After Brussels, it’s never been more important to stand up and be counted.

Pegdia April

Following the latest in a long line of Islamic attacks on innocent people in Europe and elsewhere, it’s never been more important for decent people to stand up and be counted. It’s vital that those of goodwill and of good intent say ‘enough is enough’ and march with PEGIDA UK in Birmingham on April 2nd 2016. You might be marching, in silence and with dignity as is the style of these demonstrations because you are disgusted by Islamic violence, angry at Islamic Rape Gangs or concerned about the Islamic corruption that is wrecking our local and national governments.

Whatever reason you are marching the important thing to do is to march with PEGIDA on Saturday. I believe that the number of decent people who are tired of seeing this and other nations destroyed by the ideology of Islam is greater than the number of those in the indecent Left but it is important to show it. The last time I attended the UK PEGIDA demonstration I was struck not only by the dignity with which the PEGIDA people conducted themselves, but also by the paucity of turn out by the indecent Left. Long may such a situation continue.

I’m marching for my own reasons and I’m also marching so that my country may have a future and more importantly a future untainted by the violent ideology of Islam.

Do something positive for you, your family and your country, turn up in Birmingham on April the 2nd and stand up and be counted.


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