‘Cultural differences’ the latest excuse for Islamic sex crime

Imran Qureshi the doctor convicted of sexually assaulting a nurse.


It’s easy to make mistakes when living amongst people of a different culture. It’s possible to make social faux pas by doing the wrong thing and accidentally insult or offend someone whilst having no intent to do so. These cultural mistakes can be simple stuff such as not tipping the socially accepted amount in restaurants or haggling in shops when this practise is not usual for that area or that culture. The sort of embarrassments and unintended insults are the result of not knowing that certain gestures or actions may be seen as bad when they are not bad where the person originally hails from.

However, the sort of problems caused by the ‘cultural differences’ between Pakistani Muslims and civilised Western citizens go way, way beyond not tipping or inappropriate haggling. It seems that ‘cultural differences’ is the latest excuse being trotted out by Islamic sex criminals for sexually assaulting women in Western countries.

According to the Daily Mail, a Pakistani Muslim doctor working in a British hospital sexually assaulted a Muslim nurse causing her a significant degree of distress and when caught, tried and convicted of sexual assault tried to blame the attack on ‘cultural differences’. As I said earlier with people from normal backgrounds, not those from the highly misogynistic Islamic male culture, cultural confusion may not be that serious a matter. But, when the difference in culture is so great as it is between Islamic and non Islamic cultures and that sexual assault is considered somewhat socially acceptable among some Muslim men, then what we have is not merely a few people offended or left feeling a bit miffed, but women left in fear and distress.

The Daily Mail said:

A married Pakistani doctor molested a Muslim student nurse then blamed it on ‘different cultural norms’ in the UK.

Father-of-two Imran Qureshi, 44, from Manchester, said the 21-year-old woman was ‘sexually available’ because she had previous boyfriends.

He grabbed her breast and told her he wanted an affair after he forced himself on her as they worked together at a hospital.

Qureshi later admitted he made a ‘misjudgement’ – blaming his behaviour on ‘cultural norms being different’ in the UK and Pakistan.

But the nurse known only as Miss A, was said to be ‘shaken up and distraught’ after reporting how locum senior house officer Qureshi grabbed her chest before trying to ‘make light’ of it and then becoming aggressive.

He was said to have told Miss A he was unhappy in his marriage and was hoping for a romance with her. Unbeknown to the doctor, Miss A was secretly recording the conversation on her mobile phone.

The alleged encounter took place at Trafford General Hospital in Davyhulme, Greater Manchester, on June 3 2015 when the 21-year-old Muslim student said Qureshi seemed ‘excited to see her and well within her personal space’.

After being convicted of sexual assault in June 2016 at a Minshul Crown Court in Manchester and sentenced to a community order and other non custodial punishments, Qureshi was brought before the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service , the body that deals with doctors fitness to practise in the UK, and a hearing into whether Qureshi should continue to practise as a doctor in the United Kingdom.

The MPT hearing heard that Qureshi forced himself on 21 year old Miss A grabbing her breasts and preventing her from escaping the assault by pushing her into a corner.

The Daily Mail added

The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester was told at around 3pm, she asked the doctor to retrieve some patient notes to which he replied ‘I don’t want to get it yet, u want to spend some time with you’.

Counsel for the General Medical Council, Rebecca Vanstone, added: ‘He told Miss A she was beautiful and asked whether she had a boyfriend. 

‘He then said he was not happy in his marriage and wanted an affair.

Shortly afterwards Miss A was in the ward kitchen when he entered the room and closed the door behind him. He asked whether she had a thyroid problem before feeling her neck.

‘She was backed into the corner when the registrant touched her chest at the top where her breasts start. She said he put his fingers there for a few seconds before she pushed them away.

‘Miss A says she held her hand up to signal for him to move away and told him he was a disgrace. He asked for a hug and she refused but he did it anyway.

‘Then he grabbed her right breast for a few seconds. Miss A said he was laughing and trying to make light if the situation and then became aggressive and said that friends do what he was trying to do.’

The report added that Miss A swiftly reported the incident to her superiors, an official complaint made and the police later became involved. The MPT heard that Qureshi blames the assault on ‘cultural differences’ and refuses to accept that what he did to Miss A constituted sexual assault.

The hearing into the case of Dr Qureshi continues and I personally hope that he will be banned from practising medicine in the UK. He already has a conviction for sexual assault and refuses to admit his wrongdoing so let’s hope that the MPT do the right thing and ban this beast from working as a doctor in the UK. He obviously has a disgraceful attitude to women which cannot be explained away or excused as ‘cultural differences’. Mired in the extreme misogyny that pervades Pakistani Islam and Islam in general, Qureshi saw Miss A as ‘available’ to him because he believed that Ms A had had previous boyfriends.

I have to say at this point that I commend Miss A for reporting this matter so quickly and for seeing that this case wasn’t shoved under the carpet. It matters not one jot to me that the victim in this case is Muslim, all women and children no matter what their race, origin or creed, deserve protection from the toxic masculinity that dominates the cultures of places like the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and which has been foolishly imported to the UK. I must say that it’s good that this doctor has been caught and is hopefully going to be banned from practising medicine here. I shiver to think of this man dealing with patients. If he was brazen enough to sexually assault a nurse in a hospital, then who knows what he might have done in the privacy of a consulting room to a patient?

This is not a case of mere ‘cultural differences’, it’s an indication of just how truly awful and misogynistic Pakistani Muslim culture really is. A man whose rancid culture tells him to believe that a woman whom he thinks has had previous boyfriends is sexually available to him is not fit to be a doctor and is not wanted in the UK.