A request for information on South Yorkshire Police.

I’ve been hearing some pretty disturbing rumours recently about the actions of the disgraced South Yorkshire Police and I’d like the readers of this blog to help me in either confirming or denying what I’m hearing.

If true, one rumour in particular would show that despite the departure of Shaun Wright, the Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire; pandering to Islam and protecting the Muslims of Rotherham from the opprobrium that they most truly deserve, is still going on. It will also show, if proved, that nothing much has changed at South Yorkshire Police and they are still to all intents and purposes as bent as a nine bob note.

The rumour is that South Yorkshire Police have been using police intelligence sources to identify those who are angry about the mass Muslim rapes in Rotherham and other parts of South Yorkshire and have used breach of the peace legislation to stop people from taking part in demonstrations either in support of the victims of the Islamic Rape Gangs or against said gangs. This intel seems to me to be being used not only to stop those who could be described as the ‘usual suspects’ from different political groupings from entering Rotherham, but also to intimidate the ordinary Joes who may not be politically aligned but who have been moved to demonstrate because of the sheer scale of the appalling Islamic Rape Gang scandal for which Rotherham and other places in the South Yorkshire area are sadly becoming known.

Should I receive confirmation from readers that South Yorks Police are still involved in protecting Islamic rapists and those in authority in the region who have covered for them, then I will turn them into either an article or a series of articles.

What I’m looking for is this. Credible timed and dated written accounts of South Yorks Police going out of their way to harass people who wish to demonstrate against Islamic Rape Gangs, evidence of police intimidation of those who have spoken out against Islamic Rape Gangs, video and audio recordings and still images that show police malpractice in connection with the cover-up. Personal testimonies of police bad behaviour and the use of trumped up charges in connection to the aftermath of the Islamic Rape Gangs would also be welcome especially if you have evidence that finger individual officers, therefore in this case I will need police shoulder numbers and officer names where available. For the purposes of this project, I’m looking specifically for evidence of police misbehaviour since the Islamic Rape Gang scandal came to light and especially for the period September 2014 to the present ie since Shaun Wright resigned as PCC.

I have strong suspicions that the malaise that afflicts South Yorks Police didn’t die out when Wright resigned.

There are internet rumours about harassment by South Yorks Police but internet rumours are not evidence, and are certainly not enough to make serious accusations against a police force with. If there is no credible evidence of misbehaviour then all well and good but I don’t have that much confidence that the Augean stables of South Yorkshire has been cleaned out to anything like the degree that it needs to be.

It goes without saying that I will not publicly identify anyone who supplies information unless they specifically tell me that I can, I will also redact documents that identify those who supply them before publishing them.

If you can help with this project please email the information you have to the following address:

editor@fahrenheit211.net or leave a comment below this post. If you leave your information as a comment then please state prominently whether or not you wish this comment to be publicly visible.

A functioning and honest society needs to be regulated by a functioning and honest police force, if police forces are not being honest then they are not functioning in the proper way with deleterious effects not just on the immediate locales being policed, but on the nation as a whole.