Is there anyone decent left in the Labour party?

The Labour Party, no longer the party of the ordinary working person.

It’s a good question to ask. Since at least 1997, the Labour party has been tainted by a disdain for the aims of its founders. It has ceased to be the parliamentary representative for the working person, whether members of trade unions or not, and has become a politically cynical, indecent monster. It is now a party where if you asked it the question ‘what about the workers?’ They would reply: ‘So, what about them?’

It is a wonder that there are those who can rightly call themselves ‘decent’ who can still stomach what the party has become. Those individual Labour party members who care that workers are paid fairly, that there is adequate support for those who fall on hard times, who I know do exist, how do they square their conscience with the fact that Labour is the architect of so many of the misfortunes that have befallen the British worker?

These decent but misguided people continue to pay their subs to the Labour Party despite Labour being behind so many of the ills that are afflicting Britain. Just think how the average worker has suffered from the effects of these Labour policies for instance:

Uncontrolled and inappropriate immigration that has driven down wages and stressed, almost beyond breaking point in some areas, our public services.

A gross dumbing down of the education system that has failed to properly equip ordinary working class children for the world of work or further study. Labour also presided over an education system that became riddled with Leftist propaganda.

Tightening the noose around the necks of Britons by eviscerating the concept of freedom of speech that is a vital part of decent and open societies. It should never be forgotten that it was Labour who wanted the 2006 Racial and Religious Hatred Act to be even tighter than it is currently. It was only because the House of Lords insisted that the Act should not prohibit criticism or ridicule of religious ideologies, that Britons can criticise Islam and its negative effects today.

The introduction of the Human Rights Act, which goes far beyond the laudable intentions of the original drafters of the European Declaration of Human Rights, and has been a boon for few, apart from criminals, both our own home-grown ones and our imported ones.

The growing involvement of the State in people’s lives and the growth of State interference in various areas, from people’s choices of parenting styles right through to their ability to voice an opinion.

Inexplicably for a party that is supposed to represent the working classes, it was Labour who have allowed the daughters of those same working classes to be raped, abused and tortured by gangs of Muslims, who probably for reasons of electoral importance, were allowed to act with impunity.

Even those entities that are supposed to be independent of Government, such as charities, were corrupted during the Labour years of misrule and the ranks of many charity’s senior management now have a heavy Labour bias. As if the corrupting of charities by having Labour placemen in charge wasn’t bad enough, a mass of fake charities were set up by Labour leaning activists in order to promote their own political and social hobby horses to a Labour government.

Labour presided over the outright gerrymandering of our electoral system by introducing postal votes for all in some areas. This has meant that the often bent postal votes of certain groups can outweigh the honest votes of others.

When you look at this list, and it is only a small selection of problems that the Labour Party brought Britain, can you as an ordinary person even bring yourself to vote Labour, let alone be a paid up member of the party or a contributor to it via your trades union political fund? Nobody with either a conscience, a knowledge of what is right and what is wrong or anybody who cares for the future of this country, should have anything to do with Labour. Labour are no longer the party of the working classes, they are an oppressor and a destroyer of it.

There is plainly no place for decent people in today’s Labour Party.