I told you this would happen (Somerset edition)


The British public have never been wildly enthusiastic about Islam. Sure, many people know decent Muslim individuals, but that doesn’t mean that there is widespread acceptance of the Islamic ideology outside of the political Left. Many people don’t like Islam, and they like it much less now, following multiple Islamic terror attacks on Britain and other nations, the vast number of organised Islamic Rape Gangs operating in our towns and cities and the fact that Islam pushes itself in our faces.

I’ve warned often on here that a State which didn’t take into account people’s justifiable dislike of Islam and institute some form of political solution to Islam and the problems it brings ran the risk of encouraging vigilantism. If enough people perceive that the State is pandering to Islam to the detriment of everyone else, then some of those will be hot-headed enough to start to go down the vigilante path. This, as I’ve said equally often, would be a sign of both political and societal failure. Vigilantism normally only raises its ugly head when the State is failing to protect people, and/or allowing dangerous people to walk the streets. In the case of today’s story, it seems the vigilantism has come about because of a growing disgust among ordinary people about the actions of yet more Islamic terrorists. This attack on a mosque in Somerset could be seen as a sign that people are angry at what Islam is doing to our nation, our people and our continent. It’s yet another incident that could have been avoided had the state taken a more robust and realistic view of Islam and controlled it instead of pandering to it. Here we have another incident where hotheads have thought, probably correctly, that the State will do sod all about Britain’s Islam problems and have decided to exact summary justice in the form of large rocks through the windows.

Here’s the report from the Left wing ‘Independent’ online newspaper. As is usual policy for this blog the original text is in italics and my comments are in plain text.

The Independent said:

An attack on a mosque in being treated as racially motivated. 

Pray tell me, what ‘race’ is Islam? The last time I looked Muslims can come in all colours as do Islamic jihadis. The murderers of Fusiler Lee Rigby were black, the 7/7 bombers were mostly brown and there’s the famous ‘Ginger Jihadist’ Jordan Horner who was one of Anjem Choudhary’s henchmen, he was white.

Police are appealing for witnesses after rocks were thrown the window of the Yeovil Islamic Centre in Somerset during the evening of 15 July.

Note the date. This is the day after a Muslim murdered 84 people using a truck in the French city of Nice. Is it any wonder that people are wound up about Islam and that some may be minded to chuck bricks through a mosque window?

A spokesman for Avon and Somerset Police appealed for any witnesses who may have seen anything unusual in the Sherborne Road area between the hours of 11:30pm and 1:30am the following day.

If this incident happened in my street I would not be going to the police, there are too many non-Muslim victims of Islam for me to waste time and sympathy on Muslims. I’m still boiling with anger about Nice and all the other recent attacks by Islamic terrorists who seem to find ready refuge among the existing Muslim communities of Europe, to worry about a few broken mosque windows. Although I do not approve of violence like this and have warned against it, I can most certainly understand where the anger that causes it comes from.

The mosque is the only one of its kind in the area 

It should be noted that this is a Deobandi mosque and Deobandi Islam teaches a strictly conservative interpretation of Islam. Women are told to stay in their homes wherever possible and there is current of constant disdain for we ‘kufar’ in their teachings that goes way beyond that found in other non Islamic religious groups, such as Haredi Jews, that also live semi-separately from the wider society.

Even the wearing of ties by men is frowned on by some Deobandi clerics and women are advised not to travel more than 48 miles without a male relative present. Deobandi Islam is the theological wellspring from which the Afghan Taliban came. Deobandi Islam is to all intents and purposes an extremist movement of Islam.

I would guess, probably correctly, that this is probably not the first time that the Deobandi mosque may have made itself unpopular with local residents and businesses. If events elsewhere are any guide then locals may have been subjected to all manner of anti-social behaviour from mosque-goers including wildly inconsiderate parking, noise and other disturbances.

Mosques have a habit of making themselves unpopular with local non-Muslim residents and it may well be that the bricks through the window may have been only partially down to the Nice effect and also long term local anger boiling over. Personally I wouldn’t want any mosque near me or my family but I would be even more opposed should it be a Deobandi mosque.

So yet again I have to say ‘I told you this would happen’ and it has. The State needs to completely change its attitudes towards Islam and start to see it as a threat, which is how a growing number of ordinary people are seeing it. I don’t want to see mobs of people with flaming torches chasing Muslims, many of whom may be innocent, around the streets but it’s a phenomenon we will see unless the political classes stop the pandering to Islam and start to protect the rest of us from its depredations. I predict that unless something is done by the state to control and restrict Islam and its followers, then we will see more mosques attacked and more civil disturbances by those whose patience has been tested much too far by Islam and the often destructive behaviour of those who adhere to it.



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