September 2015 British Neville Chamberlain Award – The appeasers in academe.

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To paraphrase what the writer George Orwell once said that there were some ideas so stupid and which run counter to what many would call ‘common sense’, that only an academic could believe they would work. Many of the ordinary uneducated citizens of the UK (myself included) seem to have a much better handle on what Islam is and why it is a threat. This common sense approach to recognising what ideologies are and are not a threat to us seems to be missing from too many members of both the academic staff and students of British universities. In far too many of our seats of higher learning, appeasement of Islam, whether out of fear of Muslim thugs in the college’s ISOC’s or out of a misplaced desire to promote ‘diversity’, is the order of the day. Organisations, political groups and individuals can find themselves excluded or no-platformed purely in order to not offend or provoke the Islamic groups on campus. British universities are now places where it appears that there is little in the way of freedom of speech, especially when the speech involves criticising the Religion of Rape and Murder or promoting ex Muslim secular causes.

This is an unusual ‘Neville’ award, as although we too often see universities caving in to Islamic thugs or playing the ‘do not offend’ card, in this case there was a slightly happier ending than many similar stories

The University of Warwick has a Secular Society, which wanted to bring in an external speaker. Mariam Namaize who is a well known secularist political activist. The main Student Union at Warwick, which I assume like all too many SU’s is dominated by the far-Left, kicked off big time and banned the Secular Soceity from inviting Ms Namaize. There then followed an almighty shit-storm on social media and in the press about how the Student Union was suppressing freedom of speech. Eventually, the Student Union and the University authorities realised that they were on a sticky wicket with their decision and caved in to public pressure and allowed Ms Namaizie to speak.

Getting the Student Union to cave in was a victory for free speech and common sense, but it is a fight that should not have had to be fought. The Student Union should not have been allowed to pander to the Muslims of Warwick University in this way and hide behind the union’s ‘diversity policy’. Disagreeing with a religion or an ideology or engaging in criticism of the same is not ‘inciting hatred’. It’s called ‘having an opinion’, and what we see here is the SU attempting to stop certain opinions on the grounds that they may offend Muslims or more likely provoke them into violence (as weall know too well it doesn’t take much to provoke Islam and its followers to violence).

Although this is a battle that has been won that doesn’t mean that the war is over and universities are again bastions of free speech. The Lefties and Islam appeasers are still there and will probably try another way next time to exclude critics of Islam from putting their point of view over. Therefore, because they would appease again if they got a chance, I’ve decided to award this month’s British Neville Chamberlain award to the Warwick University Students Union. This is being given for their blatant attempt to pander to Muslims and Islam by trying to stop Mariam Namazie from speaking. It is also being given to Warwick Students Union for sucking up to members of the very ideology, Islam, that would, should they be given a chance, not think twice about oppressing women, LGBT people, Jews and lets be frank about this, Socialists as well.

Warwick University Students Union have a lot to be ashamed of over this act of petty censorship they really should. They are yet another disgusting example of the Islamic appeasers in academe.


An excellent appraisal and clear timeline of the Warwick attempted appeasement episode from the blogger Archbishop Cranmer.

Here’s the Warwick Students Union very own Neville Certificate. A copy has been sent to them.

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If you would like to write a polite missive, or send them a copy of this month’s ‘Neville Certificate’, to Warwick Student Union to tell them what you think of their attempts to censor speech that they do not like or which might offend the religion of rape and murder then here is their mailing address.

Warwick University Student Union

Gibbet Hill Road,



United Kingdom

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  1. A worthy recipient of this shameful award.
    Anyone photographed holding a “refugees welcome” placard should of just edged it in my opinion.

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