The scrambled moral compass of the Muslims and police of Epsom

New road sign to be brought in by Surrey Police (probably)

Sometimes I think that I’m hard boiled enough to ignore the whining from Muslims about how hard done by they are. When you’ve seen them get all arsey about ‘Islamophobic parking policies’ it’s easy to assume that they cannot sink any lower, or whine any louder. However this latest story about the Muslims of Epsom in Surrey is an example of just how much front or chutzpah they’ve got. Muslim community leaders have chosen the time when Britain mourns those killed in the Islamic atrocity on a Tunisian beach, to complain about a few eggs being chucked at them. The politic and honourable thing to do would be for the Muslims of Epsom to recognise that Muslims have done a lot of bad things lately and they should put up, shut up and keep their heads down. A period of silence on the part of Muslim whiners would be very much appreciated.

Here’s the report on the egg throwing incident from the Epsom and Ewell Guardian by Alice Foster, as usual the original report is in italics and this blog’s comments are in plain text.

The Epsom and Ewell Guardian said:

Community leaders have condemned an egg attack on Muslims after it emerged there have been a number of similar attacks in recent months.

Have these Muslim community leaders stopped to consider just why these egg attacks are happening? Could it be that non-Muslims are more than a little pissed off with Islamic terror, Islamic welfare parasitism, Islamic mass rape, Islamic corruption afflicting one local council after another?

The attack on a couple in Briarwood Road, Stoneleigh, at 8.20pm on Monday night came less than a week after a terrorist attack in Tunisia where it is feared 30 British tourists were killed.

It is not known if it was prompted by the atrocity in North Africa, which has been strongly condemned by the Muslim community in Surrey.

If the Muslims of Surrey are only facing a few lobbed eggs rather than the bullets and bombs that Muslims dish out around the world then they should count themselves lucky.

Police said three eggs were thrown at the couple from the window of a black Volkswagen Polo leaving the woman with minor injuries.

Strange how the police treat complaints from Muslims when compared to complaints about Muslims from non-Muslims, isn’t it? Surrey Police are able to give a description of the vehicle and can even count the number of eggs allegedly thrown, yet the Met Police cannot protect a lone Jew from suffering 100 different attacks by Muslims, and South Yorkshire Police cannot protect 1,400 girls from being raped by Muslims. What an outstanding example of Surrey Police getting really into the Islamopandering game.

Epsom and Ewell police borough commander Inspector Jackie Elkins said: “It appears this couple was deliberately targeted as they left the mosque and I can reassure the local community that an investigation is underway, including trying to obtain descriptions of the occupants in the car.

Note well how they wheel out a senior officer to offer reassurance to the Muslims of Epsom and Ewell, for something that is really nothing more than a minor prank. I wonder if this officer goes out of her way to reassure local non-Muslims about the efficacy of an investigation when Muslims attack non-Muslims? My guess is probably not to the same degree.

“We have had three similar incidents in the last two or three months, with the description of the car on previous occasions being given as a white Fiesta or a white Polo.”

She said police are working to see if the incidents are linked and pledged to continue to work closely with, and reassure, the Muslim communities.

Are you like me disgusted to see a police officer engaging is such a blatant act of political fellatio? I’d hate to be in her borough and be a victim of Islamic crime because she certainly seems to have clearly indicated which side she is on, and it’s not the non-Muslims that’s for sure.

She added: “While there is nothing to suggest this incident has any links to recent events in Tunisia, I am aware that there will always be people who want to exploit the current situation and create fear within our Muslim communities, with whom we will continue to work closely, to offer our protection and reassurance.”

The egg throwing may not be related to the Islamic murders in Tunisia but there are plenty of other Islamic crimes and Islamic problems that are increasingly pissing people off about Islam.

Muslims in Surrey and around the world are currently fasting been dawn and sunset as part of Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar which began on June 18.

Ramadan, the Islamic festival that is otherwise known as the festival of skipping lunch and killing people. So far this Ramadan Muslims worldwide have killed 1279 people in various terrorist attacks and we are only about half way through the festival of skipping lunch and killing people.

A similar attack was reported during Ramadan in 2009 when worshippers were pelted with eggs in a racially aggravated attack as they entered the Epsom and Ewell Islamic Society in Hook Road.

