When I look at Obama, I think ‘Come back President Nixon, all is forgiven’

Although it is not possible to put the shade of President Nixon back into the Oval Office, I can’t help thinking he would have done a far better job of dealing with the problems that the United States, and the rest of the free world faces, than President Obama.

In a thought-provoking piece from The Commentator, the writer Taylor Dibbert, describes President Obama’s presidency as ‘abysmal’. Sadly, in my opinion, abysmal is not a strong enough word to describe a president mired in scandal, whose mistakes and incompetence have allowed the enemies of freedom to gain in diverse places around the world. His weakness has bolstered the confidence of Jihadis and his arrogance is turning off millions of ordinary decent Americans of the sort who don’t believe that more government and more state intrusion is the way to make a better society.

He has misused the organs of the state such as the Internal Revenue Service to try to knobble political opponents, has attempted to copy the British healthcare system even though the NHS is a dirty, scary disaster area and he has not been astute when dealing with foreign policy issues.

In the Commentator piece Taylor Dibbert said:

Things still aren’t going well for Mr. Obama. As a result, Americans and people throughout the world continue to suffer.

The Veterans Affairs (VA) scandal is appalling, and it would be naive to think that Mr. Obama will be able to turn things around. Indeed, his administration is now plagued by a plethora of scandals that are unlikely to go away before he leaves office. From the VA to Obamacare to the IRS to Benghazi and more, Mr. Obama seems intent on having words like “disaster” and “incompetence” become synonymous with all eight years of his presidency.

The speech that Mr. Obama gave at West Point last month on foreign policy was supposed to be “big.” Yet it’s unclear how anyone in his administration could’ve thought the speech would have gone down well. No new ideas or constructive policy initiatives were presented and people from all corners found it a disappointment.

Barring some unforeseen dramatic changes, Obama’s West Point speech simply confirmed that the president will leave behind an abysmal foreign affairs legacy.

Mr. Obama is still long on talk and short on meaningful action. Events in the Middle East continue to worsen as Washington embraces its role as an inept cheerleader. (A residual force in Iraq is looking pretty good right about now). In Afghanistan, the president is again cowering to domestic politics and the allure of hard deadlines by announcing that all US troops will be gone by the end of 2016.

Mr. Obama is so busy trying to finish wars that he’s forgotten what victory might look like. More focused on using clichés and straw man arguments in speeches, he’s forgotten that Washington used to lead instead of making excuses for its new role on the sidelines of world affairs.

The Bowe Bergdahl-Taliban prisoner swap also serves as a telling example of the president’s isolation and arrogance. The Obama administration has given an array of reasons for why it decided to do what it did – almost as if Obama’s inner circle was searching for the story the public finds most palatable.

Mr. Obama isn’t content to irritate virtually all Republican lawmakers. Quite evidently, he’d rather antagonize Democrats as well. Aside from the dubious strategic rationale underpinning the exchange, the president didn’t inform congress about the prisoner swap – but that shouldn’t be viewed as such a surprise. Mr. Obama still believes that he’s so charismatic, special and intelligent that the law doesn’t apply to him; he’s just that great.”

Obama is such a terrible President that the problems of his terms in office have eclipsed even Nixon’s bugging of political opponents, and made those actions look like a minor infraction of procedure when compared to Obama. Although I am not an American citizen I do recognise that who runs America matters, not just to Americans but to all of us. Obama is not just letting the American people down, he is letting down all of us who believe in freedom and justice.

It is hard to believe that Obama could have behaved with the steady nerve of a Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis or have the moral clarity in the face of Nazism of a Roosevelt or even the respect for freedom of a Reagan. Can you imagine Obama in any of those situations and coming up trumps like the aforementioned previous presidents did? I can’t.

From this side of the Atlantic Ocean Obama and his monstrous incompetence look a lot more scary than the actions of any of the US presidents since the 1960’s.

Two hundred years ago, in 1814 President James Madison fled the White House and let the attacking British eat his celebratory dinner and then burn down his home. What Obama has done is even more humiliating for Americans, he has stayed in the White House and let the Jihadists start to burn the entire world.


Original story from the Commentator blog


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PS Yes I know Britain cannot boast of having effective leadership after all we have a dickheaded, dishfaced bedwetter as Prime Minister.