Labour will always give you more.

A vote for the party of Ed………..

……means more of these, who want YOU dead.

Ed Miliband recently gave a speech decrying the fact that not only was politics becoming all style over substance, but that he, Miliband himself, was not someone who came from ‘central casting’. He also recently asked voters tolook behind his own image and at Labour party policies. The problem for Ed is that for those of us with more than 50% of brain, can see these policies and in some cases have experienced them.

It’s not Miliband’s inability to daintily eat a bacon sandwich that is the problem, it is many of the Labour Party’s policies themselves. About the only thing that can be said for Labour is that their policies will give every Briton a lot more of certain things.

Labour will give Britain……

A lot more unwanted and inappropriate immigration

A lot more appeasement of Islam

A lot more beareaucratic levels in our healthcare system

A lot more ‘diversity officers’ and other similar highly paid but ultimately worthless posts in government.

More public debt

More young people leaving school unable to cope with the world of work

More bad teachers left in post

More waste and corruption in local government

More electoral fraud

More criminals unpunished due to human rights laws

More public sector waste

More intrusion into peoples minds and homes

More curtailment of a Briton’s dearly bought right to speak freely

More ideological brainwashing of our children

More taxation

More curtailment of liberty, not for those from the ‘religionof peace’ of course, but for the rest of us

More attacks on Britain’s Christian heritage

More Islamic Jew hatred

More unrepresentative pressure groups influencing government

More fake charities

More surrender to the EU

More poor quality equipment delivered to our armed forces

More housing shortages

More welfare waste

More hospital deaths

In fact it could truly be said that Labour will give Britain more, the problem is what Labour will give us more of are the very things that Britain needs to see a whole lot less of. Those of us who have experinced a Labour government or a Labour local authority know that Labour leave behind them wrecked economies, shattered communties deluged by unwanted immigrants and young people who are educaionally far behind their competitors in other nations.

We should all be aware of what Labour have become and that they are no longer the party for the aspirational working person but the party of those who wish to destroy this country, its economy and its institutions. Labour wrecked the country last time, don’t let them do it again.


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  1. How did that Labour council get away with flying the flag of Palestine during the so called protests? They said it was sympathy for the dead and dying,I say they had no right,but if elected we can only expect more of the same!

  2. Thank you for illustrating exactly what the Socialists stand for.

  3. Maybe it is me but I see most of these things still increasing under out so called conservative government with the addition of all women shortlists, I think Harriet Harperson’s policies are still going on so much so that I think they still check with her if they are allowed to make any changes.

    Never mind what Labour will do what are the difference between Millibands lot and Cameron’s lot. Not much from what I can see.

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