The Great Divide.

You cannot coexist with people like this who will kill you.

There is a great divide between people in Britain. This divide is not party political or financial or social although there is an aspect of those things in this divide. This divide is between those who believe that everything in the multicultural garden is rosy, and those who suffer the negative effects of multiculturalism, who have worked out that the policy of enforced multiculturalism is a crock of shit.

Although it is, in my mind, right and proper not to judge people adversely by the things that they cannot change, such as race, gender, sexuality or disability, it is wrong to extend this laudable sentiment to cultures. It should have been obvious to those in positions of authority, or those who favour multiculturalist policies, that although individual people should be treated equally, cultures are not equal.

If you are a Labour party member and you live in Hampstead or similar places, you can safely pontificate about the values of diversity and multiculturalism because you don’t live with the problems that it causes. You can buy your way out of an NHS that is under immense strain from the effects of excessive immigration, and you don’t have to languish on a public housing list for decades because you are not of a favoured minority communal demographic, prioritised for housing by the multiculturalist local authority.

The ‘Hampstead Labourites’ as I shall call them, live in good areas, with good schools. The daughters of Leftist privilege do not have to send their daughters to school via routes that take them past Muslim-run kebab shops that have been shown too often to be the hangouts of rape gangs. They do not have to worry about what untruths their children are being taught in these schools, and they rarely have to be educated in environments full of violence and fear.

Multiculturalism is a wonderful policy, provided that neither you or your family have to live with the negative effects of it. Wealthy, cosseted Leftists rarely have to put up with the second-class treatment and services experienced by those who live in areas dominated by the dogma of multiculturalism.

Multiculturalism is a policy that has failed. It has failed as an ideology because it cannot see that although it is right to treat individuals equally, to treat hostile religio-political dogmas, such as Islam for example, the same as beliefs that do not threaten our society, is a recipe for disaster. It could be argued that some aspects of multiculturalism could be positive if Islam had been excluded from the mix. Some degree of flexibility, to allow those who follow peaceful minority religious paths, such as Sikhs, Hindus and Jews, to observe their religions is a good thing and a sign of a tolerant society. They do not try to impose their way of life on the rest of us. However, what we have seen regarding Islam is nothing more than a massive amount of piss-taking by Islam and its followers. In the name of multiculturalism, we have tolerated the intolerable for far too long. We have tolerated, under threat of gaol and ruin for those who speak out, the imposition of Halal food on those who either don’t want it or object to it for religious or other reasons. We have also been forced to tolerate from Islam the most appalling misogyny and abuse of women and have seen the wholesale corruption of the electoral system in Islam-dominated areas.

Hardly any of those who shout about ‘celebrating diversity’ have to compete for services with those who scream and shout and threaten violence if they don’t get their own way. Those who are being paid enormous sums, often from the public purse, to promote the ideology of multiculturalism are insulated from its effects on those who are often low paid, struggling and very frightened at what has been done to their areas, very often without their consent.

If there was any justice in this world, those who mindlessly advocate multiculturalism, or see nothing wrong with having ‘dialogue’ with Islamic groups that promote sedition, would be forced to live for six months at least, in those areas that have been utterly ruined by such policies. They should also be forced to live with the same truncated choices, put up with the same low pay and the same fears as those people who have to live unwillingly in Britain’s Shariah Shitholes.

Let them learn what it is like to be treated like dirt by Labour local authorities, that see no value at all in the British working classes. A period living on low pay and with even less choices, may teach the ‘Hampstead Labourites’ a salutary lesson about the errors of the policies that they impose on the rest of us.