So they have to go back six years to find a similar incident to the ones most recently alleged? Six years! Yet the local Muslims feel they have the right to call ‘calamity’ over a couple of eggs? Non-Muslims who live in Muslim dominated areas often have to put up with a whole lot worse than a few eggs being thrown.

Shakir Goonoo, ex-chairman of the Epsom and Ewell Islamic Society, said: “It’s happened before especially during the month of Ramadan.

“This increases when there are things happening in other places. What is happening elsewhere, we condemn all those things. We are a peaceful community here.”

Do you smell bullshit? I know I do. It’s the usual guff. ‘We’re peaceful’ (yeah as if) along with a sense of incomprehension that Muslims murdering people in the most horrible ways across the world would not give people in the UK cause to dislike the religion of rape and murder.

Shiraz Mirza, the Surrey police and crime commissioner’s advisor on diversity and equality, said it was “terrible” to hear that Muslims had been attacked in Stoneleigh and he has raised it with the commissioner and chief constable.

Now there’s a person who definitely needs to lose their job. Do we really need ‘diversity and equality advisors’ in our police forces? Do they contribute anything positive to policing and how angry are you that we are paying for this worthless tax eater? When I see the likes of Mr Mirza I think: ‘Austerity, what bloody austerity?’

Mr Mirza said: “What is going on in the world at the moment is going to have some reaction.

Now there’s an understatement.

“But people need to understand that people here are very law abiding so no-one should take the law into their hands.”

When the police pander like mad to Muslims and treat them with kid gloves and in some cases cover up and ignore their crimes, isn’t it any wonder that some non-Muslims feel that they have been abandoned by the police, and therefore take the law into their own hands?

Councillor Mike Teasdale, who represents Stoneleigh on Epsom Council, said: “It’s something one would not wish to see in a community as together as Stoneleigh.”

Would this Residents Association councillor be talking up what is really a very very minor incident like this if the alleged victims were not Muslim? Most normal people would probably shrug some egg throwing off, have a little moan about it and then get on with their lives, unfortunately Islam doesn’t produce ‘normal’ people, it produces arrogant knobs who are convinced that a) the world owes them a living and b) their ideology is nothing to do with the 25k+ terrorist attacks motivated by Islam that have occurred since September 11th 2001.

In response to the egg attack, Surrey’s police and crime commissioner Kevin Hurley said it was unfortunate that some people in society act in a “bigoted and racist” manner.

Mr Hurley said: “If we are to have a successful future for all of us, this is exactly the kind of stuff we must put a stop to.”

He stressed the importance of people working together and making sure they do not “overreact” to terrorist attacks abroad even though Britons were sadly killed in Tunisia.

He said: “The British people are far too sensible to lose their cool, particularly those of us in Surrey. Let’s not get carried away here, it was a tragedy in Tunisia.”

Mr Hurley has nailed his colours really firmly to the Islamic mast here. He has called those who dislike Islam ‘bigoted and racist’ (just what ‘race’ is Islam Mr Hurley) and referred to being angry about Britons being killed by Islamic savages as an ‘overreaction’. Somehow I don’t think I would feel at all safe with an Islamopanderer like Mr Hurley in control of a police force.

This blog has run into and commented on Mr Hurley before. He seems to spend an awful lot of time engaged in various types of diversity guff. Also, he has threatened arrest to those on social media he disagrees with. He’s typical of the type of police and crime commissioner who gives the post a bad name. About the only thing positive I can say about Mr Hurley is at least he hasn’t turned a blind eye to thousands of rapes, unlike say, the former PCC of South Yorkshire Shaun Wright.

This case is yet another of those where Muslims whine about how hard done by the are and egg-aggerate expressions of dislike for their foul and murderous ideology. It’s another egg-ample of how Islam scrambles the brains of its adherents and leads them to think that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’ even though anybody with an average IQ can see that Islam is not peaceful, whether Islam is here here or overseas. If these Muslims really want to see dislike for their ideology go down then they must engage in positive reform of their beliefs, something I don’t see happening in my lifetime.

I don’t know what most disgusts me about this story ,whether it’s the Muslims themselves making a mountain out of a mole hill, the police rushing to engage in sucking up to Muslims or the local newspaper treating a story that really only deserves a paragraph as a major attack.

These Muslims should, bearing in mind the growing anger at the activities of Muslims and the content of Islam, count themselves lucky that they are only facing eggs and not an angry mob armed with pitchforks and burning torches.


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