Like watching a slow motion and nationwide ‘Jonestown’.

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A few years back I read a fascinating and informative book by Deborah Layton on the subject of the Jonestown Massacre in Guyana in 1978. In that massacre 918 people, followers of the Reverend Jim Jones, were conviced to commit suicide by Jones and his followers. Ms Layton’s book, Seductive Poison’, detailed the religious and political paths that ended up with nearly a thousand people dying because they became brainwashed by Jones, and because they put their faith and indeed their whole lives into the hands of a madman and his ideas.

I find myself wondering whether I’m witnessing a sort of slow motion ‘National Jonestown’ when I look at what is happening in our cities and towns. Place after place, council after council and otherwise sane individual after sane individual seems to have drunk the poisoned Kool-Aid of multiculturalism or submission to Islam. Mosques seem to be able to offer bribes to local authorities and the law does not challenge this. Mass rapes of a number that we’ve probably not seen for centuries and still we say ‘nothing to do with Islam’. The dots are not joined in patterns of Islamic crime and government worries overmuch about whether Muslims will be offended if it is pointed out that their faith is violent.

Despite the hurts, oppression and attacks on rights that have been the lot of non-Muslim Britons since the arrival of Islam, still too any people believe lies such as ‘it’s only a tiny minority of extremists’ or that the phenomena of Islamic Rape Gangs can be explained away as a racist fantasy cooked up by the neo-Nazi far right. It’s like watching a slowed down form of national and cultural suicide where people are willingly ignoring what is going on because it feels ‘uncomfortable’ for them to challenge the accepted narratives.

Have we as a nation collectively put our very lives into the hands of a group of madmen? It would seem so from my observations. Our very sense of fairness has even been corrupted, so that too many Britons ,who encounter good people who happen to be Muslim, extrapolate the idea of the good individual Muslim, into a judgement of the ideology of Islam at a whole. They think because Mrs Khan helps out at the school or assists non-Muslim neighbours who are in trouble then the whole of Islam must be like that. I’ve often said that good people who are Muslim are good in spite of Islam and not because of it.

It is a false narrative to assume that just because one or two individuals of Muslim background are good and loyal and kind, that the ideology that they grew up with is the same. To fail to make the distinction between the Muslim individual and Islam as a whole is a suicidal path. Unless we learn to despise Islam even more than we do already, and press those decent Muslims to join us in a crackdown on Islamic views and practices that are unacceptable in a free society, then we will be colluding in our own destruction.

If we don’t wise up to the true nature of Islam and deal with those whose attitude to it can really only be described as ‘Quisling-like’ then, unlike in Jonestown, there will be no need for armed guards to press reluctant cultists to drink the poisoned Kool-Aid, we will be voluntarily skipping smiling to our deaths. If any free generations arise after the new Dark Age of Islam comes, then these future historians may ask themselves, why didn’t these people of the past speak up, why didn’t they do anything? How could a whole nation allow themselves to be brainwashed into accepting that which should never ever have been accepted?

Do we really want to die just because thinking uncomfortable thoughts is difficult, I for one know that I do not.

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  1. English...not many of us left. | July 12, 2015 at 3:44 pm |

    Having difficulty in keeping up with this muslim beheading,
    suicide, raping, kidnapping, paedophile, homophobic, murdering,
    misogynistic, warmongering non- integrating religion of peace…
    and THEY get “outraged”!

    • Fahrenheit211 | July 12, 2015 at 4:28 pm |

      Same here. Good job it’s a ‘religion of peace’ innit? Yep they can get outraged over a cartoon, or having to handle bacon or someone querying their outrageous demands, but they are all too often silent when Muslims rape, murder and oppress.

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