Here’s a story about the ruination and disease that has been brought to one part of Britain by our unwanted ‘guests’.

The Polio virus, could travel between the UK and Pakistan be bringing it into one of London’s most benighted boroughs?

One of the most wonderful things about the internet is how it has become a valuable tool for parents.  It allows them to connect in ways that were previously impossible.  The internet means that there is now no hiding place for incompetent or sometimes malevolent  midwives, doctors, health visitors, teachers, social workers and other state employees who come in contact with our children.  The web has also become a valuable resource in distributing information that helps parents raise their children, teach them and keep their children safe from harm, whether that harm comes from arrogant state apparatchniks, sex criminals or, in the case of the tale below, from disease.

I’ve been having a conversation recently with a parent of a newborn baby girl who I shall only say is resident ‘somewhere in rural Northumberland’ but who originally hailed from the London Borough of Newham.   This parent has an elderly great aunt and uncle who still live in Newham.  Despite much exhortation from their relatives and friends to move somewhere less dominated, and indeed decimated, by Islamic Bearded Savages and other dubious guests, and therefore safer, they declined to move.  This is for reasons that I will not go into detail here, but are related to a fear of the unknown, and a fear of moving somewhere different and starting again at an advanced age.

They’ve stayed despite living in an area where they live in fear of foreign criminals stealing the copper pipes off the external wall, despite being treated like third class citizens by the council, along with biased social care and health services, because they are white British and despite being part of a rapidly shrinking white British demographic.  It may not surprise those who are familiar with East London that Newham now contains only 17% white British people and the whole set-up there is dedicated to pandering to Muslims and other recent aliens, at the expense of those indigenous Britons and long established immigrant groups (Sikhs, West Indians, Jews and Hindus etc), who have paid heavily into the taxation system both local and national.

My view of my correspondent’s relatives and their refusal to leave this dangerous area is that they’ve made a terrible mistake in not getting out when they should have done, and that you can fix many things in this world, but it is virtually impossible to fix, or counteract the bad decisions of adults.

My correspondent’s baby is four weeks old, and at eight weeks she is due for the normal infant vaccinations to protect her from diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio and Haemophilus influenzae type b.   Like any concerned parent, she took her baby to the local GP to register her and get her looked over, just to make sure that she was developing as per normal, and while there she mentioned that her Great Aunt and Uncle were anxious to see the latest addition to the family, and that the family lived in Newham, where there was both a TB problem and that she had heard some rumours of immigrants carrying polio living in the area.  The doctor was horrified at the prospect of taking a child which was not vaccinated against polio into Newham, and counselled that the baby should not be taken to Newham until the full vaccination set was completed and the baby was protected against polio.  This is because, according to what my correspondent  has heard from her sources, there is now a raised risk of  polio as well as TB  for unprotected children in Newham caused, not surprisingly, by the large numbers of Pakistani Muslims in that borough.

Pakistan is now one of the world’s greatest polio reservoirs, mostly due to extremist Muslim groups carrying out a campaign of murdering polio vaccination workers on the laughably false grounds that the polio vaccine is a ‘Jewish plot to sterilise Muslims’.  Dozens of polio vaccination workers have been killed in Pakistan and this has meant that the disease is running almost completely unchecked through rural areas of Pakistan. However it is not just the violence against polio workers that is causing Pakistan to be a polio-riddled cesspit,  Pakistan is also a nation where other mentalist conspiracy theories, especially anti-Jewish conspiracy theories, are quite often accepted by Pakistan’s ignorant and uneducated inhabitants as real fact, and this has also hampered the voluntary take-up of polio vaccination.

These factors mean that the constant travel back and forth by ‘British’ Muslims of Pakistani heritage between Pakistan and Britain, also brings with it a heightened risk of a polio outbreak in Britain.   Although polio has not yet broken out in Newham, the conditions are there for an outbreak to occur; there is poverty, ignorance and a lot of people going backwards and forwards to the polio reservoir of Pakistan.  Despite the NHS vaccinating all infants against polio, that doesn’t mean that polio could not be passed onto infants who have yet to be vaccinated, by the vector of those who have had contact  with polio in Pakistan and who have returned to the UK.   It is fair to say that the conditions for an outbreak of polio or some other imported disease in Newham are now well established.

Newham already holds the dubious honour of having some of the highest levels of TB in the UK and although some would say that I’m scaremongering, it would be a valid question to ask: “Just what  other dangerous diseases are lurking there as well?”  We would do well to remember that it is not only the diseases that we do know about that we should be concerned about, but those illnesses of which we know nothing.  The lesson given to us by AIDS is salutary, back in the 1970’s almost everyone who was sexually active thought that all Sexually Transmitted Diseases were known about, and there were established and effective cures available for them.  AIDS showed us all that it is suicidal to take such a complacent attitude to disease, and since then this terrible illness has robbed the world of good people and caused some of us to lose close friends.

This is an utterly disgusting situation since, Britain had all but eliminated polio, TB and other similar diseases of ignorance and poverty from the indigenous population by vaccination, public health improvements and education about the dangers that that these illnesses pose.  However, these horrific and life-shortening illnesses are being brought back to us by those who travel into areas where these horrible diseases are commonplace.

It just shows us that the problems that have been brought to Britain by Islam and Muslims are not just confined to terror, mass rape, crime and corruption, but also horrific diseases that we in Britain once thought were confined to the history books.    I’m utterly disgusted and righteously angry that Britons and especially our children have been put at risk of death and destruction and now disease brought to these shores by Muslims and other unwanted aliens, purely to satisfy the desires of middle class leftist fools who want to pat themselves on the back and feel good about ‘diversity’.

TB,  diphtheria and possibly polio are a terrible price to pay for the kumbaya fantasy of multiculturalism, and it is likely that ordinary Britons who will the ones who are increasingly going to have to pay that price.

To conclude, it must be stressed at this point that the rumours of polio are just that, rumours, but would anybody seriously be that surprised if this awful disease came back to Newham or somewhere else that has been ‘enriched’ in a similar way?