‘Keep calm over terror plots’ say the Metropolitan Police, why on earth should we remain calm when we are being attacked.

Sometimes when something bad happens it’s a good idea to keep calm and evaluate the situation before deciding what to do. Sometimes it’s sensible to take a second or so to think ‘where did that ‘bang’ come from’ or ‘why are those people screaming over there’? Taking evaluation time in an emergency is a good way of assessing what might have happened and how to get away from it.

There are other ways to use the ‘keep calm’ message such as is its use by those in authority in order to bury serious problems that should not be ignored.

The Metropolitan Police in London has called on members of the public not to panic and to keep calm other media reports that Islamic terrorists are planning to attack large public events in London and even to attack the Monarch.

The questions I and probably others would like to ask the Metropolitan Police is why should we all keep calm in the face of such threats of violence from followers of an ideology that has declared war on all non-Muslims? Surely, such threats need a response? How can we ‘keep calm’ when Britain’s Muslim communities are producing hundreds of active real and potential terrorists and thousands upon thousands of supporters of such terrorists?

Does the Met really think we should just shut up and wait for the sword to fall upon all our necks because the Met doesn’t want to alienate the Muslim community? If that is the case then Britain’s capital city is policed by those who are seemingly more bothered about actions or potential anti Islam actions coming from the normally peaceably majority population, than the terror coming from the normally violent aggressive minority population of Islam. The Met’s statement on this Islamic terror plot stinks of Islamopandering and of an attitude by the police that the Muslims must be protected, even though when it comes to terror, Muslims are the problem. Who are the Met primarily protecting here with this sort of statement, the Muslims or the rest of us?

Here’s what the Daily Express said about this plot in an article of 10th August 2015

Jihadis are said to be planning a spectacular at events in London attended by thousands next Saturday to mark VJ Day.

Among the VIPs attending are the Queen and Second World War veteran Prince Philip, Prince Charles and David Cameron.

The plot is allegedly being orchestrated by Islamic State terrorists in Syria.

More than 700 Britons are known to have flocked to Syria and Iraq to become jihadis with about half of them already back.

Some are thought to be ready to wage war on British soil while IS is using the Internet to encourage British fanatics to take action.

One report yesterday claimed that a specific threat was made against the Queen, triggering a review of security arrangements.

The Queen has refused to bow to the terrorists and is said to be determined to attend Britain’s war dead and veterans.

But the Metropolitan Police urged the public to carry on as normal.

Can anybody think of a good reason to carry on as normal whilst Muslims plot against us and our country, or has appeasement become the ‘new normal’? This extraordinary threat to us all from Islam and its followers requires an abnormal response. We should, at the very least, be seeing the police kicking in the doors of the very many mosques in the UK who either directly promote Jihad or are quietly supportive of it. There should be some sensible public pronouncement from the police and the government about threats like these, but they shouldn’t take the form of such a cringing statement that amounts to little more than telling the population ‘keep calm and ignore the head-chopping and bombing savages’. Where is the action that we should be seeing that would keep us all safe, such as special punitive laws aimed primarily at Muslims and Islam or removal of citizenship from Muslim Britons who choose the Ummah over the UK? Why are terror supporting mosques still open and also why is Saudi money being allowed to disfigure British towns and cities with inappropriate mosque developments?

We the people of the United Kingdom no matter what our skin colour or religion, deserve much better from those who are tasked with protecting us, than what has been said here by the Metropolitan Police.

This is not a time or a situation where calmness is an asset or ignorance is bliss. The threats that we face from Islam and its followers mean that this is no time for being calm, this is a time for getting righteously angry and calling on our police and politicians to protect us all much better than they are at present.


Daily Express story of Muslim plot to bomb VJ Day celebrations in London


Sky News with more detail on the VJ Day story.


The Sky story contains their journalists research into IS activity in the UK and has more detail than the Express story.

3 Comments on "‘Keep calm over terror plots’ say the Metropolitan Police, why on earth should we remain calm when we are being attacked."

  1. English, still here... just. | August 16, 2015 at 4:44 pm |

    It’s the Met, 211… they do bullshit and inertia, for plebian consumption.

    • Fahrenheit211 | August 17, 2015 at 9:19 am |

      Correct. The disconnect between the Met’s public statements and their actions on the ground is interesting to say the least. They are playing down the threat of terror plots, when they should be more proactive in dealing with both the plots, and the community from which these seditious plotters come from. Another example of Met bullshit was with regards to Tower Hamlets. The Met could have done much, much more to root out the electoral and other corruption that goes on in that benighted ‘Islamic republic’. The police in TH must have seen and known about and even had hard evidence of voter intimidation, the use of ‘hellfire’ as a threat against voters, religious preferrment in the run up to the mayoral elections and the Islamist ‘spotters’ who ‘guided’ women and the uneducated in the ‘correct’ way to vote. The Met failed in Tower Hamlets and they are failing in the face of the terror threat.

  2. Vincent Bate | August 19, 2015 at 8:27 am |

    The Police are not the guardians of peace, nor the protectors of the general public. The modern Police are nothing more than the paramilitary arm of the politically correct Establishment and will implement any anti-British, particularly anti-English program they are instructed to without thought or questions. They are not on our side and the sooner we all understand that the better.

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