With regards to Islamic Rape Gangs, Britons are being ill-served by our national media.

Britain’s broadcast media should cease practicing denialism about either the facts of ,or the extent of, Islamic sex crime.

The way much of the national broadcast and print media has behaved over the issue of Islamic Rape Gangs is nothing short of scandalous. Although the major outlets such as the BBC and Sky have covered the growing problem of Islamic Rape Gangs they have often told the story as if it only affects one or two places. If you took the majority of your news from Sky and the BBC you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s really only a problem in Oxford, Rochdale and Rotherham. However that is not the case and it is only when local newspaper reports of arrests and convictions of Muslim sex criminals and alleged sex criminals are collated that the scale of the problem starts to become apparent.

All media outlets will concentrate on that which they think will appeal to the majority of their readers and some media outlets will highlight some stories which other publications will not. For example when I worked as an agency court reporter many years ago we were told not not put too much effort into certain stories as they would not sell. We were told that the readers of newspaper X or Y do not want to read details of black on black killings or chav on chav sex attacks so we didn’t send such stories to those newspapers because didn’t publish, or pay for, such stories. Whether this policy was morally right or wrong is another question but it was merely a commercial decision not to waste time and money working on stories that would not sell.

However what we are seeing with the broadcast media and how they’ve handled the Islamic Rape Gang problems appears to go way beyond basic commercial decisions or considerations. In the case of the BBC, being a public service broadcaster, they have no excuse at all for saying ‘commercial decision’ when they fail to cover properly the matter of Islamic Rape Gangs.

The arrests of dozens upon dozens of Muslim men on charges of rape and paedophilia should be national news and it is an utter scandal that it is not. Sky for example devoted a lot of time in its morning broadcast yesterday to cover a minor story about bottle feeding mums feeling put upon for choosing not to breastfeed. Yes it’s an interesting story but does it really deserve to displace stories about the wholesale rape and enslavement of thousands of British women and girls? Many would say that this precious airtime could be used for something more useful than that, such as highlighting the scale of the problem with Islamic sex criminals.

I do not now turn to the national broadcast media for information about Islamic sex crime, instead I keep an eye on local newspapers and other sources.

For their coverage of Islamic sex crime local newspapers should take some credit. The majority of local papers have treated it as the big local stories that they are. To my mind Britain’s local press is about the only section of our mainstream media that is coming out of the Islamic Rape Gang scandal with any sort of honour and for that they should be praised. Praise also should be due to the alternative media who have kept this issue in the public eye, despite the loathsome Islamopanderers of both the Left and the Right, wishing to bury this problem as deep as they can. Blogs like Kafircrusader and Twitter users such as DowHeater ( @Death2RapeGangs  ) have done a fantastic amount of work in documenting the scourge of Islamic Rape Gangs. They have monitored local newspapers and other media and publicised Muslim crimes when the likes of the BBC and Sky, with all the massive resources at their disposal, have been conspicuously silent on this issue. Even if you don’t agree with the personal politics of Kafircrusader or DowHeater, and some do not, it’s well worth reading them to see the just how bad and how widespread Britain’s problems with Islamic sex crime are.

Our national media outlets, especially the broadcast media outlets are not serving their customers at all well when it comes to covering this massive story. Whilst not to get all ‘tin foil hat’ about this matter, the ‘omerta’ on the subject of Islamic sex crime, does give rise to the suspicion that the BBC is playing down this story for political reasons, whilst Sky are playing it down in order to not offend advertisers from Islamic countries.

The national broadcast media are not treating this story with either the respect or the resources it deserves and people will be surprised at the scale of Islamic sex crime once they start to investigate what local newspapers and non-mainstream media is saying about this appalling ongoing Muslim attack on Britain’s women and girls.