From Elsewhere: It’s time to take a stand against Shariah, says Ann-Marie Waters

The writer and anti-Shariah law campaigner Ann-Marie Waters has written an excellent article that completely explodes the myth that Muslim terrorists attack everyone else because of ‘provocations’.

She also attacks the pointless ‘tut-tutt’ing that goes on whenever there is an Islamic atrocity.

In a piece written for the Gates of Vienna website, after commenting on the craven and hand-wringing attitudes taken by non-Muslims after the Charlie Hebdo, Jewish supermarket and the Copenhagen attacks, Ms Waters said:

More recently, Pamela Geller – leader of the American Freedom Defense Imitative – held a cartoon contest in the land of the free.  Her event came under attack by Muslims with guns.  What happened?  The world tut-tutted about how inconsiderate we are of Muslim sensitivities.  No Jews were murdered on this occasion, however an attempt to murder Ms Geller soon followed. 

And the world tut-tutted about how inconsiderate we are.  

Some people are getting really tired of this, and I am one of them.  We have a media elite, and governance, all over the Western world which doesn’t give a damn about us or our freedom.  Journalists have no clue at all of the value of free expression, because they’ve been churned out by left-wing universities which despise the West and consider every culture to be better than ours.  They actively seek the destruction of Western society, and have found partner in jihad. 

The looney-left “feelings” brigade have left us at the mercy of murderers – who are more important than us, and who we, for some reason, are supposed to respect.  This is the state of our world in 2015.  Islamic terrorists, oppressors, and killers are swarming our planet and our leaders are troubled about whether or not we offend them. 

British born Muslims are heading off to join a group of barbarians who actively seek to destroy Britain, and our concern is for their well-being (and for some reason, we seem to want to bring them “home”).  What on earth is happening to us?  We are so terribly weak.  And we are becoming enslaved. 

As Pamela Geller so wonderfully put it, this is a showdown for freedom.  We either stand up now or we will never recover – once our freedom is gone, it is gone.

To that end, I intend to make a stand – however small.  I will organise an exhibition of Mohammed cartoons in Central London this September .  I have a feeling I’ll get no support form our leaders, and our so-called journalists are already calling me “provocative”.  But I am determined.  When people are being butchered over cartoons, there is only one thing for it – more cartoons, and then even more cartoons after that.

If you can help in any way, please get in touch with me at

I’m going to help with the Mohammed exhibition, if I can, because I want to see future generations grow up and live in a free society, but I also believe that such an exhibition should also tour the UK in order to give many more people the chance to see it. The right to speak freely on matters of religion, politics and culture are far too important to allow thuggish Muslims and their police and political Quisling mates to call the shots and take that right away. If we lose such freedoms today, we most likely will not get them back tomorrow. Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding intellects of the United States of America, writing in July 1722 said:

Without Freedom of Thought, there can be no such thing as Wisdom; and no such thing as public Liberty, without Freedom of Speech.

That is very true, and without the freedom to criticise ideas like Islam, that many people consider to be bad, we will end up being ruled over and oppressed by those who profess and adhere to such bad ideas.


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  1. It wasn’t until I heard her speak (and met her) at the New Culture Forum last year that I’d even heard of Ann-Marie, let alone realised what an extraordinary woman she is. I’ve had email contact with her but hadn’t heard about this, which I intend to support.

    She was going to be standing for Ukip in the General Election somewhere in Essex. No idea what happened about that.

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