I told you this would happen (Netherlands edition)


I’ve never been a fan of mob violence, even if that violence is in a good cause. I saw enough ‘public order situations’ when I worked as a photographer to teach me that a mob is a blunt instrument. It’s a hammer for which every problem, every obstacle and ever person not part of the mob, is a nail. Mobs, it should be remembered roll over the innocent as well as the guilty. It’s been my view for a long while that the conditions that cause mobs should be avoided, and one way they can be avoided is for politicians to have a peaceful fear of what could happen at the ballot box, or receiving social opprobrium, should they offend or upset the bulk of the citizens that they are supposed to represent.

I could see quite a while ago that members of those who make up the majority of citizens of nominally free countries, would snap, and also how such ‘snapping’ by the populace would be evidence that the political classes had failed badly. Mobs and vigilantes are signs that the political and legal systems are suffering from a serious sickness. .

We have started to see more and more ordinary citizens who are frustrated by their politicians thralldom to the groupthink of obviously flawed ideology of multiculturalism. We are also seeing citizens prevented from voicing their opinion on quite important matters such as their nations culture and society, without fear of retribution. Our politicians hide behind such patently obvious lies such as ‘Islam is a religion of peace’, with such monotonous regularity, that they are rightly held in contempt. People who are unable to have their opinions heard, governed by politicians who utter monstrous lies and downplay threats and without having any meaningful choices at the ballot box, are much more likely to join mobs than those whose politicians are honest, where the people can voice opinions and also have real choices about government. Arrogant, out of touch political classes such as exist in various EU nations, are cooking up a perfect storm, but tragically it is a storm that could have been avoided had they merely taken note of people’s concerns about the importation of those culturally unsuited to living in Western societies.

From reading around I get the distinct impression that The Netherlands is suffering greatly from the importation and imposition of Islam. Dutch contacts speak disparagingly about ‘the Moroccans’ and the crime and disorder they cause. The ordinary people of the Netherlands, as elsewhere in Europe, have not fared well by their politicians throwing caution to the wind and importing massive numbers of Muslims into these countries. Now it seems that some Dutch are demonstrating to the world that their political system has failed and that valid objections to the imposition of Islam have been ignored, by rioting at a meeting of a local council in Geldermalsen , a town situated between Rotterdam and Nijmegen, that was threatening to open a ‘refugee’ centre in the area.

This video of the beginnings of the riot are very instructive. Even though I don’t speak Dutch (whenever I’ve visited the Netherlands and tried to speak Dutch I’ve been answered in impeccable English), I could pick out a ‘Ceausescu moment’ quite clearly. From what I could gather from the first video I found, it looked as if the Establishment politicians and their supporters were carrying on as normal. However as time goes on then you start to the looks on the faces of some of those politicians and civil servants etc attending and the growing realisation that tonight, the people were going to gatecrash their Establishment party.

Here’s the first video, you can start to see the worried looks on the faces of those attending this meeting, sitting behind the hijab’d female speaker, at approximately 1 minute in.

The look on these people’s faces reminded me so much of the change in expression on the face of the Romanian dictator Nicholae when he realised that the crowd wasn’t just, not with him, but viscerally hated him and his regime. The worried expressions on the face of those in this meeting and the sight of the Establishment councillors and others getting up an running from the citizens they have played a part in so royally shafting by importing unwanted Muslims (at 2 mins 20 onwards), combine to create this video’s ‘Ceausescu Moment’.

c on balcony

If you have never seen the film of Ceausescu last speech then watch it HERE

The second video that I’m featuring comes via Live Leak and shows that the angry citizens have not been content with invading the Establishment council chamber to express their view, but have rioted. Security fences have been ripped down and the vertical barrier supports have been hurled like spears at police who are doing all they can to protect the Establishment politicians from the angry citizens outside. A very telling part of this video ( from 1minue 20 seconds)is apparently shot from inside the by now besieged building and shows a sullen angry group of Dutch citizens outside.

If ever there could be a visual metaphor for how many people in Europe, not just in the Netherlands but in the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark and elsewhere feel about these dangerous mostly Muslim migrants being dumped on them by out of touch politicians, then the angry faces looking up at the building must surely be one of them.

Riots like this are what happens when politicians and those who have a vested interest in the status quo, such as ‘diversity officers’, administrative staff and the police, completely disregard people’s genuine concerns and well founded fears. They are also as I’ve said, a sign that the politicians have failed and that no more can they shut their ears and say ‘ la la can’t hear you, you racist islamophobe’, to those who object to their towns and cities being trashed by Islam and its followers.

The riot at Geldermalsen, is not a surprise, bearing in mind that a growing number of European citizens are boiling with anger at seeing town after town in Europe becoming more and more Islamised, often with the encouragement and connivance of the same Leftist politicians, such as those in Britain’s Labour Party, that tell their citizens that ‘they are the party of the working person’. If there is anything that surprises me about this riot it’s that I’m surprised that it has not happened much earlier. It’s obvious that the drugs of multiculturalism and suppression of Islamocritcal views are not working anymore and this riot is just one result of people no longer willing to tolerate the intolerable even when they are ordered to do so by politicians.

I fear that this riot will be merely the first of many, and the fault for any disturbances lie purely with those who have created a climate where peaceful objections to the violent ideology of Islam were ignored. I told you what would happen should ordinary people be denied an effective way to speak against and object to that most objectionable of ideologies, Islam.


Mainstream media is picking up on this story. Here is the UK’s Daily Express on the subject of the Netherlands riot.