7/7 – Never forget, never forgive, never cease to be angry.

The people on this bus, and in the other 7/7 attacks were killed by Islam, and we must never forget that fact.

Today marks the 8th anniversary of the bombings by Islamic terrorists of tube trains and a bus in London. We must never forget this attack, even though the BBC, who don’t appear to have mentioned the anniversary in this morning’s news broadcasts, would very much like us to do so.

We must never forget that British-born Islamic savages went out with the express intention of killing as many civilians in our capital as they could. We must never forget that the Islamic ideology that created these murderers is one that has been indulged by too many politicians who should know better.

The victims of the Islamic savages who attacked London’s transport system were not the appeasing politicians, but ordinary people with ordinary dreams making their way to work.

I remember the day well. I was working in an office in central London and because I’d got in very early that day, was having an early coffee break and a read of the news online. Both the mainstream news and various bulletin boards were full of what was called ‘a catastrophic electrical fault’ on the London Underground. Such events although not an everyday occurrence, did happen from time to time so it didn’t impinge too much on me and give me too much concern. However, as time went on it became clear that this was a terrorist attack, and all my colleagues logged onto the internet and as they read the news, a shocked silence crept over the office.

Not much work got done that day, as people frantically tried to check on friends and relatives, a task made much more difficult due to the shutting down of London’s mobile phone network. The mobile network was shut down for fear that there may be other explosive devices out there, some of which could be linked to mobile phones.

Senior members of staff, ashen faced, scuttled off and consulted over whether to implement the office disaster plan which would mean all of us relocating to a secure location outside of London. My senior manager came in about 1pm and called all to attention and said that the entire tube system and many of the buses in central London had been shut down. He said that we should all go home early and make our way home as best we could. I was living in East London at the time, and I had heard that Thames pleasure cruisers had been commendeered by the authorities as emergency transport to get people out of central London.

I made my way along with others through a throng of shocked people to Westminster pier where some of us had heard there were boats available. We queued and queued and eventually we were frisked and searched by armed police and allowed onto a boat. The journey downriver was surreal. The quiet and reflective mood of the passengers was very much at odds with the upbeat décor and posters in the passenger saloon.

Eventually I disembarked at an East London pier and got one of the few bus routes that were running and made my way home.

When I got home I started to realise that if I’d left for work later than I did then I may well have been taking the Circle Line from Liverpool Street at the time of the explosion.

I was unscathed by this atrocity but many others were not. We must remember with reverence all those who died and who were injured that day. We must also never forget that it was the ideology of Islam that was behind his atrocity, just as it is behind so many other atrocities both here in the UK and throughout the world.

We shall remember the victims, who were a representative cross section of London society, with both grief about the lives cut short and anger at the ideology that murdered them. We must also remember the relatives and friends of those who were taken from us, and pray that they will be comforted.

Here are the victims and the locations where they were murdered by Muslims


  • Lee Baisden (34)
  • Benedetta Ciaccia (30)
  • Richard Ellery (21)
  • Richard Gray (41)
  • Anne Moffat (48)
  • Fiona Stevenson (29)
  • Carrie Taylor (24)

Edgware Road:

  • Michael Stanley Brewster (52)
  • Johnathan Downey (34)
  • David Graham Foulkes (22)
  • Colin William Morley (52)
  • Jennifer Vanda Nicholson (24)
  • Laura Webb (29)

Russell Square:

  • James Adams (32)
  • Samantha Badham (35)
  • Phillip Beer (22)
  • Anna Brandt (41)
  • Ciaran Cassidy (22)
  • Elizabeth Daplyn (26)
  • Arthur Frederick (60)
  • Emily Jenkins (24)
  • Adrian Johnson (37)
  • Helen Jones (28)
  • Karolina Gluck (29)
  • Gamze Gunoral (24)
  • Lee Harris (30)
  • Ojara Ikeagwu (56)
  • Susan Levy (53)
  • Shelley Mather (25)
  • Michael Matsushita (37)
  • James Mayes (28)
  • Behnaz Mozakka (47)
  • Mihaela Otto (46)
  • Atique Sharifi (24)
  • Ihab Slimane (24)
  • Christian Small (28)
  • Monika Suchocka (23)
  • Mala Trivedi (51)
  • Rachell Chung For Yuen (27)

Tavistock Square:

  • Anthony Fatayi-Williams (26)
  • Jamie Gordon (30)
  • Giles Hart (55)
  • Marie Hartley (34)
  • Miriam Hyman (31)
  • Shahara Islam (20)
  • Neetu Jain (37)
  • Sam Ly (28)
  • Anat Rosenberg (39)
  • William Wise (54)
  • Gladys Wundowa (50)



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  1. Maurice Dancer | July 8, 2013 at 5:09 pm |

    A dignified post, Fahrenheit, to remember a dreadful day. My experience was not too dissimilar to yours: the initial reports of power failures; mobile networks down; people late for work, & not knowing where they were; rumours out on the street, & then the chilling realisation that what had been feared, had begun – muslim terrorist attacks on British soil. And it has gone on ever since, with the security services at full stretch, & the street attacks, ‘grooming gangs’ & the continual push for more concessions for muslims that drives the majority of infidel kufir to the point of islamonausea – sick of seeing them, hearing them & having the BBC abase themselves, at our expense, to all things muslim.
    Islam isn’t capable of integrating with a 21st century, technological democracy – it’s a brutal 7th century war ideology, & a realistic, patriotic govt. that actually cared about Western freedoms would send its followers back to the hellholes from whence they, or their recent ancestors, came; & make damn sure our borders were secure. At last, the pretence would be over.

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