From Elsewhere: Portsmouth Jihadi threatened a killing spree in Britain.

Still think that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’?

If you do then read this piece from the Portsmouth News and think again.

The Portsmouth News said:

“THE leader of the city council has moved to reassure people after it emerged a jihadi from Portsmouth posted he would go on a ‘killing spree’ if he returned from Syria.

 The comments from Councillor Donna Jones come after a man fighting with Al-Qaeda linked group Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant in Syria wrote a message on Twitter.

The man, using the name Abu Abdullah, seemed to threaten to kill non-Muslims.

He wrote: ‘Yeah mate, go back to Britain. You got to be joking. I’ll probably end up going on a killing spree with all the kuffar around me.’

Speaking to The News Cllr Jones said: ‘The Muslim community here in Portsmouth are very upset what’s happened with these young men going over to Syria.

‘We must remember it’s a very small number, when we take into consideration the other British men who have gone. It’s concerning when any British citizen behaves in such a way.’ “

Read the rest here:

Cllr Jones is way off the mark when she said that it is only a very small number who are suffering from sudden jihad syndrome, it is a very great number, 500 plus, and is growing all the time.  It is false reassurance to try to placate people with the line ‘a very small number’ when all it takes is the combination of one Islamic fraggle suffering from sudden jihad syndrome, one automatic weapon and one shopping centre to give us an atrocity.  Just one ‘British’ Jihadi is too many, over 500 is an appalling problem that deserves much better comment than don’t worry it might never happen.


Original story in Portsmouth News

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  1. The muslim community in Portsmouth are very upset – what about the Kuffar community in Portsmouth, the possible victims. Nothing to see there.

    • Fahrenheit211 | June 18, 2014 at 6:09 pm |

      I really don’t give a toss, or even a monkey’s chuff about whether the Muslims in Portsmouth are upset. It is their community that is producing these murderous and treasonous beasts, it’s not ‘upset’ that they should be feeling, it is shame.

  2. Apparently ISIS want to attack Israel after going through Jordan, the thought of those bastards against disciplined troops and Toyota pickups versus Merkvas is an amusing idea. Actually the bit they have to do, to get in position to do it, is frightening and horrible, given the number of people who will get killed first.

    As for any ‘British’ jihadis, they are not British and should not be welcomed back.

  3. The govt has confiscated a few would-be jihadists passports to stop em going to Syria. Wrong! Let ’em go, just confiscate their passports when they try to get back in.

    • Fahrenheit211 | June 19, 2014 at 9:54 am |

      Agreed, and they also need to be made stateless as well. If no country will take them then equip them with a parachute and drop them over Iraq.

      • drop them to the south pole , let them be food for some poor hungry polar bears dying due to global warming, let their last act be of charity.

  4. England is a Cristan land ,iv been meny times to the midel east
    The Arab are a smll silly barbaric cruel brutal pepole there fath
    is much the same (send them back to there own LAND

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