. Military sources said that the objective of the raids was to collect documents and other materials that incriminate and link Hamas to terror activities in the West Bank.

The fact that 51 of 65 men arrested were among those freed in the Shalit deal appears to be an intentional message to Hamas, that its strategy of abducting people to obtain the release of its terrorists achieves the opposite. “

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It is good to see violent Islamic savages like Hamas being rightfully targeted.  There can be no negotiation with such people, no compromise with them.  Jihadists can only be killed or contained, there is no middle way on this, no matter how much we may wish a peaceful solution to the conflict in the region.

We in Britain should be rounding up people like Anjem Choudary and bunging him in a cell, just like the Israelis are doing with Hamas.

Hamas are not a genuine partner for peace, they are violent, intolerant Islamic thugs and it is pleasing to see them being treated in the manner which they truly deserve.

Well done Israel.


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