From Elsewhere: Some excellent words from the Jewish Defence League.


The Jewish Defence League is regarded by many in Britain’s Jewish community, Orthodox and non-Orthodox Jews alike, as beyond the pale politically. If you wanted to create a group that really would frighten the horses of the Jewish communal establishment then the JDL is what you would fashion. This view of the JDL being persona non grata is not one that I wholly subscribe to, as sometimes they are bang on with what they say. I think it’s right to say when they are correct and not just jerk the knees and dismiss them and their views merely because of their political stance. Yes, they are unashamably on the ‘right’ when it comes to the current conflict between Islam and the civilised world, but that doesn’t mean that they are wrong on this matter. Although theologically I disagree with some of what the JDL’s founder Rabbi Meir Kahane ZT”L said, especially about non-Orthodox Judaism, that doesn’t mean that I can ignore those occasions when the Jewish Defence League are correct, as they are in this particular instance.

In an article, a very entertaining and informative one, published on the Jewish Defence League website on the 14th January 2016, the organisation sets out exactly why all people, and especially Jews, should oppose Islamisation and the influx of ‘Rapeugees’. In this article the JDL takes aim at the multiculturalists, the Left and the appeasing police and politicians.

The Jewish Defence League said:

Countless times we have warned people that our countries are on the path of being Islamized, hundreds of books, articles, posts and blogs have been written about this, but all we see is this spineless politics of appeasement and encouragement for “multiculturalism”, sprouting from our own governments. Our countries have offered Muslims a safe heaven, a refuge from their war torn countries but this is not how they see us. They see us as the kuffar country that needs to be conquered by Islam. They are not grateful because they see this as their right.

Our politics of appeasement only helps them think and believe this way. Our governments have invited the beast into our lands, and now that the beast has been unleashed, its ugliness is showing and chaos is following. 

The huge majority of these Muslims, who came under the guise of “refugees”, have come to conquer our lands, and as with all conquests befitting to Islam throughout History, rape, slavery and murder always follows. They are not refugees, so why should they be “grateful” for our welcome or our help?

The JDL are correct to emphasise that the danger is coming from these recent ‘refugees’ and it is also right to remember that there were many other people of Muslim background who came to the UK in the 60’s/70’s who came to the UK for freedom, to escape from Islam and not for conquest. I don’t think that any sensible person could look at the growing criminality and sedition coming from our more recent Islamic arrivals and not think that this is an example of conquest. Any of us who have had contact with those who came to the UK as genuine refugees know that they expressed heart-felt gratitude to the UK for the fact that here they could live. I don’t see any comparable or wide spread examples of gratitude coming from our most recent Islamic imports.

Our governments, corrupt as they are, are fully aware of their agenda, but the Left majority believes they can “seduce” these newcomers, with benefits and their “peace & love” attitude, i.e. If they want it, we give it to them.
That’s precisely the suicidal and dangerous behaviour from the Left. 

This is indeed dangerous and suicidal behaviour from the Left. You can no more civilise or seduce violent Muslims hell-bent on destruction and conquest into civilisation than you would be able to persuade the likes of Alfred Rosenberg, the Nazi ‘high priest’ of anti-semitism, not to be a murderous Jew hating wanker. If people are dead set on following an ideology that has moral values that are completely opposite to the ones your nation holds, as Islamic values differ from the values of civilised peoples, then there is very little that can be done to enable the followers of that ideology to fit in with both the majority population and other more peaceful minorities. I think that many of us on the counter jihad side of the aisle can agree that you don’t have to be Jewish to have to be worried about the high levels of contemporaneous violence to be found in the Koran and in Islamic culture. Although Jews will be the first victims of murderous Islam should it ever (G-d forbid) take control of a Western nation either in whole or in part, that doesn’t mean that anyone else is not at risk. Everyone is at risk from aggressive Islam. All it takes for a person to be a target of Islam is not to be a Muslim. Islam is a religion of extreme submission and every person who follows a path other than Islam is an ‘affront’ to Islam, because here are people who refuse to submit to Allah. The JDL are right to warn about the threat from Islam to Britain, to Christians and of course to Jews.

Another aspect of this piece where the JDL are showing that their view is correct is in their criticism of the police. Although I may have phrased things slightly differently to how they did, I find little to disagree with when they say the police are playing their part in shutting down free speech for the benefit of Islam.

The JDL piece continued:

The police is now required to fiddle with our laws and prosecute freedom of speech. Anyone who criticizes Islam is viewed as a “racist”, despite the fact that Islam is NOT a race, and neither are Muslims, since there are White, Chinese, Black, and other types of Muslims.

Their obsession in silencing people about Islam is quite frightening, zealot-like behaviour not seen since the Middle Ages. Their policies of harassing and intimidating critics of Islam , as well as their families and friends, send us a chilling reminder of the Nazi Gestapo. And unless we have a major change in our government, and the removal of the heads of the Police, we will simply lose our freedom of speech. Individual police officers included (In case they don’t yet realize it). “

I agree here, it’s monstrous that our police officers, who by rights should be defending us, the innocent British citizen from attack or threat from violent Muslims, are spending far too much time and effort on running round wiping the backsides of ‘offended’ Muslims. It does indeed seem to an obsession on the part of the police in shutting down criticism of Islam and although the forces like the Met or South Yorkshire are not so like the Gestapo that they are hauling people off to concentration camps, but the threat of arrest and the petty and not so petty intimidation that police use against critics of Islam has a definite chilling effect on people’s speech. It’s an appalling thing that the right to speak about whatever issue a person wished to speak about, a right that was the result of political and legal struggle, is being steadily ripped from Britons at the behest of an Islamic ideology whose every value is both alien and almost completely impossible to successfully assimilate.

The JDL added:

We, as a democratic society, must have the absolute right to debate issues that concern our safety and our lives among our communities. We believe the cruel ideology of Islam, with its barbaric rituals and punishments, does not belong in a civilized society. It should have absolutely no place in British society or British culture. It is not a British belief and it is totally incompatible with British values.

It is appalling that we are allowing these mosques to remain open, to preach their hatred for our values. It is appalling that the Muslims that attend these “prayers” and “educational lessons” are residing here, receiving benefits, and many things most indigenous British citizens do not receive, and yet they are happy to plot murder against our people. Such deplorable behaviour! Why should we tolerate such thing? “

Islam is special, and should be seen as such, but not special as in good, but special as in different, as a psychopath is different. Unlike almost any other major religion on this earth Islam is uniquely for the modern world, barbaric. Its law is often without mercy or justice, its treatment of women and non-Muslims is at best one of grudging acceptance of their existence and at worst outright hatred. The cultures Islam creates are notable for their cruelty and backwardness. We, the ordinary Britons, are continually regaled by Muslims whining that they want more of this, or less of that, or parading their sense of self entitlement.

Islam is a religion of total and complete submission, not just submission to a set of rules for life, but submission without thought. The Muslim murderer, for example, sees themselves just as much as a person who follows orders that they must not question, as were those criminals who were hanged at Nuremberg in 1946, who also claimed that they were ‘only following orders’.

Whatever argument a person may have with or about the JDL, whether you agree or disagree with their aims is immaterial here. They are correct in their assessment of the Islamic threat. The JDL have put out an article that succinctly sums up the problems that we all face and it’s an article that is well worth reading in full.


The full article on why we must oppose Islamic conquest and the ‘rapeugees’ can be found via the link below.