Video – The Matriot speaks to the Glasov Gang TV show about Islamic Rape Gangs

An excellent video (click above) from The Matriot, aka Toni, from the Glasov Gang show. which is based in the USA, on the subject of the Islamic Rape Gangs that are afflicting British city after British city.

In the video Toni tells the world her own harrowing personal story, about, how many years ago, she first came across the Islamic Rape Gangs and how it influences her to fight today against what Jamie Glasov called the ‘madness and barbarity’ of Muslim sex criminals.

Toni said that Islamic Rape Gangs are an ‘epidemic’ right across the country. Jamie Glasov said that there are an estimated 1 million girls who have been victimised by Muslims in the UK today *. Toni tells the viewers about how Muslim men routinely insult women outside of their community and refer to non-Muslim women as ‘white whores’. She also said that this sort of behaviour is not an ‘Asian’ problem as we don’t have gangs of Sikhs or Hindus or whatever going round indulging in the mass rape of British girls and children. The gang rapes that we are seeing in a growing number of Britain’s urban areas, is as she says, primarily an Islamic problem.

Political correctness, said Toni, was a major factor in why little has been done to sort out the problems of Islamic Rape Gangs. She also said that it’s not a problem confined to Rotherham or an issue that can be called ‘historical’ as it is still going on. She’s right, it is an ongoing problem. Muslims are still gang raping our daughters and sisters, and too many of the offenders are getting away with it through laughably lenient sentences when they come before a court. Many other Islamic rapists and other sex criminals are just as likely never apprehended because I believe they are being protected by police forces eager to appease Muslims for PC reasons, or they are shielded by the wider Muslim community. Either way we should admit that both the police and the Muslim community have failed to honestly and effectively deal with the problem of Islamic Rape Gangs.

The police have failed to put aside political correctness when dealing with these offenders, probably for ‘career progression reasons’. The Muslim community has failed as well because they are not even taking the relatively minor step of properly denouncing these rapists verbally or in print, let alone take any practical action to stop them. We are left with the sneaking suspicion that the Muslim community not only contains a lot of rapists, but that worryingly large number of Muslims may also approve of treating non-Muslims as ‘white whores’ or as sex slaves.

It’s well worth taking the ten minutes or so to watch Toni’s interview with Jamie Glasov, she outlines exactly what sort of enemy we in the civilised world are faced with and most importantly why we should deal with it.


Original video of Toni from the Glasov Gang

Gavin Boby of the Law and Freedom Foundation piece about mosque impositions and the Islamic Rape Gang problems on the Glasov Gang show

* Other figures I have seen put the total number of girls and women who have been raped, enslaved or otherwise been sexually victimised by Muslims run from 60,000 to 250,000. The ‘1 million’ figure is the higher estimate. However, even the lowest figure of 60k represents an appalling number of women sexually attacked or exploited by Muslims. We don’t see this sort of figure from any other confessional or religious group only Muslims.

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