Sympathy for the Devil – The cognitive dissonance of the Gay and Jewish Left towards Islam.


In Judaism, there is no concept of a ‘Satan’, who is a being that is separate from the Eternal One, or is an angel that has rebelled against the Eternal One. Rather that there are temptations to do evil that are presented to us by the Eternal One and his angels as tests and it’s our job as decent people to say ‘no’ to evil, resist that particular temptation and do good instead. There’s also the idea of the Yetzer HaRa (the inclination to do evil) and the Yetzer HaTov (the inclination to do good). Basically we are all subject to temptations to do bad things, as well as good things and all have within us the capacity to do the right thing or the wrong thing. In other words, we have ‘free will’ to decide whether we will be good or whether we will be bad.

However, when I look at what is going on in the Gay Left and the Jewish Left and how they react and relate to the ideology of Islam, I find that the old Rolling Stones song ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ keeps popping up in my head. It seems that whole tranches of these groups who represent people who are the first victims of Islam, have taken leave of their senses and have decided to follow a sulphurous smelling fellow with a pointy tail or have even decided to take the path of Yetzer HaRa and called it ‘good’.

First the Gay Left. Putting aside for a moment that nations that were or are ruled by Communism comprise places that were or are extremely unfriendly to Gay people; let’s take the Gay Left’s word on trust that they are fighting for ‘equality and justice’. You should ask the Gay Left what possible benefit can gay people get from Islam? As someone who has worked for gay and bisexual organisations in the past, I really can’t see any advantage that gay people, especially those in the UK, can gain by backing or promoting Islam, or joining in with the false victimhood game that Muslims all too often play.

There is no ‘win’ for minority sexualities in backing a religio-political path that doesn’t just have a dislike of the lifestyles followed by Gay Lesbian and Bisexual people, but believes those people should be exterminated. Islam is the absolute antithesis of everything for which the Gay Left exclaims that they are fighting. For Gay people and their allies to march round the streets bearing banners saying ‘No Islamophobia’ or ‘Gays and Muslims Unite and Fight’ is an act of supreme stupidity and endangers the very lives of other Gay people. If such people really cared about the rights of Gay people to survive and thrive, they would be just as hostile to Islam as anybody else who understands the true nature of Islam, or who has observed how Gay people are treated in Islamic countries and in Islamic cultures. Do the Gay Left not understand or are they unaware that the death penalty is still imposed on Gay people in Islamic lands, or that life for those Gay people who avoid the noose or the sword or the gun, is a life of misery? If they do not know what life is like for Gays in Muslim cultures, then the Gay Left are stupid; if they know what is going on but still choose to march for Islam, then they are objectively evil. I can’t think of any other way to describe those individuals who know that life for Gay people under Islam is a horror, but still promote or protect it.

The Gay Left and especially for Gay Far Left has become a ‘pied piper’ for Islam, leading people into supporting an ideology that not only says it wants Gay people dead but actively murders Gay people merely for being Gay. Life for Gay people in Islamic worlds is so bad, it makes the life for Gays in the UK prior to the 1967 Sexual Offences Act that legalised Gay sex, look like a rainbow picnic. I look on with disgust at what the Gay Left has become, a political current that I once had a little bit of sympathy for, when they were fighting real injustice or real employment discrimination. To see Gay Lefties, who in previous times marched against Gay-bashing, marching instead for an ideology that is synonymous with violence against Gays, makes me want to vomit. The Gay Left has become an entity whose priorities and sympathies are wrong. Rather than hit out at an ideology that is undoubtedly murderous in intent towards Gays, instead they ignore the clear and present danger that Islam poses to Gay people and they campaign against those who might have a better inkling about what Islam is really like. For example, a while back there were high profile activists from the UK Bisexual community who said and did absolutely sod all to protect minority sexualities from the threat of Islam or warn people about this threat, but put all their efforts into having the UKIP LGBT group excluded from Pride parades. This was a classic example of the Gay Left ignoring a real problem but going after a phantom one instead. I take the view that UKIP’s immigration policies are far less of a threat to Gay people than the spread of Islam, or our government’s ongoing appeasement of that threat.

