From Elsewhere: The invisible Islamic moderates

Here’s a massive demonstration in London’s Regent Street by moderate and secular Muslims against jihad and corruption of our education system.

A first class article from Douglas Murray in the Spectator.  Where are the moderates?  Where are those from the Muslim community who will admit that there are problems?  Mr Murray is right, silence on the issue of jihad, or in this case the Trojan Horse scandal, will only pile up problems for the future.

Douglas Murray said:

“The Trojan Horse reports are in, and they make for damning reading.  ‘An aggressive Islamist agenda… a coordinated, deliberate and sustained action to introduce an intolerant and aggressive Islamist ethos’. Teachers who claimedthat the Boston marathon bombing and the murder of Lee Rigby were in fact hoaxes and an ‘Attack on Islam’. And so on. The grim details are out. But there is a story behind this story which has not been thought about, though it ought to be. That is the response of Britain’s Muslim communities to these awful revelations.

Ever since 9/11 a considerable appeal from the non-Muslim majority in the West has been ‘where are the moderates? Where are the moderate voices who are willing not just to excuse or remain silent in the face of their religion’s extremists, but to actually stand up and say ‘these people are bringing our faith into disrepute, we recognise it, we hate it, and we are going to actually push them out of the faith.’ The unwillingness of more than a tiny number of Muslims to actually stand up and speak out as well as push out the extremists is very noticeable to non-Muslims. Indeed, I would suggest that it is one of the largest contributing factors to the hardening of attitudes across Europe towards Islam in general (see here for some interesting polling on this).

So when the story of Birmingham schools emerged – with stories of the most appalling racism against white people and disgusting bigotry against Christians, gay people and others – it should have provided a fine opportunity for what is generally termed the ‘moderate majority’ to make their voices heard. Granted, the ‘Trojan Horse’ story started strangely and plenty of us were uncomfortable about writing or speaking about it until we knew what the facts were behind the allegations in the original document. But, once the press and then the official investigations got underway, it became clear that, whatever the origin of the document, what it alleged was true. It has now been repeatedly found to be true.

Yet the response of Muslim communities has not been to accept this and to do something about tackling it. Far from it. The official responses have almost to a man and woman been denial, evasion and a fall-back onto claims of ‘Islamophobia’ and racism.”

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  1. john warren | July 24, 2014 at 4:57 pm |

    …they’ll not do it because like our police force, most local and central government, leaders of commerce and industry, and the public at large… they’re quite simply scared to death of confronting what those with eyes to see know is coming.

    It was said in 1977, by a man who possessed remarkably good vision, that this nation of ours was in the process of committing suicide. The poison is already in. We know that now. What you report day after day, are the nation’s death throws. Certainly all that my family hold dear is slowly vanishing.

    From the children of proven empire builders one might reasonably have expected more than this mindless capitulation to foreign-born hostility against the English and their way of life.

  2. The useful idiots over at The Guardian bang on about moderate or liberal Islam as if there is such a thing. There are Muslims who shy away from the extreme nastiness of the religion they were unfortunately born into, but that’s a different matter altogether. They just aren’t, to their credit, very Muslim at all.

    I feel lucky that I could just walk away from my parent’s religion (Christian as it happens) without a single bad consequence. One of the greater evils of Islam is to trap people within it, too terrified to make the break away from it or even criticize it in any way.

  3. Why should we put our head above the parapet when the govermnent sucks up to muslim brotherhood was one answer…

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