From Elsewhere: Now there’s a surprise. Or rather not. Muslim rabble rouser in Ferguson, Missouri is a child molester.

Mustafa Hussain aka Theodore Barratt, the American Muslim who has turned out to be a nonce.

One of those who have been stirring the racial and religious grievance pot in Ferguson, Missouri, USA has been shown to be a known child molester. I don’t know about you but it’s getting to the stage that wherever I look in the world I find that the word ‘Muslim’ is so often seen together with the word ‘nonce’.

The apparently conservative leaning investigative journalism site Got News, has revealed that Mustafa Hussain AKA Theodore Barrett is a nonce who sexually attacked a girl of 13 or under.

Got News said:

A Muslim media darling during the Ferguson protests is a convicted child molester, has learned.

Mustafa Hussein is a volunteer for ArgusRadio, a popular activist website that live streams the St. Louis race riots and Ferguson protests.

He’s continuing to cause trouble now, like staging a protest at the St. Louis Cardinals game.

Hussein a.k.a. Theodore Barrett was previously convicted of child molestation in Iowa. His victim was under the age of 13.

Hussein’s website got 1.3 million views in just one night during the Ferguson protests.

He has been the subject of fawning, gushing profiles by NPR, Washington Post, Huffington Post, MSNBC, Bloomberg, and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Emily Chang interviewed Hussein on

Live from Ferguson, Mustafa Hussein of @ArgusRadiostreams the latest from the streets on @BloombergWest

Emily Chang (@emilychangtv) August 20, 2014

The Got News side added:

Hussein has claimed that he was harassed by the police as he was filming the Ferguson race riots.

None other than the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is suing on Hussein’s behalf.

The ACLU suit asked a judge to end the police policy of “demanding and ordering members of the media and public to stop recording the police acting in their official duty on public streets and sidewalks” and declare such a policy a violation of constitutional rights.

The Leftist media seem to have overlooked the background of Hussain and are handling him in an extremely uncritical way.

The Got News site has other examples of MSM/Leftist commentators and journalists giving Hussain a bit of a free ride over the race riots in Ferguson. You can read the rest of the Got News article via the link below

The Leftist media have either let their own ideology blind them to facts, or have forgotten a basic journalistic principle which is to have some idea about who you are quoting and who you are claiming as a legitimate source. The mainstream media writers and commentators who have been lauding Hussain do not appear to have done any checking on the background of him, or his motivations whatsoever. If they had they may have been less keen to make Hussain a ‘media darling’.

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  1. You know I bet sexual frustration makes bad humans..and islam is all about keeping your nuts in a jar..if you get my meaning.

    • Fahrenheit211 | October 10, 2014 at 10:18 am |

      I do get the meaning. There are ways to sublimate sexual frustration by channeling it into other areas such as doing good works or stuff like that. These ways of sublimating or diverting sexual desire do not seem to exist in Islam or if they do are not used that much. Maybe this is what happens when you have a religious path started by a murderous, paedophilic sex-slaver like Mohammed (piss be upon him). I’m noticing more and more the phenomenon that men with paedophiliac tendencies seem to be attracted to Islam, I can’t think why LOL.

  2. While no one approves of his crime, it is amazing that a person who does something good like record events as they happen has no rights according the the extreme right. I’d much rather see a person stop their criminal acts and reform to doing something for the good of society. I suppose these rules only apply to those one here does not like. How many politicians have criminal activities? It would be best to concentrate on cleaning up our political system. A person who has served his time and commits no other crime certainly has the right to report news. If this person was committing crimes I would be the first to lock him up. Funny the extreme right glorifies their criminals. The list is too long to even mention of Tea party elected criminals who get off. The bankers who get off. The oil companies who break the law and make taxpayers pay for their spills in the end.

    When is the right going to help clean up the system. As an Independent I am going to fight corruption to my last dying breath.

    • Fahrenheit211 | November 25, 2014 at 11:00 am |

      Although it is the political Right who will have to clear up the mess, it would help to ascertain who made the mess in the first place. It is the Left, especially the Left of the Democrats who have for decades encouraged a ‘victim’ mentality among Black and other minority citizens who are in the low income brackets. This has encouraged communities and individuals to see their predicaments as ‘someone else’s fault’, even when it is not. The Left have also encouraged father-less and single parent families even though the outcomes for these families are often not as good as those of children from two parent families. It takes an exceptional person to do a satisfactory job of being a single parent and many single parents are not exceptional but are unsuited for the difficult job of being both Mum and Dad to a child.

      Michael Brown the victim of what I can see as a justifiable shooting was a product of a society that is dominated by the Left. He was a creation of a culture that sees self responsibility as being a bad thing. He was a violent criminal thug who by his own actions caused his own death.

      All political groups can have among them those who behave in a criminal manner but the Tea Party types look far more wholesome and sensible than the dangerous race-baiters of the Left such as Farrakhan and Jackson who have a political need for their constituency to be down trodden, scared and constantly blaming others for their situation. After all scared people are easier to manipulate than informed self confident citizens. I want to see a confident, integrated, contributory and responsible Black America but the policies of the Left have created communities that are sometimes the complete opposite of this. I’m sure that those who marched for Civil Rights or who campaigned for equality wanted to see a colour-blind society where the content of a persons character was their most important distinguishing feature. Unfortunately the Left has not delivered this but has instead helped to create a society where people look to the State to solve their problems rather than sorting them out themselves.

      Of course people who have done their time and paid their debt to society and are considered to have reformed should be allowed back into society, but the subject of this post is not one of those. He is a representative of a dangerous and violent ideology and it is perfectly justified to bring out his criminal history. Although he has a right to report news, it is pertinent to ask was he reporting news or cooking up some propaganda? As someone who has observed the Left for many years it is not overly cynical to think that this ‘reporter’ was not an impartial observer of the Ferguson situation but instead was a rabble rouser whose primary interest was stoking the conflict.

      The ‘system’, on both sides of the Atlantic, does indeed need cleaning up, but those of us who have experienced the effects of Leftist ‘reform’ on our societies are very dubious that these problems can be cleaned up by squeezing taxpayers for more welfare for those who have squandered the educational opportunities offered to them and because of that cannot find jobs or a place in life. We cannot rebuild our societies by following the same failed socialistic policies that have turned Detroit into a wasteground or which have helped to turn parts of East London in the UK into dangerous Shariah Zones.

      The Left has had their chance to reform society and it has not worked and in some cases has made things much worse.

      Well done for fighting corruption but corruption does not only come from ‘bankers’ or oil companies or other usual suspect bogeymen but also from within the political Left itself.

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