Sometimes those in the fashion world are not as empty headed as we might expect

Karl Lagerfeld (picture from Wikipedia)


As a rule I normally have little interest and even less time to waste, on the denizens of the world of fashion. Although I appreciate smart clothes made with care and skill, I have found that those who work in the fashion industry who I have encountered have come over to me as selfish, shallow and obsessed by style over substance. It was never a field I aspired to work in when I was involved in media, and apart from the work of a few outstandingly talented fashion photographers such as Irving Penn, Cecil Beaton and John French, the world of fashion left me cold.

But not everyone in the ephemeral world of fashion is lacking in intellect or awareness of the world around them, some do speak up about the issues that concern them. Mostly these fashionistas seem to support the usual leftist virtue signalling causes like animal welfare or environmentalism or ‘refugees’, but occasionally a major fashion player sticks their head above the parapet and challenges the pervading Leftist orthodoxy.

One of those fashion leaders who has gone out on a limb to tell the truth about an issue that many in the public eye shy away from is the head of the Chanel fashion house Karl Lagerfeld. He has broken ranks with the pervading view of many of the leftists and progressives that are involved in the fashion industry and criticised German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s import of hundreds of thousands of dangerous Muslim ‘refugees’ to Germany.

In a piece published in the Times of Israel, Mr Lagerfeld laid into Frau Merkel about her ‘refugee’ policy, a policy that is rapidly causing significant problems for all Germans but is especially threatening to Germany’s Jewish community. Mr Lagerfeld said in the article that Merkel’s policy has ended up importing into Germany a large number of Muslims who are avowed enemies of the Jewish people.

The Times of Israel said:

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel evoked the Holocaust this week in criticizing Germany’s open borders policy toward Muslim refugees, saying Berlin was taking in Jews’ “worst enemies.”

The Hamburg-born Lagerfeld sparked controversy when he lashed out at German Chancellor Angela Merkel, saying, “You cannot kill millions of Jews and then take in millions of their worst enemies afterwards, even if there are decades [between the events],” according to a translation by the The Times.

Lagerfeld, 84, made the comments during an appearance on a French talk show on Canal 8.

I know someone in Germany who took in a young Syrian who spoke a little English,” he said. “After four days, do you know what he said to the [German] lady? ‘Germany’s best invention is the Holocaust.’”

I’m really not surprised that this German managed to find a Syrian with overt Jew hating views. After all, despite what the apologists for Islam might say, Islam is partially built on Jew hatred. Whilst modern Christians for example have gone a long way in confronting and re-evaluating anti-Semitic passages in the Christian testament, such as the ‘Blood Verse’ of Matthew vs 25 to 27, Islam has not done anything remotely similar. Islam and Islamic theology contains the same amount of violent Jew hatred and calls for the extermination of Jews as it did when the evil bastard Mohammed founded Islam in the 7th century CE. Islamic Jew hatred is a central part of the ideology and it should surprise nobody that violent hatred for Jews is very close to the surface in many Muslims.

The Times of Israel continued:

Merkel, Lagerfeld said, “already had millions [of immigrants] who are integrated, who work, which is very good because the demography is a little bit in decline there.

But she didn’t need to take in another million to give her a charming image.” He further claimed Merkel was attempting to rebuild her image “after the wicked step-mother image she gave herself in the Greek crisis.”

Mr Lagerfeld is correct, there was no practical need for Germany to take in so many uncivilised and hate-filled Islamic savages and if it was done in order to bolster Merkel’s own personal image as Mr Lagerfeld alleges, then it further tarnishes the Chancellors own reputation. It is selfish in the extreme to import into the country that you are governing, hundreds and thousands of people who will make and have made a misery for the lives of ordinary German citizens, merely to bolster the image of a politician.

If the German government under Merkel thought that by opening its borders to the dross of the Islamic world would be a way of atoning for the horrors of the Shoah then they have been proved monstrously wrong. The very last thing that the German government, knowing of Germany’s 20th century history, should have done is import Jew haters, but that is what they have done with their ‘refugee’ policy.

I must admit that it is an odd way for a German leader to say ‘sorry’ for murdering six million Jews by importing large numbers of people from a culture that treats murdering Jews as a ‘good thing’. Up until 15 – 20 years ago the German Jewish community was rebuilding and was again showing the potential to be one of the great centres of Jewish learning, something that it once was. But, with the influx of Merkel’s Muslims, the German Jewish community is again finding itself subjected to violent Jew hatred, but this time it is not coming from the followers of a uni-testicled Austrian corporal, but instead from the followers of Mohammed.

Merkel’s ‘refugee’ virtue signalling has put a large number of Germans in danger but it has put German Jews in particular danger due to the ingrained Jew hatred that is endemic in the Islamic world. Maybe if the Free World wins the fight against Islamic savagery and the history books are written, then I would guess that Merkel, because of her actions, will be viewed not as one of Germany’s better leaders, but probably their second worst.