Video: Labour’s ‘Champion’ Liar

Former MP for Rotherham Sarah Champion. Would you buy a used diversity policy from this person or even trust them to tell the truth?

The Labour candidate for Rotherham and the former MP for the area, Sarah Champion has been seemingly caught out being deceptive about when she first knew of the problems with the Islamic Rape Gangs that are operating in her constituency.

In an interview in 2015 she said that she first became aware of the problems in 2013 but the video below contains an excerpt from a televised hustings meeting from 2012 which shows that she plainly knew that Muslim rapists had been laying waste to the town’s girls and young women far earlier than she later said she did.

In the video she seems desperate to divert attention from the Labour party who had a large part to play in the scandal whereby Muslim rapists were effectively ignored and thousands of girls abandoned to their cruel fate.

It is difficult after watching the video to come to any other conclusion that Sarah Champion has been dishonest about when she became aware of Rotherham’s Islamic Rape Gang problem. It does indeed look as if former MP Sarah is Labour’s Champion liar.