I have nothing but contempt for the Gay Left now, partially because I’ve moved on in my personal political views, but also because they’ve let Gay people down. They’ve promoted Islam under the false guise of ‘tackling racism’, despite Islam’s avowed hatred of Gay people and despite the massive amount of evidence that Islam and Islamic culture is murderously hostile to gay people. It is a mistake for Gay people to think that: ‘if only we were nicer to Muslims then they would not kill us’ or ‘if we supported their causes then maybe we can all live in peace’. It’s not going to happen. Islam will not make any distinction between Gays who go on ‘anti Islamophobia’ marches or Gays who speak up against Islam, all will die. If you are Gay and pro-Islam then you are almost as stupid as someone who waits outside their door with a shovel, hoping for a passing unicorn to deposit a dollop of organic garden fertilizer in the street.

Equally as stupid, or as malevolent as the Gay Left, is the Jewish Left. Although it pains me as a Jew to have to say this, my community (like all communities) has a minority of very loud ‘meshuganim’, which is a Yiddish word meaning ‘crazy people’. The Jewish Left seem to have this naïve view that by building bridges between the Jewish and Muslim communities, then we can all live in peace and by living in peace, it will bring about the age of the Moshiach or Messiah. Unfortunately although that view may be like a comfort blanket for some, it’s not reality. Islam, like it or not, is without doubt anti-Semitic and the history of Jews under Islam proves it. Jews under Islamic rule were subject to frequent pogroms throughout history and although pogroms are not a purely Islamic phenomenon, we should never fail to comprehend that life for Jews under Islam was often difficult, dangerous and insecure. Going right back to the days of the Islamic ‘prophet’ Mohmamed, Jews have been victims of Islamic aggression and Jews were and are held in contempt by Muslims in Muslim lands. For example the ‘Yellow Star’, that Jews were forced to wear is a visual shorthand for the horrors of Nazism, but it originated not because of an edict by Adolf Hitler but from the order of an Islamic Caliph who ruled many centuries before Nazism, or even Germany itself, even existed. Ritual humiliations of Jews, such as wearing the Yellow Star or having to walk barefoot, were commonplace in Muslim lands and Jews, even in Muslim lands where there was relative peace between Muslim and Jew, had to live with the fear that at any time Muslim hatred of Jews could swiftly turn into mass murder. Those Jews who push the myth of a ‘Golden Age’, in places like medieval Spain where the Sons of Isaac and the Sons of Ishmael watered their sheep together in peace, are doing just that, pushing a myth.

When you pick up the heavy yoke of history and feel its weight, you begin to understand the utter foolishness of the Jewish Left and why they are so dangerous, especially for other Jews. The Jewish left promotes a fantasy world, a world where we are all human and are all able to live in peace together. It’s a nice fantasy I must admit, it appeals to the emotions and it appeals to the almost universal desire for peace, but it is still a fantasy.

I look on the actions and words of senior Rabbonim, especially Rabbonim from the non-Orthodox movements and I don’t feel uplifted or enlightened, instead I feel despair. I feel despair when I see those like Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner of Reform Tweeting out how wonderful multiculturalism is or getting involved with a Muslim led, 10th anniversary of 7/7 event that seems primarily focussed on whitewashing Islam. I feel despair when see the Liberal Judaism organisation aligning itself with a group like Citizens UK. This Citizens UK group is an entity which has been exposed not only running political cover for extremist mosques, but has also blatantly lied to the public about the nature of the potentially dangerous Muslim migrants, who are being brought into the UK under the false description of ‘children’. I feel despair and anger every time I see a Rabbi say that ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ or that ‘their immigration experience is similar to that of Jews’. These statements are so untrue and so palpably untrue, that to utter them is almost akin to following the path of Yetzer HaRa, because they have made a public statement that they know or should know to be untrue. These Rabbonim who are acting in this manner are leading us to destruction, either at the hands of Islamic savagery itself or at the hands of people who make the mistake of thinking that all Jews are pro-Islam, something that is most definitely not the case. There are many of us, including myself, who have ‘taken the Red Pill’ when it comes to Islam and see it not as a Abrahamic brother faith, but as something different from the normal run of Abrahamic religions and as great a threat to the Jewish people as the tyrants that have come and gone before. Although it’s right and proper not to adversely discriminate against an individual just because they hail from a Muslim background, that doesn’t mean that Islam per se should be treated with anything other than extreme suspicion.

