It’s not my fault I’m in trouble says George, a big Jew did it and ran away.

Would you buy a very well-used anti-semitic conspiracy theory from this man?


There are very few things that can be completely relied upon in this life, cars break down, trains encounter the wrong sort of rain and airlines can be afflicted by strikes. However, thankfully, despite all that can go wrong in this world, there is one thing that can be absolutely relied upon and that’s George Galloway acting like a dickhead.

If he’s not dressing up as a cat and sniffing Rula Lenska’s toes, he’s sniffing round the various enclaves of Islamic Bearded Savages in the UK, and using them to get back to the big taxpayer money trough, sorry, I meant to say, having the honour to represent a constituency in Her Majesty’s Parliament. When George Galloway is not acting like a dickhead in Parliament or playing the ‘I’m a considerably more hate filled Muslim savage than you are’ game in order to get Muslims to vote him into Parliament, then he’s behaving like a dickhead in the company of Arab dictators of various types. If nothing else, he’s an ‘indefaticable’ dictator fellator.

Many of us cheered loudly and opened another bottle of booze when the election night news came in that George Galloway had lost his seat in the Islamic ghetto of Bradford. Many may also have said ‘good riddance to bad rubbish’. Sadly like herpes, Galloway pops back up into the public eye just when you thought he might have buggered off to be buggered by another Arab dictator.

Galloway is man of zero principles, zero respect for the people of the United Kingdom and zero worth to humanity. The way he panders to Islam and Islamic causes is nauseating and reminds me a lot of Lord Haw Haw, the Nazi propagandist broadcaster, who attempted to undermine British morale during WWII.

Now, following his defeat in an election, it seems that the police are starting an investigation into whether or not he used his Parliamentary expenses properly. Galloway has gone all blustery and defiant on this, even though one of the complaints to the police about expenses came from his own, Muslim, parliamentary assistant. One of the other supplementary complaints about Galloway came from the Jewish former Conservative MP Louise Mensch. Galloway seems to be going beyond blustery and defiant over this and into full-on turn-it-up-to-eleven Jewish conspiracy mode. Galloway said that there was a ‘New York-Tel Aviv axis of evil’ ranged against him that is responsible for his expenses being investigated by the Metropolitan Police.

In other words, Galloway is standing crying in the playground and saying, untruthfully of course, ‘a big Jew did it and run away’. Has it really come to this? Has Galloway, the admittedly impressive rhetoric purveyor fallen so far that he has to blame ‘the Jews’ for his misfortune? So it wasn’t that, as his former assistant, Aisha Ali-Khan, has alleged, Galloway was using her as a personal errand girl, it was a ‘Jewish plot’ against him. It is very difficult to read Galloway’s comments as anything other than an allusion to an imaginary Jewish plot when he uses the locations ‘New York’ and ‘Tel Aviv’ in his statement because both places are well known for having a large Jewish population. If he had said ‘there is a Paris-Berlin axis of evil’ against him, then it would have had a totally different connotation and many people would have met such a statement with the words ‘what is that wanker Galloway on about now’?

You can tell Galloway has been spending a lot of time with Muslims and listening to their concerns and having them speak to him, just by the fact that when he is cornered like this, he does what too many Muslim communities do when something goes badly wrong, he blames the Jews. Blaming the Jews for things that are weird and not-so-wonderful is so very, well, Muslim. Polio hit your shitheap Pakistani village, blame the Jews, car won’t start, blame the Jews, lightbulb blown, blame the Jews, get caught with your hands in the Parliamentary expenses till, blame……well you get the picture.

It’s fair to say that George Galloway has denied the allegation printed in the Independent Newspaper, that his parliamentary assistant was only being used for parliamentary or constituency business for 25% of the time for which she was paid. It must also be said that Galloway is a stain on our country and the House of Commons is well rid of him. Maybe one day the Galloway-turd will finally be flushed from the toilet bowl of politics, and for many Britons that day cannot come soon enough.


Independent Newspaper on George Galloway’s latest utterances