The filthy ‘Palestinian’ savages commit wanton murder again.

Dafna Meir the mother of six murdered by a Muslim savage. May her memory be for a blessing.

Tonight six children, aged between 6 and 17 are without their mother because she was murdered by filthy ‘Palestinian’ savages. According to the Jerusalem Post, Dafna Meir aged 39 was stabbed to death at her home in the settlement of Otneil in the Judea region of Israel, near the town of Hevron.

The Jerusalem Post said:

Dafna Meir, a 39-year-old mother of six who worked as a nurse at the Soroka University Medical Center in Beersheba, was murdered in her home on Sunday evening in the West Bank settlement of Otniel with her children in the house, according to reports by the family’s neighbors and friends.

The Meir children range from 17 to six years of age.

According to an initial security assessment, the terrorist entered Otniel, snuck into Meir’s house, and stabbed her to death before fleeing the scene.

“In the name of all Israelis, I want to give strength to all the children of the family,” said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a statement. “All of us are hurting and share in the painful grief. We will find the terrorist, and he will pay the full price for this heinous murder,” he added. “

A mother, a nurse who helped to save lives at a hospital in Beersheva, was taken from her family, her community and her nation by filthy Muslim Arab savages who worship death with the same enthusiasm as civilised people appreciate life. Here was a woman who was at home with her family, with her children in the same house, when that home was invaded by this murdering scum, who is still, at the time of writing, on the loose.

This murder, like all the rest of the murders of Israelis by Muslim Arab savages, is not just a tragedy, but is a lesson to the world. That lesson is that Muslims kill and kill again wherever they are in the world. Today it was a murder of a Jewish woman in Israel but tomorrow these Islamic savages could be committing murder in your country, in your town, on your street and maybe in your home. How could or should Israelis be expected to put up with murdering savages taking lives and ruining lives on an almost daily basis? I used to hope and pray that one day the Sons of Isaac and the Sons of Ishmael would eventually live in peace and water their sheep together, but now, after so many deaths, and so much hatred coming from the so called ‘Palestinians’ I know that this prayer, and this hope was utter vanity. Civilised people cannot live with those who want them dead or enslaved and the growing number of murders by these ‘Palestinian’ Muslim savages proves that.

It only remains for me to say Baruch atah Adonai, Eloheinu melech ha Olam dayan ha Emet. (Blessed are You, L rd our G d, King of the universe, the True Judge. ). I’d like to add that I pray that the Islamic savage who committed this heinous murder gets the justice that he truly deserves, either directly from G-d or from the Israeli Defence Forces.


Jerusalem Post story about the latest Muslim murder in Israel

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  1. Nigel Blumenthal | January 17, 2016 at 10:45 pm |

    Amen v’amen.

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