I’ve had to come to the opinion that to give Islam an even break, or to make positive statements about Islam, or to facilitate it or promote Islam’s causes, or to shield it from criticism in any way, which some on the Jewish Left unfortunately do, are wrongs bordering on blasphemy. The Biblical prophet Isaiah admonished those who ‘called good evil and evil good’ and I’m afraid that is what is happening. We have Rabbis of the Left who are placing themselves firmly within the ‘refugees welcome’ camp, despite a great deal of evidence that this is a foolish position to take. We are in a time where anybody with a functioning brain can see that those who are arriving in Europe from Muslim lands are not ‘refugees’ but instead are invading thugs who have no intention of integrating and every intention of abusing the hospitality of those nations that have foolishly allowed them entry. We have Rabbonim of the Left who are backing the cause of the ‘Palestinians‘, despite these same ‘Palestinians’ murdering men, women and children in the Land of Israel. In fact, it was seeing the small but loud and obnoxious Jewish Socialist Group promote this cause with a printed magazine graphic showing stone throwing Arabs along with the headline ‘Next Year in Jerusalem’ a phrase taken from the Passover Seder, that finally showed me the moral bankruptcy of the Jewish Left.

It may be an unpalatable fact for the middle class Left of Jewish origin to grasp, but it needs to be grasped that Islam isn’t any friend of Judaism or Jews. Such friendship and peaceful coexistence can only be guaranteed if Islam reformed drastically or the Moshiach arrives, whichever comes first and as many people know, the Moshiach has tarried much but like others I still live in hope of His arrival.

Furthermore, members of the Jewish Left who are from an Eastern European Ashkanazi background, unlike the Sephardim and Mitzrachim of Arab lands , never suffered the literal slings and arrows of life under Islamic rule. These Leftist Jews who originated from Europe speak about Islam, but they know sod all about what life is like living under the crushing terror of Islam. The Ashkanazi Jews suffered different pogroms, Christian ones and different horrors and we should never forget that the vast majority of the victims of the Shoah came from lands such as Poland and the Soviet Union, whose Jewish population was mostly Ashkenazi. This may be partially why some Jews of Eastern European origin are more focused on some threats such as neo-Nazism, than they are about Islam. My view is that is a bad mistake to make and is likely to end in disaster. It’s akin to a General in World War One using battle strategies better suited to previous conflicts, such as the Boer or Napoleonic Wars. We know what the result of that mistake was, it was the carnage of the Somme, where mass infantry charges met with well defended German machine gun posts.

Of course fascism is a threat but it’s not quite as big as or as immediate a threat as Islam poses. Much of what many people would describe as the Jew Hating Far Right can has become merely as a few bedroom dwelling scroates wanking over their pictures of Adolf, they are not the threat that they once were. The world has moved on, and threats have moved on. Of course the jackboot lickers need to be kept an eye on, but it’s not them who are chopping off heads in various parts of today’s world and neither are they the primary threat to people today.

When it comes to the Jewish Left, I’m very much of the same opinion as Ben Shapiro, who when asked ‘Why do Jews vote Leftist?’ said that many of these ‘Jewish leftists’ had very little to do with Judaism or the Mitzvot (commandments) or even belief in the Eternal One. They are, as surveys in the United States disclosed, secular leftists who just happened to be of a Jewish background. Many of them didn’t attend synagogue more than once a year, didn’t observe Shabbat in any meaningful way, didn’t keep Kosher, didn’t do acts of Tzdakah (good works) and didn’t engage with the Jewish community or with Judaism to any measurable extent at all. They are secular Leftists, who by a quirk of familial fate have a Jewish background, which they quite like, as it makes them feel like a member of a minority as not as “white folks”. The Torah, as any intelligent enquirer will see, is not a Leftist document; you do not find in it arguments in favour of things like abortion, gay marriage, internationalism , mass welfare or backing for various open borders obsessives. The Torah is a conservative text.

In the UK we have a Jewish Left which talks big and often talks bollocks as witnessed by their failure to comprehend the true nature of the mostly Muslim migrants who threaten Europe. They take selected passages from the Tanakh and base whole leftist ideologies on them. ‘Do not oppress the stranger because you were once strangers in the land of Egypt’ is often used to justify the Leftist ‘open borders’ policy. There is a wide gulf of difference between not oppressing the stranger and opening the nation’s doors to burglars. Taken in context, the verse in Exodus, which also appears elsewhere in the Tanakh about ‘not oppressing the stranger’ is part of a set of rules about how to administer justice fairly and is preceded by a verse prohibiting the bribing of judges and succeeded by instructions on leaving the land fallow so that the poor can glean the fruits of the land that has been left fallow. ‘Do not oppress the stranger’ is about dealing fairly with people not, as the Jewish Left would have us believe, about refugees or about open borders. This is but one example of how the Jewish Left try to hammer the square peg of Leftism into the round hole of the Torah, and it is an action that bothers and disturbs me greatly.

