Hamas supporting savages countered by football fans.

Football fans in London’s Euston Road having a go at Jihad and Hamas supporters. (picture via Breitbart London)

It’s always good to see Islamic Jihad supporting savages and their lefty handmaidens get opposed. For far too long these savages, and the non-Muslim useful idiots who support them, have been given free reign to broadcast their hatred, fill our streets with threatening and often violent demonstrations and fly their filthy terrorist flags. These savages and their deluded mates have also been involved in attacks on Jewish synagogues and on those peacefully protesting against the genocide promoters of Hamas. On Saturday 9th August this started to change when a pro-Hamas demonstration, making its way down London’s Euston Road, met a group of football fans having a drink outside a pub.

According to the Breitbart website the sight of masses of Islamic Jihad supporting savages and their supporters quite rightly offended the football fans and the pro-Hamas savages were treated to some very choice comments from the fans.

Raheem Kassam, writing on Breitbart said:

Palestinian protesters in London have been subjected to a tirade of abuse at the hands of some angry football fans, as they marched through the city. A video posted on the Evening Standard website showed activists walking past The Green Man pub on Euston Road being called “rag heads” and told to “f*ck off”.

The video was shot on Saturday shortly before Leeds United Football Club played Millwall in a league match. Football fans were drinking outside the pub when they took the opportunity to express their pointed views on the validity of the Palestine protest. 

Some are heard chanting “Leeds” over and over, at the same time others shouted “scum” at the protesters. Two of the loudest comments from the Leeds fans were: “F*ck off and fight in your own country you f*cking rag heads” and “go on you smelly b*st*rds.”

If as can probably be assumed that the people angrily protesting against the Pro-Hamas demonstrators are Leeds United fans, because of the shouts of ‘Leeds’, then such people have more than enough reasons to hate the ideology of Islam. Many fans of Leeds United live in Leeds or surrounding areas which have been grievously afflicted by the ideology of Islam and the problems it has brought. Leeds was earlier this year the location for yet another Islamic Grooming Gang preying on young women, this time one operating out of fast-food takeaways. Leeds is quite close, too close I would say, to Bradford, a town now almost thoroughly in thrall to Islamic political interests. Leeds is also at the geographical centre of a band of Britain stretching from Sheffield to the South to Newcastle and Carlisle to its North, where a rash of mosque building and Islamic growth has caused the area to become saturated with Islamic Grooming and Rape Gangs as well as the crime and other anti-social behaviour that the many followers of Islam have brought. In some towns and cities in the region it is unsafe for non-Muslims to enter certain Muslim areas at particular times and in Burnley in June of this year, a disabled man was attacked by Muslims in what is generally known to be as a Muslim area. Add into this mix the anger that must felt by some long-standing Leeds fans about the murder of two Leeds United supporters 14 years ago by Turkish fans in Istanbul.

I’m quite disgusted at the savagery of Islam ,but if I lived in Leeds or one of the surrounding areas, then I’d be even more pissed off with it. I can quite see why the football fans got angry about the sight of these pro-Jihad demonstrators. Who would not get angry at the appearance of thousands of people supporting the very ideology that has helped to turn their region into an almost consequence-free playground for Islamic rapists and a virtually unmovable cadre of corrupt Islamic and non-Muslim Quisling politicians.

Those of us who have observed and got ever more angry at the sight of our streets being filled with growing numbers of threatening Bearded Savages and their idiotic supporters, attacking those who disagree with them and sometimes calling out ‘death to Jews’ should become heartened at the sight of the Savages starting to get a taste of their own medicine for a change. These pro-Hamas Savages, who are so quick to attack the weak and the innocent and the peaceful, shrank in fear from the reaction against them.

Mr Kassam added:

The protesters, who are much more used to bullying Israelis and Jews, were visibly shocked at the reaction they had solicited. As previously reported on Breitbart London they have used their numbers to intimidate and even assault those who disagree with them. 

On this occasion they did not seem keen to have a confrontation with the burly football fans, and instead stewards in green moved them out of the way. At the same time a member of security from the pub itself ensured that the two groups did not come into physical contact. “

You can read the rest of Mr Kassam’s article here and also view a short video of the confrontation.


Although it is good to see that there was no violence on this occasion, it is also positive to hear of pro-Hamas savages and their supporters being countered. The reaction by the pro-Hamas savages when faced with an opponent who may hit back, shows what cowardly bullies the pro-Hamas savages and their plastic revolutionary mates truly are.

In a way it is a sad indictment on the current state of British society that it is left to a group of loud footie fans to take on the pro-Hamas savages, and that dealing with them is not being undertaken by those, such as the police who are tasked to protect us all.