You should never forget a face and here’s why.

Javed Khan, Chief Executive of Barnardo’s


Since the publication of the Jay Report into sexual exploitation of children and young women by Muslim rape gangs in Rotherham, UK, the head of the children’s charity Barnardo’s, Javed Khan, has been getting his face on the TV quite a lot. When he popped up on the TV doing his thing and representing Barnardo’s, I thought to myself ‘now where have I seen this face before?’ It didn’t take me very long or take much research to find out.

It seems that Javed Khan, the former head of the Victim Support organisation, was allegedly involved in an armed confrontation in Pakistan during a boundary dispute. This is what the Daily Mail said about this particular incident:

The head of Victim Support, the Government-backed charity for people affected by crime, has been accused of taking an armed gang to settle a long-running land dispute in his native Pakistan.

Javed Khan is reported to have arrived in the village of Haveli Bagal last week with about eight men armed with automatic rifles.

Witnesses claim that one middle-aged woman who tried to stop the gang from bulldozing a contested wall of the village graveyard was threatened by the charity chief and that shots were fired in the air.”

I know Pakistan is a violent shit-hole and armed personal protection is sometimes necessary, but this looks like something more than just taking some armed guards along for his own protection. This appears to be an accusation of armed intimidation. If this allegation is true, then armed intimidation is not the sort of thing that Javed Khan the head of Victim Support should have been involved in.

Putting aside the allegation of turning up at a Pakistani village armed and mob-handed, Javed Khan’s Curriculum Vitae shows him to be a dyed-in-the-wool Left-leaning apparatchnik. His work history is stuffed full of public sector and third sector positions. It also shows that he gained most of his career advancement during the years of New Labour misrule between 1997 and 2010.

The son of illiterate Pakistani immigrants who settled in Birmingham, Javed Khan excelled academically at school and university. He chose not to go into business or research or academe but instead took his Mathematics degree and went into the teaching profession in the Midlands. He rose quickly through the local education bureaucracy to become Assistant Director of Education for Birmingham City Council under Professor Tim Brighouse. If you think you’ve heard the name Brighouse before, then you’d be right because Brighouse was one of those who signed a letter criticising Ofsted for being vigorous about the Islamic Trojan Horse scandal that engulfed Birmingham schools. Other signatories of this letter include the odious Islam apologist Salma Yaqoob, formerly one of the leaders of the extreme Left Islamist aligned Respect Party. Javed Khan and Professor Brighouse were said to have presided over a great improvement in education in the Midlands but it should be remembered that this achievement happened at a time when there was significant grade inflation in examinations nationwide. Therefore I’m going to take the boast about achievements with a very large pinch of salt, if not a bucket full.

After Birmingham Javed Khan went onto be the Director of Education for the London Borough of Harrow in 2003. He managed to tick quite a few of the boxes for government targets, such as reducing school exclusions. However although this headline figure looks good, this reduction of exclusions can be achieved not only by making education better, but also by forbidding Headteachers from excluding pupils. He stayed as Director of Education until 2007, when Javed Khan joined the diversity and multicultural gravy train by becoming Harrow’s Director of Community and Cultural Services. What he did there or what value he gave to the taxpayer is hard to say, but whatever he did the Labour Government liked it and gave this department of the borough an ‘improved’ rating.

After Harrow he became Executive Director of a quango called the London Serious Youth Violence Board. This particular Lefty talking shop I might add, appeared to do bugger all to reduce youth violence in London but did act as stepping stone for greater things for Javed Khan.

In 2010 Javed Khan moved on to the charity Victim Support as its Chief Executive. It is in this post that Mr Khan’s career starts to become interesting. During Mr Khan’s term of office at Victim Support, the organisation became very close to the disgraced Islamic anti-hate crime monitors Tell Mama. Victim Support stuck by Tell Mama even when their figures on anti Muslim crime were shown to be false and the Victim Support logo was appearing on Tell Mama publicity as late as January 2014. This may have been an unauthorised use by Tell Mama of the Victim Support logo, but if it is not then it shows that Victim Support under Mr Khan was none too choosy about with whom they associate themselves.

To be in charge of an organisation like Victim Support, when it publicly associated itself with groups which had such a questionable reputation as Tell Mama, does raise questions about Mr Khan’s probity and sense of judgement. Mr Khan has been one of many on the Liberal/Left who have backed the mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya artists of Tell Mama. However, if I was in Mr Khan’s position, I would have disassociated my organisation from Tell Mama when it first became clear that Tell Mama were being less than honest over hate-crime figures. One of the jobs of a Chief Executive, as well as being ultimately responsible for the day to day running of an organisation, is to protect their organisation from avoidable damage to their reputation. In my view, associating with Tell Mama does damage an organisation’s reputation. It has damaged the reputation of Victims Support, just as association with Tell Mama has damaged the reputation of the Jewish group the Community Security Trust, who also and inexplicably choose to assist Tell Mama.

