Tyrants hate mockery and there’s been some brilliant mockery on the #VisitMyMosque hashtag.

This image is in no way intended to encourage anyone to buy, steal or construct a WWII bomber and do nasty things to mosques with them.

A famous writer on Jewish humour, Avner Ziv, once stated that tyrants hate jokes and satire. He said that satire in particular has in its heart the desire for creating change. Tyrants, whether they be men or tyrannical ideologies, hate and fear satire as they see it as a threat to their or its power and position. Because of the power of satire and mockery, I strongly believe that one of the best weapons in the non violence arsenal when it comes to the oppressive and dangerous ideology of Islam, is to use mockery, satire and truth telling against it. Of these there has been plenty to be seen on the #VisitMyMosque (also carried by #visitmymosque )Twitter hashtag.

The #VisitMyMosque idea, an event that happened on Sunday February the 6th, was something cooked up by the Muslim Council of Britain, an organisation that has a number of policies that should give anyone with a functioning brain cause for concern. Policies such as hatred of the relatively peaceful Ahmediyya Muslim sect which the MCB consider as ‘kuffar’ and a noted hostility to government schemes to stop Islamic terrorism.

However the MCB may view themselves many of us view the MCB very differently, which is as an extremist group in itself. #VisitMyMosque is at its heart a Dawa or Islamic evangelism exercise and also a hollow public relations stunt. Out of approximately 2,000 mosques in the UK only about 150 actually took part in #VisitMyMosque day. What appears to have happened is that mosques that the MCB considered to be not particularly ‘dodgy’ put on a ‘dog and pony show’ for non-Muslims in order to show non Muslims that the followers of Islam are nothing to be afraid of and that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’. However, as one of those mosques taking part in this event was the heavily extremism linked East London Mosque, then it makes one wonder that if the ELM is considered as ‘moderate’ enough to take part in #VisitMyMosque day, then how much worse are the mosques that didn’t take part? Cynics have been saying that it’s only the mosques which are not storing weapons or overtly promoting jihad that have taken part in this shoddy PR exercise.

But, back to the main subject of this article, the satire and truth-telling about Islam on social media that many people, including myself, took part in. The main targets of the anti Islam satirists and truth-tellers, apart from those involved in this act of taqiyya or ‘lying for Islam’ appear to have been the deluded and naïve liberals who have attended this mosque open day. Those liberals and lefties who took to Twitter in particular to express how happy they were to attend #VisitMyMosque and gushed about how they have ‘learned about Islam’ were particularly mocked. Below you can find a selection of social media comments, including a few of my own, countering the truckload of taqiyya and bullshit that #VisitMyMosque really was.

There were probing questions such as this one from a Tweeter  who pointed out that Jeremy Corbyn chose to visit a mosque in Finsbury Park with a long past record for extremism

The internet prankster ‘Godfrey Elfwick’, who does an uncannily accurate pastiche of a ‘social justice warrior’ stepped up to the plate with this contribution to the conversation.


Another commentator taking to Twitter to stick their oar in and spread some truth and mockery was David Vance who drew attention to the problems of Female Genital Mutilation in the Islamic community.

His comment drew out a number of responses some from people trying to say that FGM was ‘nothing to do with Islam’ and others whose hostility to Islam was in no doubt whatsoever. One person said that the only time he’d ‘enter a mosque was with a match’. This is an action that I of course do not in any way condone, endorse or encourage, but this person’s comment does give readers some idea of the hostility to Islam that is growing daily in the UK and beyond. A hostility mostly caused because of the problems being inflicted on our societies by Islam and its followers.
The well known counter jihad group Bluehand had a member, @bluehand007 pop up and point out that not all mosques are peaceful and that mosques in France have been found to be concealing weapons. They said:


Rob Howland pointed out the misogyny of Islam



There were a number of other commentators who, sometimes gleefully and sometimes more soberly and sombrely, pointed out the extreme difference between the fluffy way that Islam was being presented on Visit My Mosque day and the reality of the situation in lands controlled by Islam. There were a number of posts containing images and video of Islamic atrocities and they made a stark and honest contrast to the bullshit about Islam being peddled by the MCB and the mosques that took part in this event.

My own contribution to the mockery and truth-telling about Islam was rather modest but I thought reasonably effective. One response was to a Tweeter who gushed with enthusiasm about her visit to Lewisham Islamic Centre. I pointed out to her that this particular mosque was as dodgy as dodgy can be and has a known and court certified Islamic extremist Shakeel Begg as a senior Imam there. Any mosque that can employ someone like Begg should not be classed as in any way moderate and I told this particular liberal gusher so.


I managed to trigger one particular virtue signaller, @Rosie_Welsh who was delighted with her visit to Finsbury Park Mosque and mocked her profuse thanks to the mosque for her henna painted hand. I sarcastically said in reply: ‘Thanks Greenwich Islamic’ Centre and pasted a picture of one of the Islamic murderers of Lee Rigby up in response. This elicited the usual clutching of pearls and know nothing whines about how Christians are equally as violent as Muslims (yeah right) .

Although the Lefties and Islamic grievance mongers have whined a little about the flak that Visit My Mosque Day elicited, the mockery that this event has received was justified and even may have done some good. I say this because it’s right and proper that in free societies, tyrannical and oppressive ideologies are mocked and taken the rise out of. Such mockery is the healthy and is the correct response not only to the ideology itself, in this case Islam, but also to the cynical mountebanks of the MCB who have organised this PR stunt.

This ‘mass mockery’ of the visit my mosque day has also had the effect of puncturing the political, social and cultural bubbles of many of those on the liberal left who were challenged, on the thread, about their naivety towards Islam. Such people are also now very much aware that not only is the ideology of Islam increasingly disliked by a variety of different Britons but also that those who are opposed to Islam are often in possession of knowledge of Islam far greater that they themselves may have.

To conclude: As I said at the beginning of this article, the ridicule and contempt of Islam and the satirical scorn heaped upon events such as these is a weapon that is highly effective. Like all dictators and tyrants the ideology of Islam hates and fears ridicule, contempt and satirisation as it undermines this ideology’s authority and power. Therefore laughing at Islam, its theology, the warped and violent cultures it creates and dishonest misrepresentations of Islam such as ‘Visit my mosque day’, is vital. Throughout he world and even in the UK, Islam behaves like a tyrant both towards its own adherents and, more importantly for the rest of us, to non-Muslims. Something as dangerous and tyrannical as that deserves most definitely to have the piss mercilessly ripped out of it.



MCB hostile to relatively peaceful Islamic sect


Pro-MCB article from the Left leaning ‘Independent’ web news outlet detailing how the MCB is setting up its own rival to the Government’s PREVENT anti extremism strategy


The writer on Jewish humour Avner Ziv


Of course it would not be an Islamic PR event without the Guardian newspaper being there to promote it


It’s well worthwhile visiting the #VisitMyMosque and #visitmymosque hashtags as it is highly instructive. You see the mosques putting their dishonest spin on the ideology of Islam, the foolish liberals lapping it up and also something that for me made me really angry. This was the reams and reams of local councillors, public servants and others who were gushing fulsomely about how wonderful the Muslims they met were. These were examples of Islamopandering of the worst sort.

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