Both the Gay Left and the Jewish Left have certain things in common, the first is their utter and complete stupidity on this issue. Islam will never, ever, unless something really drastic happens, live in peace with either Jews or Gays. Muslims can’t even live in peace with other Muslims, so what should that tell us about the ideology of Islam? To all practical purposes, peace between Jews and Muslims or Gays and Muslims is not going to happen. Another thing that the Gay Left and the Jewish Left have that unites them, is a large dollop of wishful thinking. They wish that Islam is as they see it, an oppressed minority faith followed by equally oppressed Muslims, who get a terrible deal out of life and have suffered at the hands of the West but wishing something is so doesn’t make it so.

Neither Gays nor Jews, nor anybody else who merely wishes to live in peace and freedom, has anything to gain from or learn from Islam. To compromise with or appease Islam or worse, promote it, is the path of suicide. I have no time for those who wish to ‘build bridges’ with Islam instead of building walls against it, because they are merely building bridges over which a horrendous enemy can cross and destroy the citadels of freedom, equality of opportunity and mutual respect that are our free Western nations, which have taken so much time, effort and blood to build. ‘Building bridges’ is the right thing to do between those who embrace good, but the very last thing we should be doing for those who embrace evil.

Both the Gay Left and the Jewish Left need to put their houses in order and do it somewhat sharpish because their craven and appeasing attitude towards Islam will get Jews killed and Gays killed. These groups also need to abandon the hypocrisy that has characterised them for far too long and there needs to be an end to what the Christians refer to as ‘drawing attention to the speck in another’s eye whilst ignoring the huge great plank in their own’. Enough of the silence about Islamic Jew hatred from our Rabbis and enough of the blind eye turned to Islamic Gay hatred by Britain’s Gay Left.

The Gay Left and the Jewish Left have turned from being political currents that once spurred the consciences of many into making life less stressful for Gays, or working to improve the lot of the desperately poor and the oppressed. Instead they have become something that reminds me of wartime ‘collaborators’, singing the praises of the invader and informing on those who do not do the same. We need to root out these collaborators and expose them and challenge them to justify their actions. Gays who know about Islam and what a threat it poses to them, must challenge the ‘Gays against Islamophobia’ types and challenge the likes of Peter Tatchell who naively believe that gays and Muslims can fight on the same side. It is also up to Britain’s Jews, especially those in the non-Orthodox movements, to ask awkward questions of the Jewish Left, including the question ‘which side are you on?’ because they certainly don’t seem to be on my side or on the side of any other Jew who recognises that Islam is the problem.

I think it’s more than fair to say that when both the Gay Left and the Jewish Left were presented with the option to do the right thing and express disgust at the ideology of Islam and what Islam’s adherents do to the world, they failed to do so. By making this dire choice, they have chosen the Yetzer HaRa rather than the Yetzer HaTov and I fear that things will not end well because of such a choice. As I said at the start of this piece, I don’t believe in an actual devil, but if he did exist, it certainly seems as if some people on the Gay Left and the Jewish Left have a bit of sympathy for him. It’s not too late for either the Gay Left or the Jewish Left to repent of their error and walk the correct path, but time is running out for them to turn around and if they don’t do that soon then the gates to the proper path will be shut


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  1. “Much of what many people would describe as the Jew Hating Far Right can has become merely as a few bedroom dwelling scroates wanking over their pictures of Adolf, they are not the threat that they once were.”

    Agreed, but a side effect of the misuse of words like “fascist” or “Nazi” to describe someone who is merely insufficiently PC or hard Left means that many people – often casually without having given a seconds thought to the matter – lump anyone mildly critical of Islam or doubtful about transgender bathrooms in with the very few but noisy fans of Hitler.
    In this twisted context, and with zero evidence, Trump and Farage are new Hitlers so that gays and Jews are a step away from being herded into concentration camps.
    It makes, insanely, Trump or the likes of UKIP seem more of a threat to gays or Jews than a religion which openly advocates their killing.

    • Fahrenheit211 | November 16, 2016 at 2:40 pm |

      Agree there. The over, and inappropriate use, of terms such as ‘fascist’ or ‘nazi’ etc merely to describe people who disagree with the nostrums of the Left, robs these words of their power and when they really do need to be used with have little or know effect.

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