The Last Day of Silence demonstration, London 23rd September 2017 – A personal view

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On Saturday the 23rd September in London’s Whitehall there was a demonstration against Islamic fascism, shariah law and the continuing onslaught that Britons are facing from Islamic terror, Islamic rape and Islamic bullying. Approximately 100 or so people from all walks of life met up at the statue of Britain’s great wartime leader Winston Churchill and marched to the statue of Viscount Alanbrooke Churchill’s Chief of the Imperial General Staff, outside the Ministry of Defence building where we gathered for a rally.

The gathering was a truly diverse, one with attendees who were young and old, male and female, and who were Black, White and Asian. Attending were also those who professed a variety of beliefs ranging from Christianity, Judaism and secularism and others who held no particular religious belief, but who see the difference between the generally good civilisations created by Judaeo-Christian beliefs, and the backwards societies often created by Islam. There were also brave ex Muslims who spoke movingly and passionately about the dangerous lives of those people from the Muslim community who decide to leave Islam.

I understand from talking to some of the attendees that this was the first demonstration organised by the young lady in charge and I’d like to commend her for a job very well done. She and those who helped her put on an engaging and informative set of speakers.

The speakers that she had got in to address the rally were excellent and included Simon Harris, the expert on Catalonia and the Islamic invasion of the Iberian peninsular, a lady who is a tour guide who explained how Islamic terror is hitting London’s tourist business much harder than the mainstream media is admitting and Anne Marie Waters the founder of Shariah Watch and a candidate for the leadership of the United Kingdom Independence Party. Luke Nash Jones of Make Britain Great Again also spoke passionately about the threat of Islam to our society and there was a well appreciated appearance of a lady from London’s Jewish community who spoke about the disgrace that Hezbollah jihad terror flags are freely flow in London and how Britain’s Jews were very much the canary in the coal mine when it comes to being victimised by Islam. She is correct, as we have seen throughout history that Islamic violence will first descend on a nation’s Jews and then it will fall on that nation’s Christians and secularists. Unfortunately due to a technical fault with my camera and the fact that I was also on ‘toddler supervision duties’ at the time as well I did not managed to get all the speeches on video. However, I have put links at the bottom of this piece to as many other published videos of the event as I can find. I will add more videos on this post as they appear online.

Like the Bristol demonstration earlier this month by the Gays Against Shariah group in Bristol, the Last Day of Silence demonstration was essentially a march of the decent Britons along with a number of loyal and integrated migrants who are but pissed off with the Islamic terror, Islamic rapes and other problems caused by the Islamic ideology. Again as in the case of both the Bristol and the Manchester ‘United Against Hate’ demonstrations, this Last Day of Silence event contained a large number of intelligent and thoughtful people who are remarkably and gratifyingly well informed about Jewish, Christian and Islamic theology, along with politics history and current affairs. As someone who has attended a number of socialist demonstrations over the decades, both when I was a ‘man of the Left’ and when I was covering them as a reporter, I must say that these demonstrators were fantastically well read and well informed when compared to those on any equivalent gathering of socialists. Unlike left wing demonstrations, here there was no repetitive empty slogans, but there was a palpable anger, not just at the damage that the ideology of Islam is doing to our nation and its people, but also anger at the government for doing very little to protect us from what can honestly be described as Islamic predation.

This demonstration was a gathering of some of the growing number of ordinary, decent, reasonable and patriotic British people along with those who have settle here and who have contributed to British society. The attendees were people who are not ‘racist’ or ‘far right’ as some may categorise us as, but who are those who merely see the truth, which is that Islam and shariah is a threat to our societies and who are also mightily perturbed that our politicians appear to have forgotten the nature and seriousness of this threat which has been with us for 1400 years. It was also a meeting of those have had more than enough of an Islamic political and religious ideology that is creeping into our daily lives by way of terrorism, sex crime, economic burdens and how Islam attacks our freedoms by the insistence of some Islamic clerics and activists that Islam be given a specially protected and position in our society and legal system.

This was in no way a ‘far right’ demonstration in fact it was far from it. Back in the day, the 1980’s to be more precise, I marched against the real far right in the form of the National Front and I know what the real far right looks like and sounds like. This demonstration was nothing like anything that the real neo-Nazis that I protested against back then, this is normal people who’ve had enough. I can easily and accurately discern that the Last Day of Silence demonstration was a diverse collection of people of different races, genders, religions, politics and philosophies, something that a genuine ‘far right’ event would never be.

This demonstration is also very different from how the liars of the political Left, the mainstream media and various mendacious Islamic grievance-mongerering taqiyya artists who will without doubt describe this event as ‘racist’ or ‘far right’ or ‘bigoted’ or even smear the demo by using the deceitful word ‘Islamophobic’. This event was not ‘far right’ and anyone who says otherwise is peddling outrageous misinformation.

There was one lone Left wing counter demonstrator in the form of a large, aggressive woman who turned up. In an act of extreme stupidity and showing complete lack of awareness, this confused counter-demonstrator ironically screamed ‘Nazi’ at a Jewish woman who was attending the demonstration. The police ‘had a word’ with this counterprotestor and she was as far as I could see led away by police after being firmly but apparently politely told by some of the demonstrators, that the counter-protestor had got things arse over tit about the nature of the demonstration.

I would personally like to thank the organisers of this event and those who stood up to speak so honestly, eloquently and knowledgeably. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the officers of the Metropolitan Police for what I saw as polite and respectful policing of this event and for keeping we the attendees safe.

To conclude: This was a well done demonstration and shows the power of different groups and individuals coming together to fight for the common causes that unite us. These causes are that of freedom of conscience, religion and speech, equality of gender, racial equality and also freedom from the dangerous and violent theological fascism of Islam that threatens to destroy all the good things that many generations of Britons of all races and faiths and their allies have built up.

We should not go gentle into the darkness of the Islamic night, we should rage, rage, rage against it and make our voices heard by those in authority, an authority that has hitherto refused to listen to our justifiable protestations about the damage that Islam theocratic fascism is doing to our nation. Events like this help us to rage coherently about an ideology that wants you the ordinary non Muslim Briton either dead or in chains and I hope we seen many more events like this one. These gatherings of the decent are slowly growing in both size and in the variety of those who choose to attend. Although this demonstration was relatively small it should not be forgotten that other counter Jihad and anti terror demonstrations such as the Unite Against Hatred in Manchester and the Football Lads Alliance attracted thousands. The politics of those who are attending these events is diverse from what could be loosely called Old Labour through to traditional Conservative, but what is obvious is that most of those attending are decent people who don’t care what skin colour we are or which deity we worship or whether we are gay or straight, but who perceive that we have a common enemy and that this enemy is Islamic theocratic fascism.


Introduction video from the main organiser of Saturday’s march

Man from country that suffered under Islam warns Britons about what could be coming if it is not countered.

Anne Marie Waters speech at the rally

Left wing lunatic counter protestor calls Jewish woman ‘racist’ and flings round accusations that the marchers are ‘Nazi scum’

A post demonstration analysis by Simon Harris

Short video of the opening of the rally and most of the speech by Simon Harris can be found on this blog’s VidMe page