From elsewere: The ‘great and good’ of the establishment, fawning over an Islamic charity


The ‘great and the good’ of Britain’s leftist establishment at the Islamic Relief shindig.

The Commentator blog has a picture of members of the Leftist establishment and the former Archbishop of Canterbury attending an Islamic Relief charity meal.  Turning out for a free lunch  no matter how distasteful the company.  This fawning is pure dhimmitude.  It especially demeans people like the former Archbishop of Canterbury to attend such an event, whilst his co-religionists are daily being slaughtered by Muslims worldwide.  The leftist scum well you expect them to have no morals and to turn up to an event like this, but the AoC really should know better.

Source The Commentator

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  1. Maurice Dancer | July 6, 2013 at 5:34 am |

    ‘Salmonella just never turns up when you want it to’ – one of the comments accompanying the Commentator article. Plenty of poisoned minds in evidence at this, no doubt, halal jolly-up, though. There appears to be a suitably red mist hanging over this choice collection of Allah’s deluded’ little helpers’. Yep, there’s the former Archbishop of Fantasia, no doubt bigging-up sharia law for us infidels. But where’s Prince Charles? Never one to knowingly miss out on a show of Mecca-crawling. And there’s Ed Miliband, fresh from a re-fit in a hangar at Roswell airbase, saying to the bloke behind him, ‘The muslim world is going to be just fine; when it gets to the Middle Ages – trust me.’ And back in the real world…next week it’s Lee Rigby’s funeral.

  2. They are bringing people closer together in one sense – the serving/cooking people who spit in the soup or coffee could equally be muslim or non-muslim.

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