Javed Khan has spent a whole career working in Left-orientated public or third sector organisations, he has been steeped in the ideology of multiculturalism and adherence to this ideology has been key in the advancement of his career. Why else would he be so reluctant to correctly apportion blame for the Rotherham Islamic Rape Gangs? According to Alison Pearson in the Daily Mail, Javed Khan refused to accept the idea that there was a religious and cultural driver behind these attacks.

Ms Pearson said:

On Channel 4 News on Tuesday, Javed Khan, the chief executive of Barnardo’s, refused to give a straight answer to a question about the part that “ethnicity” played in the abuse of girls in Rotherham. As the presenter Jackie Long persisted, Mr Khan insisted that we should not be focusing on the identity of the perpetrators because it “distracted attention” from the children who were their victims. “

This is not an ‘ethnicity’ issue but it is one intimately connected with the ideology of Islam and how it views non-Muslims. This case, and others like it, show Muslim rape gangs having a view of non-Muslim girls and young women as being nothing more than ‘Untermenshen’. He could have given a straight answer, which is that it is the ideology of Islam that is at fault, but he evaded valid questions on this issue by saying that we should be ‘focussing on the victims’. Of course the victims should be aided but unless we admit that the ultimate fault for these Muslim rape gangs lies with the ideology of Islam itself, we will get nowhere.

I’m not one of those people who will ascribe base and corrupt motives to someone just because they have a Muslim name, but by not admitting where the problems that have afflicted Rotherham and elsewhere have come from, he has shown that he is part of the problem and in no way a solution to it.

Javed Khan has spent his whole career as part of the same Leftist milieu that created the problems of Islamo-pandering, which have wrecked the lives of so many young people in Rotherham. Because of that, we should be wary of both what Mr Khan says, and also the policies that he and his organisation recommends.

It is impossible to divorce the ideology of Islam from the offences committed in Rotherham, Mr Khan treats us all as idiots if he expects us to believe that this was not a factor which encouraged the creation and continued existence of these Islamic rape gangs.


Alison Pearson’s comment in the Mail on the Rotherham scandal

An article from the Guardian about the criticisms by Professor Brighouse and others of the Ofsted investigation of the Birmingham Trojan Horse affair

Javed Khan’s Curriculum Vitae from the Barnardo’s site.

Javed Khan allegedly involved in armed conflict in Pakistan over a land dispute.

The Victim Support logo plainly visible at the bottom of this publicity poster from the mountebanks of Tell Mama. This document is still available from the Tell Mama website.  If this is an unauthorised use of the Victim Support logo by Tell Mama, then Victim Support should get it removed as soon as possible. If it an authorised use of the logo then it will give many grave doubts as to the probity of both Victim Support and Mr Khan who was the head of Victims Support at the time.

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  1. tamimisledus | August 28, 2014 at 10:03 am |

    Thanks for putting this information together on Javed Khan (and others). When I saw the C4 programme, I was infuriated that this muslim should have been allowed (like so many “commentators” from this perspective and others) to try to divert attention from the perpetrators of these crimes and to consider ONLY victim support (as you point out). This overlooks the blindingly obvious – without perpetrators there are no victims. Unfortunately all I was able to find was information that would fool prospective employers such as Barnado’s into hiring him.
    What this virtual (online) CV does not say is that as a muslim, Khan is bound to imitate the example of mohammad, that well known “perfect” paedophile muslim.
    It is almost beyond belief that Barnado’s should have selected, as head of an organization set up to protect children’s interest, a follower of islam where its “holy” texts implicitly condone child marriage and therefore paedophilia. (Or was this just another example of the fear, this time on the part of Barnado’s, of being called a racist?)
    I say “almost beyond belief” because we live in “PC” societies where the vast majority of those in some kind of position of power seem to be willfully ignorant of the truths of the evil doctrine of islam. It almost seems a badge of honour to favour muslims, following this islam, over those who support progress.
    Thanks for listening.
    And thanks again for your post(s).

  2. A little more info.

    So much for Victim Support and their ‘investigation’.

    I am amazed this man is being allowed to work with Barnardos, just proves how corrupt they all are, that includes Baranardos.

  3. Just wondering…….. Dr Barnado’s was founded by an evangelical Protestant missionary and run on sound Protestant lines although no faiths were excluded and Jewish and Catholic children were housed and educated in co-operation with leaders of those faiths. Why is an anti-Christian muslim in charge of an organisation the charter of which, as I recall from my schooldays,included “moral and religious” instruction.?

  4. Javed Kahn is a Pakistani and a Muslim. Of course he provided white meat to his brothers and used political correctness as a shield.

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