This nation has a problem that can no longer be ignored.

We should be able to deal with these, that we cannot is down to the politicians, not the people.

‘London, we have a problem’ wasn’t something said by a famous astronaut in a damaged spaceship, but is something that many Britons are starting to say to this country’s distant political masters in London. Everywhere we look we see problems caused by the disastrous open door immigration policies of this and previous governments. We see pressure on services such as health, education, social care as well as the many problems caused by criminal immigrants. But by far the greatest threat we all face comes from Islam and its followers.

Of course some may say that we have other similar problems caused by immigrants from elsewhere, and they have a point, at least when it comes to public services, property crime and antisocial behaviour, but to them I say this: In a few generations those Poles or Lithuanian s or Hungarians who have stayed in Britain and joined the culture will merely be considered by many British people, as just Britons with funny surnames. No more strange sounding than other immigrant derived surnames such as O’Brien or Hassard or Mann seem to be to us. They will become part of the warp and weft of Britain, just as Germans, French, Dutch and others have done in the past. Islam on the other hand will continue to be arrogant, divisive, violent, aggressive and prone to inculcating in its followers a disdain for Britain, its culture, its history and its people.

So far this week I’ve seen a ‘British’ Jihadi killed fighting for a monstrous Islamic thug-group in the Middle East, a woman put on trial for encouraging young men to become jihadis, a man attacked in the centre of our capital by a gang of ‘Asians’ i.e. Muslims and immigration officers attacked. That is on top of the normal ‘background aggro’ that we get from Islam and its followers such as the ongoing scandal of Islamic Rape Gangs, class A drug crime, people trafficking, welfare parasitism, making outrageous demands of our government and people and the violence, I must not forget the violence.

We cannot turn our eyes away from the problem that Islam is causing in British society. It is turning whole areas of towns into no-go areas where it’s dangerous to enter if you are a non-Muslim. Its schools, are encouraging their pupils not just to cleave to ones community, or abhor TV and the internet, which some parts of other faiths also do, but to be actively hostile to the non-Muslims of Britain. There is no respect for the rest of humanity or sense of ‘live and let live’ coming out of British Islam at the moment and this we should be really concerned about.

At some point the number of problems caused by a particular policy or ideology can be ignored or explained away no longer. It seems that we are rapidly approaching this time. Prime Minister David Cameron may have thought he’d got away with it with his speech on extremism but he failed. He failed because he and his government are still treating the issue as if it only concerns a ‘tiny minority of violent extremists’. Unfortunately it’s gone way beyond that now. If gangs of Muslims are confident enough to attack Immigration Service workers in Stepney or continue to carry out with a considerable degree of impunity some of the most base sex attacks ever on our children and young people, then we have a much wider problem than just a ‘tiny minority of extremists’ or the normal levels of criminality that we would see in many other groups. We have had war declared on us all by those Muslims who understand Islam and its violent heart, and for whom Islam is not just a cultural or family thing, and it is about time that our politicians started to mention this war and more importantly, fight it.

The outcome of there not being a concerted action taken by the Government against Islam and the problems it causes will be terrible. The last thing I would wish to see is people ‘tooling up’ because they feel that no department of government or no security agency is on the side of the ordinary non-Muslim Briton, this would be destructive and a sign of deep political and social failure. However, this sort of thing could happen if proper action is not taken against troublesome Muslims and the spread, often by dishonesty and often by stealth, of the violent and destructive ideology of Islam. We need politicians who will stop the appeasement, root out the Islamists and their fellow travellers in local government administration, national government, the civil service and the charity sector. But these politicians only be created by you, the citizen, and they are created by both voting for a new voice in Parliament and local councils when you can, and by giving existing politicians such an ear bashing that they won’t forget it. They, the politicians, must never again be allowed to say ‘I didn’t know’ or ‘nobody told me’ what was happening. If the citizen steps back, becomes disengaged and says: ‘politics, it’s nothing to do with me’ then he or she will find themselves being ruled or represented by an appeaser or worse as has happened most obviously in Rotherham and in the London Boroughs of Newham and Tower Hamlets. We need an effective counter to the ideology of Islam, but where is it? ‘Where is the effective action against Islamic extremism? Where are the internments, the searching monitoring and closing down of troublesome mosques, the stripping of British citizenship, even from those born in the UK, of anybody who leaves to fight for ISIS, where are the punishments for the families of jihadis who so often lie and say ‘I know nothing’? There is plainly not enough being done to counter this obvious threat to us and our ways of life.

London, and more importantly its politicians should pay attention, Britain has an Islam problem, and we need it sorting soon, because the alternative just doesn’t bear thinking about.

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  1. When did the Stepney attack happen? not at all surprised I didn’t hear of it on the MSM

  2. Furor Teutonicus | July 28, 2015 at 10:54 am |

    The German name for the film “Groundhog day,” is “Und täglich grüßt das Murmeltier.” (And the ground hog sais hello daily.) There is also a politician here called ClaudiaRoth, a piece of slimy green shite, and the UGLIEST “Woman” you have EVER even had nightmares about waking up next to after a night on the rum, who always sais of these attacks, crimes, etc “Nur ein bedauerlicher Einzelfall.” (Just a regretable single case.) Strange, because I can use the photo of her with that quote five or six times DAILY!

    Riots at “Asylum homes” in particular. The Police in North Rhein Westfalia have even opened small police stations by these homes, because the amount of calls there justifies it.

  3. premises used without permission, now approved, yet another mosque … more problems, more people moving out.

  4. SandMonkeyDestroyer | July 29, 2015 at 7:15 am |

    This Andy (female Pig) Chowderhead is the Sand Monkey version of the Wahhabis in the UK.

    I am just having a bit of difficulty understanding as to why this female (Andy Chowderhead) pig, wearing the Wahhabi Tampon strings on his face with permanent his permanent monthly illness, collects public assistance from the British Government, and at the same time is protesting against every single social, political, & economic values of British way of life.

    I must apologise if I have offended any pigs above; however, if this clown was here in Alabama, we would extend an invitation to this jack ass & his cronies to a pig roast BBQ and make sure that he not only attends, but eats lots of delicious southern pork BBQ.

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