The mendacious grievance-mongering chameleons appeaer to have had another skin change.

Fiyaz Mughal of Tell Mama/Faith Matters and now it seems Religious Reader fame. It looks as if Mr Mughal’s ‘coat of many colours’ has developed a new shade.

Like unwanted pimples on a teenagers face, groups associated with Fiaz Mughal the Islamic campaigner seem to pop up with monotonous regularity. Firstly there is Faith Matters a group that purports to deal with and comment on interfaith matters and to tackle extremism. Then there is the troublesome and troubling Tell Mama group whose dishonest behaviour over hate crime figures this blog has both documented and helped to mock.

Now there is a new sockpuppet on the block, an entity called ‘Religious Reader’. At first glance this site looks quite independent of Faith Matters or Tell Mama but if you scroll down to the bottom of the Religious Reader page you will see a copyright notice stating that this website is copyright to Faith Matters.

The Tell Mama group is actively promoting Religious Reader on their social media channels and incidentally Religious Reader is also being recommended by Leftist polemicists, such as Steve Rose, who spend an awful lot of keyboard time on the websites of Mughal’s Tell Mama vehicle.

Religious Reader is stuffed full of articles containing the usual guff beloved of the liberal/left such as ‘why immigration is good for Britain’, ‘there’s no threat from Islam’, ‘let’s not mention the Islamic Grooming Gangs’ etc etc. This Religious Reader website and group will probably go down well with the middle class do-gooders who spend their days in ‘bagels and bahjis’ interfaith meetings, but the more cynical among us will see Religious Reader for what it appears to be, which is another attempt to whitewash the ideology of Islam. What annoys me is I’m one of those who actually believe that interfaith activity works, it’s just that I’m worldly enough, and have experienced enough bullshit from Islamic groups and individuals in these sort of forums that I believe they would work much better, and achieve much more, if Islamic groups were excluded from them on the grounds of the current high levels of Islamic violence.

It would not be going too far to say that Religious Reader is probably another one of ‘Mughal’s Mules’, like Faith Matters and Tell Mama, which are themselves bastardised creations put together from a mix of Islamic apologia and foolish leftist utopianism. With Religious Reader, Mughal and his companions are serving up the same over-boiled meat, but with a different tasting gravy.

If you was looking for a place that was publishing intelligent, thoughtful pieces on religion, whether you agreed with them or not, then Religious Reader is not that place. Religious Reader is yet more Islamic propaganda and lefty polemics. I’m going to give Religious Reader a wide berth.


The Religious Reader website