Trust me and my party, because my name is Nick Clegg’

The Lib Dems. A manifesto of mendacity put out by a party of perverts, perjurers, paedos and perfidy

Has there ever been a more inappropriate spectacle than the Lib Dems appealing for the public to trust them to be a moderating factor on any future coalition government? It’s not just that they had to give up their promise of no university tuition fees which shafted them with the Lefty student vote that is inappropriate, but the fact that they are much more shifty as a party than merely being one who abandons a single policy in order to govern. It is certainly not a party that has any right to consider itself as a ‘moderating force’ on other parties

It is easy to forget the many and various incidents and events that conclusively put the Lib Dems into the ‘do not trust’ category. Firstly there is the calibre and behaviour of some of their members with sexual scandals, some involving allegations of paedophilia and the sexual harassment of the vulnerable, coming in such rapid succession that they are more frequent than many rural bus routes in Britain.

Then there is the Lib Dems questionable commitment to Britain’s interests with the Coalition period in particular giving an insight into the Lib Dems rampant and dangerous enthusiasm for the European Union. It seems as if the Lib Dems couldn’t care less about British manufacturers that find themselves shackled by intrusive and excessive regulations or that EU demands for Britain to cut down on the output of relatively harmless plant food may cause power cuts and make Britain’s energy system much more at risk. They certainly don’t care for the small to medium British haulage companies who were driven out of business, only to be replaced by multinational logistics firms, by strict emissions rules from Brussels.

Worse still the influence of the Lib Dems spreads beyond sex scandals and a love for all things EU. The Lib Dems have blocked vital reform that would reduce the influence of damaging legislation such as the Human Rights Act, which is preventing Britain from effectively dealing with criminals, especially foreign criminals. It is too easy for the bad to shelter behind this pernicious piece of legislation and which many want removed or amended but which the Lib Dems defend with fair means or foul.

No, having observed the Lib Dems in both local and national government I don’t think I could trust the Lib Dems to look after my interests, my families interests or even my nations interests.

Trust the Lib Dems? No thanks, the Coalition period has shown me the true face of the illiberal, undemocratic, but often morally questionable and libertine Lib Dems and I’m not stupid enough to trust the Lib Dems again.


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